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Toshiba D-VR4SU Owner's Manual

Hi-fi vcr & dvd video recorder
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[v.s Hj-Fj
Various settings
Disc pUayback
Tape pUaybaak
Editing the disc
AddRionaU information
@2005 Toshiba Corporation
This device does not tape-record copy protected DVD Video



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  • Page 1 SPATRALiZER VURTUAL SURROUND Disc pUayback H[-Fi VCR & DVD VIDEO RECORDER Tape pUaybaak Recording OVV'NER'S /V'IANUAL Editing the disc [v.s Hj-Fj Dubbing ÷ AddRionaU information @2005 Toshiba Corporation This device does not tape-record copy protected DVD Video ÷ 2G10101A Cover...
  • Page 2: Safty Precautions

    SAFTY PRECAUTIONS The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within A CA°T'°" equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to CAUTION: constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER The exclamation...
  • Page 3 MPORTANT SAFEGUARDS 1. READ INSTRUCTIONS AiI the safety and operating instructions should be read before the unit is operated. 2. RETAIN _NSTRUCT_ONS The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. 3. HEED WARNINGS £. AII warnings on the unit and in the operating instructions should be adhered to. 4.
  • Page 4: Important Safeguards

    IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS 13. LIGHTNING To protect your unit from a lightning storm, or when it is left unattended and unused for long periods of time, unplug it from the wail outlet and disconnect the antenna or cable system. This will prevent damage to the unit due to lightning and power line surges.
  • Page 5 MPORTANT SAFEGUARDS 19. REPLACEMENT PARTS When replacement parts are required, be sure the service technician uses replacement parts specified by the manufacturer or those that have the same characteristics as the original part. Unauthorized substitutions may result in fire, electric shock or other hazards. 20.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    introduction O Setting the screen ..........TV SCREEN ............ @ SAFTY PRECAUTIONS ........STILL MODE ........... @ IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS ......LINE1 INPUT/LINE2 iNPUT ......O Contents ............. @ Setting the image quality ........ 0 Features .............. BRIGHTNESS ..........@ Disc ..............E.B.L ..............
  • Page 7 Tape playback @ Changing a disc name ........Changing a disc name ........@ Leading and unmeading a cassette tape ..48 Using the keyboard screen ......O Cassette tape playback ........@ Special pmayback ..........Dubbing Picture search ..........@ Dubbing a tape onto a disc......
  • Page 8: Features

    Recording function Not only can you playback and record video tapes, but Timer recording you can also playback DVD discs or make recordings using DVD-RAM, DVD-RW or DVD-R discs with this unit. The timer recording system allows you to select the In addition, you can enioy editing the programs you date, time and channeI and record the desired pro- record.
  • Page 9: Disc

    • Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. the creation of DVD and Video CD software and/or the manufacture of DVD and Video CD discs, Toshiba cannot guarantee that this DVD/VCR will play every feture of every DVD bearing the DVD logo and/or every Video CD bearing the CD logo.
  • Page 10: Discs On Which Video Can Be Recorded

    DVDoR The below DVD-Video may not be played back. , DVD-Video that do not have the region number "1" or • You can record on the disc only in the Video mode. "ALL", • You can record until the disc becomes full , PAL or SECAM DVD-Video.
  • Page 11: Disc Playback In Other Piayers

    Some models of DVD player or DVD- ROM drive, therefore, will not playback recorded vid- eos. , Toshiba is not liable for any damage or !oss caused directly or indirectly by the malfunction of this DVD/ VCR, including, without limitation, any one of the...
  • Page 12: Parts And Functions

    and functions Front * This unit has a door on the front panel+ Please open it to access the S-VHDEO jack and the AUDHO (L/R)/VHDEO HN(HNPUT 2) jacks+ window Displa REW (Rev, Jnd) button CHANNEL Ai,./v buttons PLAY button FF (Fast Forward) button Cassette Loading Slot STOP button REC/OTR button...
  • Page 13: Display Window

    and functions Display window ® @ ×p RAM Display Description • Lights during video tape playback. Video tape is temporarily stopped. • Lights during video tape recording. Progressive scanning mode. Timer recording display. XP/SPiLP_LP 4DVD recording modes. XP, S P, L P orSLP can beselected inturn bypressing theREC MODE_SPEED repeaedly.
  • Page 14: Setup Menu

