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Kenwood CMOS-310 Instruction Manual page 5

Universal multi-view camera/universal rear view camera
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Adjust the camera angle so that the rear part
of the vehicle or the rear bumper is visible at
the bottom of the monitor screen.
Vehicle rear part or bumper
When adjusting the camera angle, be careful not to stretch
the camera cord.
After adjusting the camera angle, tighten the
retaining screws fi rmly.
Inspect the retaining screws at times. If they are loose,
tighten them fi rmly.
Perform the operations in "Camera Setting"
(page 8). (CMOS-310 only)
If an adjustment is not possible in the currently available
range, change the camera position before retrying.
Fix the camera fi rmly in position.
Peel off the paper liner from the double-side adhesive tape
on the camera bracket and attach it. After attaching, push the
camera bracket with your fi nger to ensure close adhesion.
Do not touch the adhesive surface with your hand or peel and
reattach an attached tape, as these will degrade the adhesive
force and may cause the camera bracket to be detached. If
required, secure the bracket on the vehicle body using the
camera bracket clamping screw.
Camera bracket clamping screw
(M3 X 8mm)
Installing the Switch Unit
(CMOS-310 only)
Clean the switch unit installation surface.
Using a commercially available cleaner, wipe dirt, moisture
and oil away from the surface on which the switch unit is to
be attached.
Attach double-side adhesive tape on the
bottom of the switch unit and then attach it in
an easy-to-operate position, for example near
the dashboard on the driver seat side.


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