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   Summary of Contents for Kenwood DNX5240BT

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Connecting an iPod Navigatoin Information Interrupt on the Functions When Displaying the Easy Control Screen of Other Sources Panel (DNX5240BT/DNX5240 only) Functions While Displaying the Control Screen Control of Other Sources While Displaying the Navigation Screen USB Device Control Watching DVD/VCD...

  • Page 3

    Muting Audio Volume upon Hands Free Unit Control Reception of Phone Call Before Use Muting Audio Volume upon Reception of Downloading the Phonebook Phone Call Control Screen Function When Received a Call Calling by Entering a Phone Number Quick Dialing Character Entry Controlling Tone-based Services How to Use the Character Entry Screen...

  • Page 4: How To Read This Manual

    Switches to the next frequency manually. Manual Memory Stores the current receiving station in memory. Select a station you wish to store in memory Store in memory Next page 3 The above operation example with the mark differs from the actual operation. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

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  • Page 6: Before Use

    • When you purchase optional accessories, check mechanical parts. Wiping the faceplate with a hard cloth with your Kenwood dealer to make sure that they or using a volatile liquid such as thinner or alcohol may work with your model and in your area.

  • Page 7: Notes

    Notes Navigation units that can be connected TV tuner that can be connected to this unit to this unit (DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R • KTC-D500E only) • KTC-V301E • KNA-G520* • KTC-V300E • KNA-G420* • KNA-G421V* List of playable discs • KNA-G421* Disc Standard Support Remark...

  • Page 8

    USB compatible cable is used. An online manual about audio files is put on the Connecting a cable whose total length is longer site, On this online than 5 m can result in abnormal playback. manual, detailed information and notes which are not written in this manual are provided.

  • Page 9: Region Codes In The World

    Region codes in the world The DVD players are given a region code according to the country or area it is marketed, as shown in the following map. DVD disc marks Operation regulatory marks With this DVD, some functions of this unit such as the Symbol Description play function may be restricted depending on the...

  • Page 10: Basic Operations

    USB control screen to enter the USB suspend mode, and then remove the USB device. See <USB Device Control> (page 34). ¤ • Removing the USB device before entering the USB suspend mode may result in damaging the data in the USB device. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 11

    Selecting a source Press it to display the source select screen. Touch the source button to select the source. Full Source Select screen 1 Scrolls the source display. 2 Displays the Hands Free screen. (page 45) 3 Press for at least 2 seconds to erase the buttons. Touch the screen to redisplay the buttons.

  • Page 12

    See <System Setup> (page 60) for the function setting of the [NAV] button. Playing an external player Connect an external player such as a digital audio player to AV IN jack. Use of the optional cable CA-C3AV is recommended for connecting an external player. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 13

    [FNC] button [FNC] button [FNC] button Easy Control buttons Easy Control buttons Navigation information appear. appear. appears.* *DNX5240BT/DNX5240 only Navigation screen Picture or Video playback screen Mode:Full AV–OUT:AV–IN DVD VIDEO SCRN DVD VIDEO Title C h a p 0 : 0 0 : 0 5...

  • Page 14: Navigation Control

    Navigatoin Information Interrupt on the Using the Navigation System Screen of Other Sources Displays the navigation system screen and makes (DNX5240BT/DNX5240 only) the navigation function available. Interrupts other source screen and displays Displaying the navigation screen information such as guide point.

  • Page 15: Control Of Other Sources While Displaying The Navigation Screen

    Control of Other Sources While Displaying When "USB" or "iPod" is selected: the Navigation Screen Selected source can be controlled while 7 During iPod play : displaying navigation screen. Searches Music or Video. Display the easy control buttons During USB play : Selects a file.

  • Page 16: Watching Dvd/vcd

    5 seconds. Also, the information can be Mode:Full AV–OUT:AV–IN DVD VIDEO displayed automatically when it is updated. DVD VIDEO Title C h a p 0 : 0 0 : 0 5 1 Title Number Display 2 Chapter Number Display 3 Play Time Display DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 17: Functions When Displaying The Easy Control Panel

    Functions While Displaying the Control Functions When Displaying the Easy Screen Control Panel Switches to the source control screen to use Displays the basic operation buttons on the various playback functions. screen. While the source is playing, press the [FNC] While the source is playing, press the [FNC] button button...