    !!_ %ii_ ¸, rts and functions Page Remote contro_ OPEN/CLOSE Opens or Closes the tray. EJECT Ejects the cassette tapes PROGRESSIVE Activates the progressive scanning mode. TV/VIDEO Select to operate TV/VIDEO 22, 55 ON/STANDBY Turns power on/off. Direct channel selection of TV Setting input 37, 74 Entering a password...
  • Page 15: Remote Control

    Open the battery compartment install two "AAA" batteries, pay- Replacethe compartment cover. cover in the direction of the ar- ing attention to the polarity dia- row. gram in the battery compart- ment. o,£. Caution: Never throw batteries into a fire. Notes: •...
  • Page 16: Antenna Connections

    tenna connections tf you are using an antenna system, follow these instructions, _fyou are a CabmeTV subscr}ber, sk}p ahead to page 18 for the proper connections, IANTENNA TO DVD/VCR CONNECTION The DVD/VCR must be connected "between" the antenna and the TV. First, disconnect the antenna from the TV and connect it to the DVD/VCR.
  • Page 17 _i!ii _' _ii_'iiiiiii tenna connections IDVDiVCR TO TV CONNECTION After you have connected the antenna to the DVD/VCR, you must connect the DVD/VCR to the TV. Below are 3 common methods of connecting your DVD/VCR to a TV. Find the type of TV you are using and follow the connection diagram.
  • Page 18: Cabmetv Connections

    ble TV connections Many cable companies offer services permitting reception of extra channels including pay or subscription chan- nels. This DVD/VCR has an extended tuning range and can be tuned to most cable channels without using a cable company supplied converter box, except for those channels which are intentionally scrambled. If you subscribe to a speciat channel which is scrambled, you must have a descrambler box for proper reception.
  • Page 19 ..e TV connections iMPORTANT: Make sure the TV/CABLE menu option is set to the "CABLE" mode, This DVD/VCR cannot receive scrambled programs since it does not contain a descrambler. In order to receive scrambled programs, your existing descrambler must be used. Descrambler boxes are available from cable companies. Consult your local cable company for more information concerning connection to their descrambler equipment.
  • Page 20: Component

    _!i ,__,i_ nnectJons with the TV or audio component The exact arrangement you use to interconnect various video The unauthorized recording, use, distribution, and audio components to the DVD/VCR is dependent on the or revision of television programs, videotapes, model and features of each component. Check the Owner's DVDs and other materials, is prohibited under ManuaI provided with each component for the location of video the Copyright Laws of the United States and...
  • Page 21: Component

    with the TV or audio component Connect to a stereo ampJifier with audio output Yea can enjoy high quality audio by connecting the audio output to your amplifier. Connect the audio output jacks to any line-level inputs (such as AUX, DVD, CD, etc.) of an audio amplifier. Audio (L) output StereoAmplifiero '_ 0000...
  • Page 22: Power Source

    clock setting / Setting the video channeH Auto c_ock setting Preparation: You must connect the antenna or cable before connecting the AC cord to the power source. Wait at least 3 minutes with the power turned off, after the antenna or cable is connected, for the auto clock feature to activate.
  • Page 23: Audio

