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7. Adjusting the S220 subwoofer


Using the Final Sound sub as a standard subwoofer.
Position the subwoofer in the desired location.
Connect the subwoofer according to this manual's instructions.
Set the sub's volume control to a minimum and the phase switch (as a starting point)
to 0 degrees.
Adjust the Variable Phase control to 'minimum'.
Adjust the sub's Low Pass control (crossover frequency) to the panel's lowest
frequency (see Table 1).
Keep the Variable Bass Equalizer at 'Min'.
Play some music you are familiar with.
Turn up the subwoofer volume to a level that matches the main loudspeaker's level.
Now listen to modern music with some kind of strong bass rhythm.
Adjust the Variable Phase control now. This is only necessary if the subwoofer's
position is not on the baseline between the loudspeakers or left to the left
loudspeaker and right to the right loudspeaker. If the subwoofer is before or behind
the baseline, or somewhere else in the room, adjustment of the phase might be
necessary. The Phase control is in the right position, if you're not aware of a time
difference between the mid/high frequencies and the lower frequencies on the
listening position. The system is definitely out of phase when the bass frequencies lag
behind the rest of the spectrum or there's a time difference anyway. If it's not possible
to get the right timing, reverse the Phase Switch from '0' to '180' and try again. If this
is not helpful, diminish the distance between the subwoofer and the electrostatic
Readjust the volume control after adjusting the phase.
You can slightly adjust the crossover frequency. You should be unaware that there's
a crossover 'area'. There should be a seamless transition from the subwoofer to the
panels. Use, as an example, piano music to make the right adjustment.
Readjust the volume control again.
If you have a dedicated stereo/surround setup guide/disc, refer to the directions
included in it.
c FSS 2006R

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