  • Page 18: Dvd Disc Menu

    3 Selects a menu option. i Appears when PBC is On. 4 Enters your menu selection. o VCD version indicator 5 Returns to the previous menu screen. 6 Displays the Top Menu. 7 Highlight Control. 8 Clears the Disc Menu Control. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 19

    q Switches the subtitle language. Highlight Control You can select a chapter and title for the DVD (during program playback only) w Switches the voice language. Menu screen. When you touch the screen, you can select the DVD menu. (during program playback only) e Displays the Zoom Control screen.

  • Page 20: Vcd Zoom Control

    E x i t E x i t 1 Changes the zoom ratio at 2 levels (2 times or off ) each time you touch. 2 Scrolls the screen in the direction you touch. 3 Clears the Zoom Control button. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 21: Music Disc & Audio File Listening

    Music Disc & Audio File Listening You can recall various control screens during CD/Audio file playback. • For the basic method of how to play a music disc/audio file, see <Basic Operations> (page 10). • See <List of playable discs> (page 7) for playable discs. •...

  • Page 22

    Repeats to play (the preset files or data). x Starts or stops Random Play (to play files of the present folder in random order). c Switches the number of lines displayed in the Information Display. v Function Indicator DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 23: Video File/picture File Watching

    Video File/Picture File Watching You can recall various control screens during playback of video file (MPEG 1, MPEG 2 and DivX file) and picture file (JPEG file). 5 JPEG: Picture Control Button Area (page 25) Function During Playback Screen DivX: Sub=Off, Audio 1/1 Basic functions are available even when the MPEG: Switches to the screen with subtitle playback screen is displayed.

  • Page 24: Functions When Displaying The Easy Control Panel

    • The Easy Control Panel is hidden when you touch a central part of the monitor. 1 Switches to the playback screen. 2 Folder and File Number Display 3 Play Mode Display 4 Play Time Display DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 25: Picture Control

    5 Video/Picture information display g Scrolls the list. h Moves to the top hierarchy level. Selects Folder Name, File Name, Title, Artist j Moves up a hierarchy level. Name, or Album Name. k Displays the currently playing file. When is appeared, the text display is scrolled by pressing it.

  • Page 26: Radio Listening

    Memory> (page 28). y Searches station by program type. See <Search for Program Type> (page 30). u Lists and selects memorized station. i Displays Radio Text screen. See <Radio Text> (page 29). 1 Band display 2 Preset number 3 Frequency display DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 27: Seek Mode

    Seek Mode Sets a station selection. o Memorized stations are displayed. Touch to tune in. ; Scrolls the list. The mode is switched in following order each time you touch the button. Display Setting "AUTO1" Tunes in a station with good reception automatically.

  • Page 28: Auto Memory

    Continue to touch until the memory number Start Auto Memory appears. Touch Auto Memory terminates when 6 stations are stored or when all stations are tuned in. ⁄ • The operation ends automatically if you do not operate within 10 seconds. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 29: Radio Text

    : Press for # seconds. Radio Text Traffic Information You can display the radio text. (Only when When a traffic bulletin starts, any source is receiving the FM broadcast) switched to the traffic information and it is displayed automatically. Select a station Set the Traffic information mode Display the radio text When the traffic bulletin starts...

  • Page 30: Search For Program Type

    1 Program Type is displayed. Touch to select a Program Type. 2 Scrolls the Program Type list. 3 Searches for the program type. It is displayed when the Program type is selected. 4 Returns to the previous screen. Search a station of the selected Program Type DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 31: Ipod Control

    In this case, "RESUMING" is displayed without displaying a folder name, etc. Changing the browse item will display a correct title, etc. • When the iPod is connected to this unit, "KENWOOD" or "✓" is displayed on the iPod to indicate that you cannot operate the iPod.

  • Page 32: Functions While Displaying The Control Screen

    Displays the list of music category. y Displays the list of video category. u Displays the previous music/video list screen. i Displays information screen of music/video being played. ⁄ * Disabled when VIDEO is being played. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 33

    o Categories and music are listed. Touch a category name to move its lower level. If music title is displayed, the music is played by touching it. When is appeared, the text display is scrolled by pressing it. When is appeared, all the music in its category is played by touching the button.

  • Page 34: Usb Device Control

    0 : 0 0 : 0 5 1 Selects a file. 2 Plays or pauses. ⁄ • The Easy Control Panel is hidden when you touch a central part of the monitor. [USB] button on the "Source Select" screen DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 35

    y Repeats to play the music or data of the present folder. (Only in Folder Select Mode) u Displays images in the folder currently being played one after another. If there is no image in the folder currently being played, initial background is displayed.