    • uP MENU The SETUP MENU consists of severam menus where Press • to seIect the desired submenu and you can make varieue settings cencerning men= press ENTER= guage, audio functions, and images, h addition, this The screen for the setected submenu will appear= menu incmudee a deck, channem and other things that require setting...
  • Page 24: O Setting The Language

    tting the tanguage You can choose the language of the menu screen, Selectabte Janguages: DVD menu, DVD audio and subt}tmes. ENGLISH, FRANCA_S, ESPANOL The language you have selected will play if it is re- Preparation: corded on the disc. , Turn ON the TV and set it to the video input mode. , Select "LANGUAGE"...
  • Page 25: Setting The Parental Controm

    tting the parentat control NOTES: Some discs are specified as not suitabme for chiF • The selected level wiil apply to operations executed dren, This unit can prevent pmayback of such discs, after this. Preparation: • The unit cannot restrict playback of some discs. •...
  • Page 26: Setting The Clock

    tting the clock STANDARD TiME (Time zone) clock is set to the correct time automatically, but it can also be set manualmy. The clock can be set In the rare event that you live within the broadcast range for daylight saving time and time...
  • Page 27: Setting The Disc

    g the disc NEW DUSC FORMAT You can format, protect, or finamize a disc, If you insert an unused DVD-RW disc, the disc is auto- matically formatted= Preparation: If you use the DVD-RW (Ver.1.1/1.2), you can select • Turn ON the TV and set it to the video input mode= the mode to be used for automatic format= •...
  • Page 28: Protect Disc

    tting the disc / Other SYSTEMSETOP NOTES: NOTES: During the finalization the cursor wi!l move repeatedly. • During the cancelling finalization the cursor will move When the finalization finished, "DISC HNALIZED" will repeatedly. appear. • The cancelling finalization process may require a few The finalization process may require a few minutes minutes to about 1 hour according to disc type or the amount of free space on the disc.
  • Page 29: O Setting The Screen

    4;!;;¸ # _ tting the screen This section describes settings about the screen. Note for the field still and frame still: (with 480i interlaced scanning mode) Preparation: • Field* still (240 lines) • Turn ON the TV and set it to the video input mode. Since only one field (half of the video information) is •...
  • Page 30: Setting The Image Quality

    4,, _,,,,_ ° ttmng the image quatity / Setting the audio This section describes image quamity settings. This section describes audio settings. Preparation: Preparation: , Turn ON the TV and set it to the video input mode. • Turn ON the TV and set it to the video input mode. , Seiect "AV SETUP 2"...
  • Page 31: Sap (Second Audio Program)

    ng the audio / Setting the recording AUTO CHAPTER SAP (Second Audio Program) This unit is fitted with an SAP broadcast system that You can automatically make chapter marks on the DVD to be recorded. enables you to switch to a second audio program while Select "AUTO CHAPTER"...
  • Page 32: Setting The Channeb

    tting the channel / Setting other items This DVD/VCR is equipped with a channem memory You can set the switching intervambetween pmayed feature that allows you to skip channels up or down back images in the slide show mode. to the next channel set in memory, hence skip over Preparation: unwanted...
  • Page 33: Playback Procedure

    ayback procedure p+o,o,+o,,: + Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode. . Press DVD to select the DVD mode+ (The DVD indicator will light+) Press OPEN/CLOSE. The disc tray will open. Insert a disc+ Disc without a cartridge Insert with the playback side down.
  • Page 34: Playback By Semecting A Titbe

    by selecting a title i!!ii;iiii!i:i!!ii !iiii ili!ii!ilil li,iiii!ii iii! Preparation: • Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode= When pmaying back a recorded • Load a recorded DVD= disc, you can display the title • Press DVD to select the DVD mode. (The DVD indicator will light.) menu and eemect the title to be pmayed beck.
  • Page 35: Checking Media Information

    _iiii_ ¸×__ ecKlng media information Various information on the Beaded Preparation: , Turn ON the TV and set it to the video input mode. disc can be dispmayed on the TV , Load the disc, screeno , Press DVD to select the DVD mode. (The DVD indicator will light.) Press DISPLAY= Media information will appear.
  • Page 36: Speciam Pmayback

    eclat" playback Fast forward playback Press SEARCH _ during normal playback, Each press of SEARCH _ will increase the speed of the search NOTE: There be a slight I_1_ (x2), _ (x12), _ (x24), _ (x60). lay between pressing button (The speed of the search is increased up to only 2 steps in Audio CD.) and the function activation.
  • Page 37: O Instant Skip

