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Copy Your Model and Serial Numbers
Model and Serial numbers are on
a tag, behind the broiler drawer
anel, on the range front frame.
f you call for service, or with a
question, have this information
Kee this book, your installation
gui e, your warranty and the
sales slop together.
Model No:
Serbal No..
Purchase Dale.
Part No. 4348340 (338750)


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    Model No: question, have this information Serbal No.. ready. Kee this book, your installation Purchase Dale. gui e, your warranty and the sales slop together. Part No. 4348340 (338750)

  • Page 2

    SAFETY RULES......,2-4 IGNIITION......4,5 BURNER FOR YOUR SAFETY HOW TO USE YOUR RANGE....5-6 If you smell gas: ....Energy Saving Tips ....1. Open windows ..To Use Cooktop Burners. 2. Don’t touch electrical switches. To UseTheOven ......

  • Page 3

    IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT ACCIDENTS! Read the Safety Rules below and all operating instructions before using this appliance. Never leave the oven door open when you are not watching GENERAL the range. Keep this book for later use. Caution Do nol store things...

  • Page 4

    GREASE FIRES Never wear loose or hanging clothes whtle using your range. Such clothes could catch fire. Never leave cooktop burners unwatched at high heat selltngs Boilovers cause smoktng and greasy splllovers may catch fire Never heat unopened food containers. Pressure build-up make container...

  • Page 5

    then lift up the cooktop. The cooktop pilofs are located bet- ween the front and rear burner on each side of the cooktop PUTTING OUT A GREASE FIRE (see illustration). A dry chemtcal, foam or t-talon type fire extinguisher should 3.

  • Page 6

    FOR RANGES WITH SPARK lGNlTlON To Manually Light Cooktop Burners With Set controls so flame heats pan bottom only and Spark Ignition does not lick pan sides. Flames licking pan sides CAUTION Gas Pilot Models Lighting gas burners with a match is dangerous. When you turn a control knob on, the burner is lit by a constantly The flames can burn...

  • Page 7

    OVEN VENT TO USE THE OVEN When the oven is on, heated dtr moves through a vent in or below Baking and Broiling the backguard On the cooktop, thus hot atr may make pot handles 1. Set OVEN CONTROL knob to BROIL or needed temperature. hol or melt plastic lhmgs left too near the vent 2.

  • Page 8

    To reduce spattering, lightly crush foil and put it in the bottom of PREHEATING the pan under the food. Preheating lets the oven heat evenly before the food IS put tn. Allow 10 minutes at temperatures less than 350°F and 15 mtnutes For Broiling at 350”...

  • Page 9

    ROASTiNG TIPS POSlTlONlNG BROILER PAN Roastrng trme WIII depend on the oven lempera!ure meal To open the broiler compartment, rasp the handle and pull the temperature, srze, shape and type of the meat Ihe properllon door toward you After placing on the broiler pan, slide the bone and fat.

  • Page 10

    ADJUSTING OVEN CONTROL KNOB CHOOSING COOKWARE The temperature in your new oven has been set at the lactory, COOKTOP COOKWARE be sure to follow the recipe temperatures and times the first few ALUMINUM: Sp oads heal qurckly and evenly Best for frying, limes you bake in your new oven.

  • Page 11

    OVEN CLEANING COMMON BAKING PROBLEMS AND CAUSES Some models have a standard porcelain oven hnrsh and some BOTTOM PIE CRUST CAKE RISES UNEVENLY models have a continuous clean finish on the oven top, back and SOGGY srdewalls. Standard porcelam IS smooth. The continuous clean e or oven rack not...

  • Page 12

    CLEANtNG INSTRUCTlONS CONTROL PANEL AND KNOBS: Pull knobs off and wash at sink tn soap and water Wash control panel wrth soap and water, rinse with vinegar and water and dry with a paper towel. COOKTOP BURNERS: Wash with soap and water and a non-metal scouring pad.

  • Page 13

    To remove burners: paint section on page 11, 1, Gras the burner head and tilt it to the right to release the two VINYL (Some Oven Handles): Wash with soap and water then dry. tabs rom the burner support (A in Fig. A). Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaners.

  • Page 14

    REMOVABLE ROLL-OUT BROILER REMOVABLE OVEN BOTTOM To remove the roll-out broiler for easier cleaning: The oven bottom in your range can be removed for easier cleaning. 1 Pull brorler out until rt stops. If your oven has a contlnuouscleanlng oven finish, be careful not 2.

  • Page 15

    REMOVABLE OVEN DOOR LIFT UP/OFF COOKTOP To remove: The cooktop can be raised or removed so the area under it can be cleaned. 1 .Open the door to the stop position (see the illustration). To raise cooktop: 2. Grasp the door at each side and lift up and off the hinges. 1 Remove the burner grates.

  • Page 16

    IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM OVEN/BROILER BURNER DOES NOT WORK Check to be sure the range cord is plugged into the household outlet completely (spark ignition models only). Check for blown Problems are often caused by little thin s that you can fix yourself fuse or tripped crrcuit breaker.

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