  • Page 36: Folder Select

    Folder opens when touched, and the Audio file is played. 2 Scrolls the list. 3 Moves to the top hierarchy level. 4 Moves up a hierarchy level. 5 Moves to the top page of the list. 6 Displays the currently playing file. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 37: Tv Watching

    TV Watching Various control screens appear in the TV source mode. You can only operate TV with the optional accessory TV Tuner connected. Functions When Displaying the Easy Function During TV Screen Control Panel Basic functions are available even when the TV screen is displayed.

  • Page 38: Functions While Displaying The Control Screen

    Not available for the optional digital TV Tuner KTC-D500E. 1 Switches to the TV screen. 2 Band display 3 TV Area Group Display See <TV Setup> (page 72). 4 Memory Number Display 5 Channel display 6 Channel information display DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 39: Tv Menu (with Ktc-d500e (optional Accessory) Connected Only)

    TV Menu (with KTC-D500E (optional Auto Memory accessory) connected only) Stores stations with good reception in memory Menu Control screen appears by touching the automatically. area shown below. Select a band you wish to store in memory Mode:Full AV–OUT:AV–IN G ro u p 1 P r e s e t 1 2 c h AUTO1...

  • Page 40: Manual Memory

    Select a station you wish to name memory Start Name set Store in memory Enter the name See <Character Entry> (page 43) for information on how to enter a name. End Name set Continue to touch until the memory number appears. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 41: Bluetooth Audio Control

    For DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R, Bluetooth unit KCA-BT200 (optional accessory) is necessary. Functions While Displaying the Control Before Use Screen For DNX5240BT : Switches to control screen to use various • You need to register your audio player and cell-phone functions. before using it with this unit. For more details, see <Registering Bluetooth Unit>...

  • Page 42: Muting Audio Volume Upon Reception Of Phone Call

    When the call ends... Hang up the phone. The system resumes playing automatically. ⁄ • To use the TEL Mute feature, you need to hook up the MUTE wire to your telephone using a commercial telephone accessory. Refer to <INSTALLATION MANUAL>. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 43: Character Entry

    Character Entry When you select the Set Station Name mode or others, the following screen appears for character entry. How To Use the Character Entry Screen Character Entry screen 1 Shifts the cursor. 2 Enters characters. 3 Scrolls up or down the character button display.

  • Page 44: Screen Control

    6 Dimmer Mode Setup "ON": The display dims. "OFF": The display doesn’t dim. "SYNC": Turning the Dimmer function On or Off when the vehicle light control switch is turned On or Off. "NAV-SYNC" (DNX5240BT/DNX5240 only): Turning the Dimmer function On DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 45: Hands Free Unit Control

    Phonebook> (page 45). total image size. • To cancel downloading of the phonebook data, operate For DNX5240BT : the cell-phone. • You need to register your cell-phone before using it with this unit. For more details, see <Registering Bluetooth Unit>...

  • Page 46: When Received A Call

    3 Switches the voice output between phone number, see <Phone Number Preset> (page and speaker. 54). 4 Outputs dial tone. 9 Displays the Hands-Free Set Up screen. See <Controlling Tone-based Services> See <Setting Up the Hands-Free Phone> (page 48). DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 47: Calling By Entering A Phone Number

    Calling by Entering a Phone Number Quick Dialing Makes a call by entering a phone number. You can register up to 6 phone numbers for quick dialing. Display the number input screen ⁄ • Phone numbers must be registered in advance. See <Phone Number Preset>...

  • Page 48: Controlling Tone-based Services

    1 Displays the Phonebook beginning with the name whose first character you have touched. 2 Scrolls the character array display. 3 Returns to the Hands-Free Control screen. Initial number screen 4 Displays a list of numbers in the Phonebook starting with the selected number. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 49

    Cyrillic alphabet search screen Select the phone number to call 5 Displays the Phonebook beginning with r Calls the selected phone number. the name whose first character you have t Creates an SMS for the displayed phone touched. number. Select the name to call See <SMS (Short Message Service)>...

  • Page 50: Making A Call Using Outgoing/incoming Call Records

    2 Displays the phonebook list. • The Outgoing Calls list screen or Incoming Calls list screen shows the list of the calls originated from or received at this unit. They are not the ones stored in the cell-phone memory. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 51: Setting Up The Hands-free Phone

    Setting Up the Hands-Free Phone If you hear another Beep sound: Speak the key word within 2 seconds after the The Hands-Free system can be set as follows. Beep, or touch the [Phonebook List] button to select the phone number. Display the Hands Free Setup screen Make a call.