    _stant skip / Locating a specific scene _nstant s._p Use this function to skip commercials while you playback. Press _NSTANT SKiP during playback. The time iumps to a point approx. 30 seconds later and playback re- sumes= NOTE: With some DVD-Video, the Commercial skip operation may not work. Locating a specific scene...
  • Page 38: Repeat Pmayback

    peat playback instant repmay This feature can be used to repeat the mast 10 seconds of viewed material, and continues to pmayas normal Press INSTANT REPLAY during playback. The video returns to a point 10 seconds before and playback resumes. NOTES: •...
  • Page 39: Titbe Selection

    selection / OVO menu Title selection Two or more titles ere recorded on some discs. If the title menu is recorded on the disc, you can select the desired title. Press TOP _,IENU/TITLE MENU during playback. The title menu appears on the screen. , Press TOP MENU/TITLE MENU again to resume playback at the scene when you pressed TOP tt,IENU/TITLE fvIENU.
  • Page 40: Changing Angles

    anging angles / Zooming / Karaoke playback ChaogJog aogm When playing back a disc recorded with muitFangle facility, can change the angle that you are viewing the scene from. Press ANGLE during playback. The current angle will appear= _ ii ii _ ii Press ANGLE repeatedly until the desired angle is selected.
  • Page 41: Changing Soundtrack Language

    _!i!i_!_ k angmg soundtrack language/ Subtitbs / To turn off the PBC Changing soun,Jtrao, mangu_g_ You can select the language when you play a multilingua! disc. Press AUDIO during playback. The current soundtrack language will appear. i! _L !_ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Press AUDIO repeatedly until the desired language is selected.
  • Page 42: Various Operations On Cd

    rious operations on CO Preparation: , Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode. , Load the music CD= This section describes the TRACK tNFO screen where music CDs can , Press DVD to select the DVD mode. (The DVD indicator wilI light.) be pmayed back using the various Press TOP MENU/TITLE MENU,...
  • Page 43 jiiiii! iii_ ¸ _¸ _ C nous operations on CO Random playback menu Press • to select "RANDOM PLAY" from the list and press ENTER. The order of music tracks is randomly changed. Press PLAY, Music is played back in random order. To cancet random playback, select "RANDOM PLAY"...
  • Page 44: Mp3/Wma/Jpeg

    P3/WMA/JPEG playback Preparation: . Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode= . Load the disc storing MP3, WMA or JPEG. t_P3 and WMA files can be pmayed . Press DVD to select the DVD mode= (The DVD indicator wilI light=) beck.
  • Page 45 Please be advised that you must obtain permission from the applicable copyright owners to download copyrighted content, including music files, in any format, including the MP3 and WMA formats, prior to the downloading thereof. Toshiba has no right to grant and does not grant permission to download any coprighted content.
  • Page 46 P3/WMA/JPEG playback Playing back JPEG files Press • to select JPEG file. in case the disc includes more than 10 files, you can turn to the next or the previous page. (See page 42.) AJOJ_e4pg Ambas_adeurs-Ar_s_ide Brus_14_ Al_s_de Brua_t._pg _oulir_ _oug_4pg C!_W_ Ch_-U-Kan.jpg _Hce_...
  • Page 47: Progressive Scan

    C ogressiv÷ scan _i!ii,!_ii!:iii _ii_!ii!ii_!iiii_ _iiiiii_!iii_i_i!i;l _ii!ii!!!iiii!!i _iiiiiiiii_l Preparation: , Connect to a TV equipped with component jacks which support the The unit supports the progressive progressive video input. scanning system as well as the con- , Turn ON the TV and set it to the corresponding video input mode.
  • Page 48: Leading And Unmeading A Cassette Tape

    adwng and unloading a cassette tape Use onJy video cassette tapes marked and S_HS • SQPB , Cassettes marked "VHS" (or "S-VHS" can be used with this video cassette recorder However, S-VHS recording is not possible with this model. , This model is equipped with SQPB (S-VHS QUASI PLAYBACK) that makes it possible to playback S-VHS recordings with regular VHS resolution.
  • Page 49: O Cassette Tape Playback

