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Startup; Specifi Cations Of This Recorder - Mitsubishi Electric DX-NV100E Installation And Operation Manual

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1 Turn ON the MAIN switch on the rear panel of this recorder.
2 Check that the POWER indicator goes out and then press the POWER button on the front panel of the recorder.
3 Initial setting - IP address setting
Set the IP address of this recorder using the special application software stored in the supplied CD.
• The default setting of the IP address is
• A full-rights user (user ID: "root" password: "admin000") has been registered as factory-preset users. You can change the
password, however, the user ID cannot be changed.
4 Operation
• To operate this recorder, the special client software is required. Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the client
• Users can access the recorder from multiple PCs using the same password and user ID. Up to 3 sessions can access
Connectable IP camera
Live image
Using the software stored in the supplied CD, you can make or check the settings of this recorder. For the usage, refer to
the instruction manual of the software.
1 NV100 IP-Address Setup (software for IP address setting)
2 NV100 Setting Tool (software for other settings)
3 NV100 System Tool (software for service)
Specifi cations of this recorder
IP camera
Compression format
Maximum number of connectable IP
Live image display
Compression format
Number of frames to be recorded
Maximum number of frames to be
recorded (per channel)
Image resolution
Recording rate
Alarm recording
Pre-alarm recording


See the supplied sheet.
Make sure to set the total recording value to 7 Mbps or less.
(Example) When connecting 16 cameras: 0.4 Mbps x 16
Available through the client software
MPEG4 (Compressed by the connected cameras.)
Depends on the connected cameras and the specifi ed
recording rate.
25 frames/s / 30 frames/s
(Depends on the connected cameras.)
720 x 576, 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120
(Depends on the connected cameras.)
Up to 7 Mbps
Yes (15 seconds at the maximum)