  • Page 52: Voice Registration

    • Select the speaker which is further from the microphone in order to prevent howling or echoes. 2 Registers the voice. 3 Cancels voice registration. Utter within 2 seconds after the Beep. Utter the voice to register (2nd try) DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 53: Key Word Voice Registration

    3 Plays voice registered for the selected End voice registration Phone number category. 4 Deletes voice registered for the selected Phone number category. Touch to display the confirmation screen. Touch [YES] to delete or [NO] to cancel. 5 Returns to the Hands-Free Set Up screen. Display voice registration screen ⁄...

  • Page 54: Phone Number Preset

    3 Registers from SMS outgoing calls list. 4 Registers from Phonebook. 5 Registers from outgoing calls list. 6 Registers from incoming calls list. 7 Registers by entering phone numbers. 8 Registers voice for voice recognition to preset number. 9 Registers the currently displayed phone number. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 55: Sms (short Message Service)

    SMS (Short Message Service) SMS Message screen Uses SMS function. Display the SMS Select screen p Calls the number in the selected message. q Creates a new message for the selected message. w Scrolls the message. e Returns to the previous screen. Select a function Create a message 1 Displays Received Message List.

  • Page 56: Setup Menu

    • [Audio Setup] and [AV Interface] options can be locked. speakers The key mark ( ) is displayed in reverse video for the 4 Switches to the crossover setup screen. locked option. See <Setup Memory> (page 77). See <Crossover Network Setup> (page 57). DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 57: Crossover Network Setup

    Crossover Network Setup DVD Setup You can set a crossover frequency of speakers. You can set up the DVD play. Select the speaker to set the crossover Display the DVD Setup screen Touch in the "Setup Menu" screen (page 56). Setup each item 1 Sets the High Pass Filter of the front speaker.

  • Page 58: Language Setup

    4 Sets the language and returns to the "DVD Setup 1" screen. (It appears after you have entered a language code.) 5 Clears the language code. Enter a language code See <DVD Language Codes> (page 88) and select the desired language. Set the language you use DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 59: Parental Level Setup

    Parental Level Setup Select a parental level and complete the setup Sets a parental level. Display the Parental Level code number screen See <DVD Setup> (page 57) and touch [Parental Level]. 6 Selects a parental level. 7 Complete the parental level setup and returns to the "DVD Setup 2"...

  • Page 60: Divx Setup

    "1" position. ⁄ • You cannot play an Audio file/VCD disc in the "2" position. Also, you may not play some music CDs in the "2" position. • Your setup is disabled when the disc is being played. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 61: Panel Color Coordinate

    t Selects a picture display time. ( "Long") The Display of a JPEG picture is changed. ("Short", "Middle", "Long") Panel Color Coordinate Sets the screen and button illumination color. 6 Returns to the "System Setup 1" screen. 7 Moves to the "System Setup 3" screen. Display the Panel Color Coordinate screen 8 Sets the button illumination color.

  • Page 62: Av Interface Setup

    AV INPUT port, this image is displayed. 4 Selects a navigation system connection. "RGB") (DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R only) "RGB": Allows the Kenwood's Navigation System to connect via the AV INPUT port. "AV-IN": Allows a third-party navigation system to connect via the AV INPUT port.

  • Page 63

    8 Sets output of operation screen such as t Sets the guide display method of the control screen to AV-OUT . Operation screen Navigation system. ( "ON") (DNX5240BT/ is not output when set to "Black". DNX5240 only) "Through") "ON" : Pops up the guide.

  • Page 64: User Interface

    Sets an on-screen display of the USB screen. "Manual") "Auto": Information is displayed for 5 seconds when updated. "Manual": Information is displayed when you touch on the screen. 6 Returns to the "User Interface 1" screen. 7 Moves to the "User Interface 3" screen. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 65: Direct Source Button Setup

    Direct Source Button Setup Registers the source displayed in the favorite source screen. Displays the Direct SRC button Setup screen y Returns to the "User Interface 3" screen. u Sets whether to display the name of the , and buttons on the right side of the menu screen.