    ssette tape playback Preparation: , Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode. , Press VOR to select the VCR mode. (The VCR indicator will light.) Load a prerecorded tape (When loading a cassette tape without the erase prevention tab, playback will start automatically).
  • Page 50: Special Pmayback

    eciat ptayback Repeat playback The entire video tape will be played until its end. The Picture search tape will then automatically rewind to the beginning and Reverse picture search function the playback will be repeated. Press REW x 1 or x 2 during the playback. Forward picture search function Press REPEAT while the VCR is playing back.
  • Page 51: O Zero Return Function

    index search system RETURN function / Video The counter disptay shows the tape run- !!i: ZERO RETURN function 0 roco This function makes tape rewind- ing step at the counter "00:00:00" position automatically, tape position= The counter display wiII be H_F! reset to the "00:00:00"...
  • Page 52: Read This Before Recording On Disc

    iiii!!/ .!_I!I: lill_,i...
  • Page 53: Images That Cannot Be Recorded

    this before recording on disc images that cannot be recorded The unauthorized recording, use, Some DVD-Video and broadcasts contain copy-restriction signals to distribution, or revision of television protect copyrights, There are 3 types of copy-restriction signals: "Copy programs, videotapes, DVDs and Free", "Copy Never"...
  • Page 54: Recording A Tv Program

    i!il!_; ../ lill_,i...
  • Page 55 g a TV program Press STOP to stop recording. seconds." []" wilI appear on the screen for about 4 NOTE: When recording onto a DVD, even if STOP is pressed during record- ing, recording does not stop instantly. Recording may continue for as long as 1 minute maximum.
  • Page 56: One-Touch Timer Recording

    neotouch Timer Recording (OTR) _iii!_i_!i!!iiiii iiii;i;i!!!i!i!!ili!ii!i iiii_!iiiii!iiii!_!!ii _iiii_!iiiiii _i_i'i_ii_ Preparation: Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode. The One-touch Timer Recording Load a recordabie DVD or video tape into the unit. feature provides a simpme and con- Press DVD or VCR to select the appropriate mode.
  • Page 57: Timer Recording

    _i_i!_ ¸¸¸_"20 recording Setting timer recording _iii_i!!ii!_!iii _iiiili!i!iii_i @!i _ MiiiiiX!i_iii_ii_i @!iiiii!iil Preparation: , Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode. The timer recording system allows , Load a recordabie DVD or video tape. you to select the date, time and , Press [VD or VOR to select the appropriate mode.
  • Page 58 Ii1,, lillLi...
  • Page 59 _i!;!i_ ¸ ;_'_, recording Select "OK" and press ENTER. The timer program is determined and the TIMER REC SET screen appears again. When you enter the other program for the timer recording, re- peat the steps 3 to 11. Press SETUP. The TIMER REC SET screen disappears and the display will return to the normal screen.
  • Page 60: Chase Ptayback

    Ptayback While the DVD-RAM PLAY recording a program on disc, press to start chase playback. You can begin playback from the The TV program as it is being recorded will played back. beginning of a program currently being recorded. You will find this Locate a scene you want through following operations...
  • Page 61: Stereo Recording And Pmayback

    ereo record ing and playback When a MTS STEREO broadcast is re- The VHS NFFi audio system per- ceived, the word "STEREO" will appear on mits high fidemity recording of MTS STEREO TV broadcasts. the screen and the program can be viewed or recorded in stereo, The Hi-Fi STEREO recording procedure is the same as for normal recordings,...
  • Page 62: Editing The Disc

    _ii:i_ ii_iii i¸_¸ lting the disc Title menu THe section e×plains how to edit the recorded contents on DVD- When the content is recorded, a title name that includes the date, time, RWs. However, the items that you channel number and other information is created automatically.
  • Page 63: Editing A Pmaylist

