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Important Safeguards - Final Sound S100 User Manual

Final sound subwoofer user manual s100
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Please observe all the following safeguards when using your S100 subwoofer.
1 .
Save these instructions for future use .
2 .
Read all of these instructions .
3 .
Unplug from the wall socket before cleaning .
4 .
Do not use abrasive cleaners . Use a soft, damp cloth for cleaning .
5 .
Verify power supply voltage setting prior to initial use .
6 .
Do not allow anything to rest on the power cord .
7 .
Position the power cord out of all walkways .
8 .
Unplug the unit when it will not be used for a long period of time .
9 .
Never spill any kind of liquid on the unit .
10 .
Do not attempt to service the unit yourself . Refer all servicing to your dealer .
11 .
Refer servicing to your dealer under the following conditions:
A . When the power cord or plug is damaged .
B . If liquid has been spilled onto the unit .
C . If the unit does not operate properly by following the operating instructions .
D . If the unit has been dropped and damaged .
E . When the unit exhibits a drastic change in performance .
12 .
This item is heavy (18 .6 kg) . Take all precautions when moving or relocating the unit .
Contents Copyright 2006 Final Sound Solutions.

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