  • Page 66: Entering Background

    Load the image 6 Rotates the image. 7 Returns to the Picture Select screen. ⁄ • See <About Picture files> (page 8) for readable image specifications. • This operation is not possible when USB/DVD is selected as the source. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 67: Background Select

    Background Select Touch Panel Adjustment Selects a image for background. You can adjust the touch panel operations. Select Background Change screen Display the Touch panel Adjustment screen Touch in the "Setup Menu" screen (page 56). Start Touch panel setup Select a image for background Adjust the Touch panel 1 Returns to the initial background.

  • Page 68: Clock Setup

    The display dims. the time data sent from the navigation "OFF": The display doesn’t dim. system or the RDS station. (DNX5240BT/ "SYNC": Turning the Dimmer function DNX5240; DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R On or Off when the vehicle light with KNA-G520, KNA-G420, KNA-G421V or control switch is turned On or Off.

  • Page 69

    8 Selects a screen mode of the DVD playback Full picture mode ("Full") screen. You can select any of the following screen mode. "Full", "Just", "Zoom", "Normal" 9 Selects a screen mode of the iPod VIDEO playback screen. Zoom picture mode ("Zoom") You can select any of the following screen mode.

  • Page 70: Security Code Setup

    • If you have already completed the code registration, is displayed. You must enter the same security code as that Enter a security Code you have entered in Step 3. Enter the security code Now, you can use your Receiver. Input four-digit number. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 71: Deactivating Security Code

    Deactivating Security Code iPod Setup To deactivate the Security Code function. Performs setup when using iPod. Display Security Code Setup screen Display the iPod Setup screen Touch in the "Setup Touch in the "Setup Menu" screen (page 56). Menu" screen (page 56). Start to cancel a registration of the Setup each item Security Code...

  • Page 72: Tv Setup

    5 Turns the Auto TP Seek function On or Off. "ON") 3 Returns to the "TV1 Area Set 1" screen. 4 Sets the present TV2 receiving area. 6 Returns to the "RDS Setup 1" screen. 7 Selects a display language for the PTY function. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 73: Bluetooth Setup

    Search for a Bluetooth unit 1 Sets cell-phone for Hands Free and Audio player for Bluetooth Audio. 2 Sets the PIN code of this unit (DNX5240BT only) or KCA-BT200 to enter when registering (pairing) from the cell-phone or audio player side.

  • Page 74: Registering Bluetooth Unit Pin Code

    Returns to the previous screen. Registering Bluetooth Unit PIN Code Enter PIN code Sets the PIN code of this unit (DNX5240BT only) or KCA-BT200 to enter when registering (pairing) Enter the PIN code specified for the Bluetooth from the cell-phone or audio player side.

  • Page 75: Registering Special Bluetooth Unit

    Bluetooth Unit Connection Registering Special Bluetooth Unit Selects the Bluetooth unit to connect. Registers Special Bluetooth unit that results in error by normal operation by selecting from Display the Connect Device List screen model name. Display the Special Device List screen Select a registered Bluetooth unit Select a model name 1 Displays the registered Bluetooth unit.

  • Page 76: Deleting Bluetooth Unit

    Select a Bluetooth unit to delete 1 Displays the software keycode. 2 Displays the software version. 3 Displays the Bluetooth firmware version. 4 Uses for Bluetooth firmware update. (DNX5240BT only) Delete the Bluetooth unit Confirm deleting of Bluetooth unit DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 77: Setup Memory

    Setup Memory Memorize or recall the settings Audio Setup and AV Interface settings can be When memorizing the Audio Setup and AV memorized. The memorized settings can be Interface settings: recalled at any time. For example, even when the settings are cleared due to replacement of the battery, the settings can be restored.

  • Page 78: Audio Control

    6 Displays the present source information. The stream (Dolby Digital, dts, Linear PCM, MPEG, MP3, WMA or AAC) is displayed. 1 Switches to the selected Audio Control screen. 7 Returns to the "Audio Control 1" screen. 8 Adjusts the subwoofer volume. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 79: Equalizer Control

    9 Adjusts the volume of the present source Equalizer Control based on the difference level of original You can set up the equalizer. volume. ⁄ Display Equalizer Control • If you have increased the volume first, then reduced the Touch in the "Audio volume using the "Vol.

  • Page 80: Tone Setup

    - <Audio Setup> (page 56) and <Equalizer Control> (page 79) are not available. - When "DVD" or "USB" is selected as the front source, the rear source can be selected from "Front" (same source as front), "iPod" or "VIDEO", etc. When the rear source is DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 81

    set to "Front", "DVD" or "USB", the same source screen or control screen is displayed in the rear monitor. See <AV Interface Setup> (page 62). English...

