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Filter Assembly - Pullman Holt 45 Operation & Care Instructions

Dry vacuum cleaner
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CAUTION: This unit is for dry pick up only. Liquid pick
up may damage the unit and invalidate your warranty.

Filter Assembly

The model 45HEPA-D vacuums equipped with
HEPA fi lters do not utilize the following items from
the spare parts list:
B703054 Float
B701885 Filter Ring
B701903 Float Cage
B701904 Cloth Filter
B527094 Squeegee Tool
HEPA Filter
Secondary Filter
Retaining Groove
Rubber Band
Secondary Filter
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Filter Maintenance:
If the vacuum cleaner begins to show a loss of performance
replace the paper collection bag. If the loss of performance
has not improved clean or replace the cloth secondary fi lter.
To install the cloth secondary fi lter place the cloth fi lter bag
over the barrel of the HEPA fi lter taking care to cover the
secondary fi lter retaining groove with the cloth fi lter bag.
Work the rubber band up the outside of the cloth fi lter bag
and place it in the secondary fi lter retaining groove. If the
performance still has not improved it may be time to replace
the HEPA fi lter.
The HEPA fi lter is a sealed unit and can not be cleaned.
Periodically make a visual inspection of the filter for
excessive amounts of debris. If the fi lter media appears to be
clogged, has a hole, or has changed color (the media should
be white) replace with a new HEPA fi lter.
HEPA Filter System:
Description: The air seal gasket between the canister and the
motor head forms a positive air seal.
• The paper fi lter bag provides primary fi ltration.
• The cloth fi lter provides secondary fi ltration.
• The HEPA fi lter provides the fi nal fi ltration.
Disposable Bag Changing:
The recommended bag replacement procedure is as follows:
1. Remove the motor head from the unit.
2. Tape a 6 mil. poly bag over the can rim so that the paper
bag is completely enclosed.
3. Using the poly bag as a glove disengage the paper bag
from the can vacuum inlet system.
4. Seal the poly bag securely and dispose of as prescribed
by law.
5. Attach a new paper bag securely to the can inlet.
6. Replace the motor head and secure the clamps.
7. Thoroughly vacuum the work area to recover any dust
that may have been dropped.