    _i!i r_,J ° o ° l tng a piaytist Preparation: You can create and edit the pmaymist • Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode= based on the original titme, • Load the recorded DVD-RAM/RW (VR)= •...
  • Page 64: Changing A Title Name

    ninq a p_aytist _i y u w _ w Press TITLE t_ENU to display the title menu. Select the playlist where you want to change the title name. • Press • or • to select the playlisL • Press • to display the editing menu of the playlist. •...
  • Page 65: Erasing A Scene (Edit Title)

    _i! r_joo rang a playtist Erasiog a scone ( E_it t itle_ "Youcan erase an unnecessary scene from the created playlist. When you erase the scene from the playlist, the scene is not erased from the original titie. menu. display Press TITLE MENU to the title scene you...
  • Page 66 { iting a p[ay[ist Press • or • to select "SET START" at the start point of the scene that you want to erase and press ENTER. (To set the start point easily, search the start point while "SET START" is selected) The still image at the start point appears at the Ieft small screen.
  • Page 67: Combining The Title

    _iting a playtist combioiog tho titme "Youcan create a playllst by combining the several original titles or ptaylists= To combine the titles, it ls necessary to create a pIayIist at first. By combining the titles in the playllst, a playlist where several titles are combined is created.
  • Page 68: Erasing A Playlist

    pl yti _iting Erasing You can erase the created playlist. Even if you erase the playlist, the original title will not be erased. menu. display Press T_TLE MENU to the tit)e Select the piaylist that you want to erase. , Press •...
  • Page 69: Editing An Originam Titme

    _i!i r_,J ° o ° rang an origina title Preparation: • Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode_ • Load the recorded disc. in VR mode, can edit various • Press DVD to select the DVD mode. (The DVD indicator will light.) items, whereas in Video...
  • Page 70: Combining Chapters

    lting an originat titte _il _.._!i_ When the scene you want to add a chapter mark, press ENTER. The playback is paused and the position of the added chapter mark appears green. The added chapter mark chapter mark, repeat step want to continue to add Adding chapter marks is finished.
  • Page 71: Changing An Original Title Name

    an originaJ title chapter Press SKiP SKiP to select the marks to be erased, Press ENTER, The chapter marks are erased and 2 chapters are combined into 1 chapter, To continue erasing the chapter marks, repeat steps 4 and 5, The combining chapters will completed, * To display the title menu, press RETURN, ÷...
  • Page 72: Erasing A Scene (Edit Title)

    _ting an origina_ title _ii:i_ ii_iii i¸_¸ E_asiog ascene ( E_it tit_÷_ "You can erase an unnecessary scene from the original title_ Erase the scene after checking the title. You cannot restore the erased scene. When you erase the scene, you can increase the disc space. to d_sp_ay menu.
  • Page 73: Erasing An Original Title

    _+_i+i r_°+ an originat titte rang Eras+n+ aoor+++na+ t+t+e "YOU can erase an original title+ Erasing the title deletes both the title and the recording saved under that title name. Erase the original title after checking its title+ The erased title cannot be restored. When you erase the title, you can increase the disc space.
  • Page 74: Changing A Disc Name

    anging a disc name You can change a disc name from Preparation: the title menu, , Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode, , Load the recorded DVD disc, , Press DVD to select the DVD mode. (The DVD indicator will light.) Changing a disc name }:);...
  • Page 75: Using The Keyboard Screen

    ging a disc name Character input 2 Using the keyboard screen Example: Explained here is the procedure when you This section explains the function of the keyboard input "F" and "J". screen and how to input characters. The disc name and the titie name can be changed using the keyboard Press the numeric keys continuously...
  • Page 76 ing a disc name Erasing a character type Press • to select the of letters Jnthe "You can erase the input character, list below and press ENTER. Erasing method Auto saps: Determines uppercase and lower- case automatically. Press select "Back". •...
  • Page 77: Dubbing A Tape Onto A Disc

