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Troy-Bilt TB55B Operator's Manual

12 volt battery trimmer
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perator's Manual
P/N 769-00532 (12/02)



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  • Page 1 ® perator's Manual 0® A2.41 IMPORTANT: READ SAFETY RULES AND INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY P/N 769-00532 (12/02) PRINTED IN USA...
  • Page 2 Content Page Calling Customer Support ............ Rules for Safe Operation ............. 4now Your Unit ............Assembly Instructions ............Operating Instructions ............Maintenance and Repair Instructions .......... Cleaning and Storage ............Accessories and Replacement Parts ........... Troubleshooting Chart ............Specifications ............Warranty Information ............
  • Page 3 The purpose of safety symbols is to attract your SYMBOL MEANING attention to possible dangers. The safety symbols, and their explanations, deserve your careful attention DANGER: Failure to Obey a safety warning and understanding. The safety warnings do not by themselves eliminate any danger.
  • Page 4: While Operating

    • Do not charge the unit in the rain or in wet locations • The cutting attachment shield must always be in place while operating the unit. Do not operate unit without SAFETY WARNINGS FOR CHARGING STANDS the trimming lines extended, and the proper line AND LEAD-ACID BATTERIES installed.
  • Page 5 SAFETY AND INTERNATIONAL SYMBOLS This operato['s manual describes safety and international symbols and pictographs that may appear on this product. Read the operator's manual for complete safety, assembly, operating and maintenance and repair information. SYMBOL MEANING SYMBOL MEANING • THROWN OBJECTS ROTATING CUTTER...
  • Page 6 APPLICATIONS As a trimmer: • Cutting grass and light weeds • Decorative trimming around trees, fences, etc. Door Battery Housing Air Vents Hand Grip - Lock-Off Button Overload Protection Switch Trigger Motor Wire Housing Tube Motor Housing Cutting Attachment Shield \\\\\\\\\_1_ Bump Knob Bump Head...
  • Page 7: Adjusting The D-Handle

    ADJUSTING THE D-HANDLE MOUNTING THE CHARGING STATION NOTE: The D-handle comes mounted on the backside NOTE: Mount the charging unit and allow the unit to of the shaft. charge for at least 36 hours prior to first use. This unit may stay on the charging station continuously Locate the wing nut on the D-Handle.
  • Page 8: Charging The Unit

    CHARGING THE UNIT Charge the battery until the Charging Indicator Dght on the charger turns from red to green (Fig. 5). Make sure the charging station is securely fastened to a wall and the charger is plugged into a working wall NOTE: The unit's operahng time and the life of the outlet.
  • Page 9: Starting The Unit

    STARTING THE UNIT Press and hold the lock-off button in (Fig. 6). This Overload allows the trigger to operate. Protection Switch WARNING: To prevent serious personal injury, ensure th e lock-off button [esets each I time the trigger is released. Fig.
  • Page 10: Operating Thetrimmer

    OPERATING THETRIMMER TIPS FOR BEST TRIMMING RESULTS • Keep the cutting attachment parallel to the ground • Do not force the cutting attachment Allow the tip of the and body protection to reduce the risk of WARNING: A lways wear eye, hearing, foot injury when operating this Unit line to do the cutting, especially along walls Cutting with more than the tip will reduce cutting efficiency and may...
  • Page 11: Line Installation

    Thewarranty o nthisunitdoesnotcoveritemsthathave NOTE: Always clean the inner reel, outer spool and shaft beensubjected to operator a buse or negligence. To before reassembling the bump head. receive fullvalue fromthewarranty, the operator m ust maintain theunitas instructed inthisoperator's manual. WARNING: Battery tools do not have to be Press Tabs plugged into an electrical outlet;...
  • Page 12 Insert the end of the line into one of the two holding 11. Install the bump head cover over the inner reel. Align the tabs on the cover with the slots in the outer slots (Fig. 14). spool and press the cover evenly down until it snaps into place.
  • Page 13: Battery Pack Replacement

    BATTERY PACK REPLACEMENT WARNING: If the battery pack has signs of leakage, do not touch. Do not open or .,,_ To preserve natural resources, please recycle mutilate the battery. Released electrolyte is \_,_f or dispose of properly. THIS PRODUCT corrosive and may cause damage to the eyes I CONTAINS A SEALED LEAD-ACID BATTERY or skin.
  • Page 14: Replacing The Charger

    REPLACING THE CHARGER CLEANING Replace the charger if it is damaged, if the barrel connector or cord become damaged, or if the barrel WARNING: To avoid serious personal injury, connector is not contacting the unit properly. always turn your trimmer off and remove the battery before you c ean or serv ce t.
  • Page 15 CAUSE ACTION Battery is not charged Charge the battery Overload protection switch has popped Reset overload protection switch CAUSE ACTION No power to charger or battery Check charger and charging station Battery has failed Replace the battery CAUSE ACTION Cutting attachment bound with grass Stop the unit and clean cutting attachment Refill with new line Cutting attachment out of line...
  • Page 16 REPLACEMENT PARTS-MODEL TB55B 12 VOLT BATTERY TRIMMER PPN 41AET55G063 ® Item Part NO. Description 791q82696 Battery Door 791-182542 Foam Pad 753_04354 Right Battery Housing 753-04355 Left Battery Housing 79%182391 12 Volt Batterry 79%182699 Battery Latch 79%182702 Terminal Spacer 79%182724 Wiring Harness Assembly...
  • Page 17 (90) days from the date of original retail for related expenses, or for rental expenses purchase for any Troy-Bilt product that is used for rental or temporarily replace a warranted product. (Some states commercial purposes, or any other income-producing do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty purpose.