  • Page 82: Remote Controller

    Remote Controller For DDX5054/DDX54R : This unit can be operated using the Remote Controller (RC-DV340) supplied with this unit. For DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024 : Optional Remote Controller KNA-RCDV330 is designed for controlling this unit. ¤ • Put the Remote Controller in a place where it will not move during braking or other operations. A dangerous situation could result, if the Remote Controller falls down and gets wedged under the pedals while driving.

  • Page 83: Common Operations (aud Mode)

    Common operations (AUD mode) Cursor key Moves the cursor when displaying menu. Source switching Switches to the source to be played. AUD• DVD• ENTER T V• DISP V.SEL − OPEN MODE FNC/PBC TOP MENU MENU DVD SETUP RETURN AUDIO SUBTITLE ANGLE ZOOM ENTER...

  • Page 84: Dvd/vcd/cd/audio Files (dvd Mode)

    Returns to the DVD top menu. Title number DISP V.SEL Chapter number MODE FNC/PBC TOP MENU MENU DVD SETUP RETURN Play time AUDIO SUBTITLE ANGLE ZOOM Item number* Cancel * You may not be able to use this function with some discs or scenes. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 85: Tv (tv Mode)

    TV (TV mode) DVD Menu Displays the DVD menu. Switching Band/Video Turns the playback control on or off while playing It switches between the station of the TV band to VCD. receive and video input. DISP V.SEL MODE FNC/PBC TOP MENU MENU DVD SETUP RETURN...

  • Page 86: Radio (aud Mode)

    Numeric keypad 2 ZONE R.VOL PQRS WXYZ CLEAR DIRECT • To use preset tuning, press the number of a programmed broadcast station. ( – • Press the direct tuning key first, then specify the frequency of the station to receive. DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 87


  • Page 88: Dvd Language Codes

    Yoruba French (Afan) Oromo Frisian Chinese Oriya Irish Zulu Punjabi Scots Gaelic Polish Galician Pashto, Pushto Guarani Portuguese Gujarati Quechua Hausa Rhaeto-Romance Hebrew Kirundi Hindi Romanian Croatian Russian Hungarian Kinyarwanda Armenian Sanskrit Interlingua Sindhi Interlingue Sangho Inupiak Serbo-Croatian Indonesian DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 89: Help? Error

    Remove the USB device. ➡ Eject the disc and try inserting it again. Contact Authorization Error: the Kenwood dealer if this indicator continues Connection to the iPod has failed. blinking or the disc cannot be ejected. ➡ Remove the iPod and then reconnect it.

  • Page 90: Help? Troubleshooting

    A source control screen is displayed in front. ☞ Update the navigation software. For how to <AV lnterface Setup> (page 62) update the software, refer to the instruction manual of the navigation unit. "AV-OUT Graphic Output" of <AV Interface Setup> is set to "Black". DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

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  • Page 92: Specifications

    Disc Format : DVD-Video/ VIDEO-CD/ CD-DA MW tuner section Sampling Frequency : 44.1/ 48/ 96 kHz Frequency Range (9 kHz) : 531 kHz – 1611 kHz Quantifying Bit Number : 16/ 20/ 24 bit Usable Sensitivity : 25 μV DNX5240BT/DNX5240/DDX5024/DDX5054/DDX54R...

  • Page 93

    Dimensions (W × H × D) Treble : 10 kHz ± 10 dB : 182 × 112 × 158 mm Operational Temperature Range Bluetooth section (DNX5240BT only) : -10 °C – +60 °C Storage Temperature Range Technology : -20 °C – +85 °C : Bluetooth Ver.1.2 Certified...

  • Page 94: About Divx

    The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Kenwood Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

  • Page 95

    1999/5/CE qui Slovensko lui sont applicables. S tem Kenwood izjavlja, da je ta DNX5240BT v skladu z osnovnimi zahtevami Deutsch in ostalimi ustreznimi predpisi Direktive 1999/5/EC. Hiermit erklärt Kenwood, dass sich dieser DNX5240BT in Übereinstimmung mit...

  • Page 96

    This Product is not installed by the manufacturer of a vehicle on the production line, nor by the professional importer of a vehicle into an EU Member State. Information on Disposal of Old Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Batteries (applicable for EU countries that have adopted separate waste collection systems) Products and batteries with the symbol...

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