    bbing a tape onto a disc iiiiii!ii!!i!ii iiiiiiii iiii:il;ii ii :iiii i i!:ii!i iJi;,i i:iii i:iiii i!iiii Preparation: • T_JrnON the TV and set to the video input mode. You can record video or audio on • Load a source video tape and a disc for recording. a video tape onto a disc.
  • Page 78 bbing a disc onto a tape illi!i!iii!!ii iii !i ii!iil;t i!!i:! i!iii!!iii itlii iiii ii:ii !,i:iiiii;;ili Preparation: . Turn ON the TV and set to the video input mode. You can record both video . Load a source disc and a video tape for recording. audio from a disc to a video tape= .
  • Page 79 bbinq using other equipment You can connect another VCR or camcorder to dubbing. Typical connection: When using this unit as a recording device Playback VCR To Video OUT--_x_--To Audio (R) OUT Recording VCR "To Audio (L) OUT mj [_ AUDiO/VIDEO cord (supplied) °°/ J ..
  • Page 80: O Gmossary

    A-B Repeat Pmayback Playback that repeats between two set points, A and This is a digital sound system developed by Digital Theater Systems for use in cinemas. This system uses 6 audio channels and provides accurate sound field angle positioning and realistic acoustics. (By connecting a Recorded onto some DVD discs are scenes which DTS Digital Surround decoder, you can aIso listen to have been simultaneously shot from a number of dif-...
  • Page 81 Video mode parental controm settings Level 1 : Adult discs and general discs (R-rated This recording format is compatible with commercially discs included) cannot be played back. available DVD players. Level 2 to 3: Adult discs and R-rated discs cannot be virtuat surround played back.
  • Page 82: Language Code List

    e code tist Enterthe appropriate code number for the initialsettings "DVD MENU","AUDIO" and/or "SUBTITLE" (see page 24). Language Name Code Language Name Code Language Name Code Language Name Code Abkhazian 1112 Fiji 1620 Lingala 2224 Singhalese 2919 Afar 1111 Finnish 1619 Lithuanian 2230...
  • Page 83: O Problems And Troubleshooting

    4iii_ii ¸ oblems and troubleshooting Use the following check list for troubleshooting when you have problems with your unit, Consult your local dealer or service outlet if problems persist, Be sure aII connections are properly made when using with other units. SYMPTOMS POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS , Make sure the power cord is plugged in.
  • Page 84: O Video Head Cleaning

    obmemsand troubmeshooting / Video head cmeaning SVMPTO. S i POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS TV recording does notwork, _ The erase prevention tabofthevideocassette isbroken offi 148,54 ._ The unit is in the external input mode. . The time is not set correctly. 2126 TIMER REC has not been pressed ([] is not lit).
  • Page 85: O Error/Warning Message List

    Jrning message Uist ERROR/WARNING MESSAGE CAUSE POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS PAGE "_ Power The power was shut down without completing SYSTEM ERROR termination process due to a power failure or dis- PLEASE WAIT connection of the AC cord plug (Abnormal termi- Wait until the message disappears.
  • Page 86: Specifications

    GENERAL AC 120V 60Hz Power supply: Power consumption: Operation: 29W Standby: 2.5W (if display window is off.) Weight: 12+1 Ibs (5+5 kg) Dimensions: Width : 16-15/16 inches (430 mm) Height : 3-1/2 inches (89.5 mm) Depth : 12-9/16 inches (318.5 mm) Operating temperature: 41 +F to 95+F (5+C to 35°C) Less than 80% RH...
  • Page 87 Limited United States Warranty DigitaJ Audio Video ("DAV") Product o Depot Repair Warranty Toshiba America Consumer Products, EL.C. ("TACP") makes the following limited warranties to original consumers in the United States. THESE LIMITED WARRANTIES EXTEND TO THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER PURCHASER OR ANY PERSON RECEIVING THIS DAV PRODUCT AS A GIFT FROM THE ORIGINAL CONSUMER PURCHASER AND TO NO OTHER PURCHASER OR TRANSFEREE.