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Samsung DIGIMAX A403 User Manual

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 Samsung Camera take no responsibility for a ny loss or d amage that may result from camera malfunction.
  • Page 3 : CAUTION indicatesa potentially hazardous situation which, if not avoided, may : DANGER indicates an imminently hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result indeath or serious injury. result in a minor or moderate injury. • Do not attemptto mod_ this camer_,_n @_vTa_. T his may resultin fire,injury,electhc •...
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    • Using the camerabuttons to adjust • Startingplay mode ....• Setupmenu ......ii!iiiiiiiiii ! i ii the camera ......• File name ......... • Playingback a still image .... 33 • Power button ......• System chart ......• Playingback a movie clip .... 34 •...
  • Page 5 Please check that you have the correct contents before using this product. The contente can vary depending on the eates region. To buythe optional For Windows equipment, contact your nearest Samsung dealer or Samsung service centre. • PC with processor better than MMX < Included items >...
  • Page 6: Self-Timerlamp

    Shutter button Power button Microphone Self-timerlamp Lens Focusring...
  • Page 7: Camera Status Lamp

    Camera status lamp M(Mode) button Zoom W button (Thumbnail) Zoom Tbutton (Digital zoom) Strap eyelet LCD monitor 5function button USB connection port __ Play mode button Tripod Socket...
  • Page 8: Mode Icon

    g Seff-timer lamp Icon Status Description - For the first 7 seconds, the lamp blinks at 1 second intervals. Blinking Battery chamber cover --ql - Forthefinal3 seconds, t he lampblinks quickly at 0.25-second i ntervals, Blinking Forthe 2 seconds,the lamp blinks quicklyat 0.25-secoodintervals. A picture will be taken after about 10 seconds and 2 seconds Blinking latera second picture will be taken.
  • Page 9: Memorycard

    •You can u se batteries only to provide the c amera with power. •Insert the b attery as shown • We r ecommend using batteries for a digital camera (Within ayear from t he d ate -If t he c amera does not turn on after of m anufacture).
  • Page 10 (formatting)or reading. •Repeated use of t he m emory card will eventually reduce the m emory card's • Samsung cannot be held responsible for lost data. performance. Should this be the c ase, you will need to purchase anew m emory •...
  • Page 11 iWhen using a24(Approx. 8)MB memory, the s pecified shooting capacity will be as follows. These figures are a pproximate as image capacities can be affected by variables such as subject matter. Recorded image size S. FINE FINE NORMAL 24FPS 15FPS *5M (2580x1920) •The camera can u se SD Memory...
  • Page 12 • The LCD monitor displays information about the shootingfunctions and Description Icons Page selections. i'_l _ _'_]_ _I [_ 3.12_15 Recording mode P'_ O [] [] m _] ® Battery Continuous shot [_ AEB p.32 Flash _A ® _ _S _) p.18~20 Self-timer p.20...
  • Page 13: Selected

    gYou can select the d esired working mode by t he M (mode) button located on the •Changing the r ecording mode :If t he [ STILL &MOVIE] menu was selected back of t he c amera and [MODE], [MODE SET] menu.
  • Page 14: Hew To Use The Auto Mode

    • Changing the recording mode : if the [FULL] menu was selected • How to use the Auto mode Steps from 1-4 are the same as those for selecting the [MODE) menu. Use this for shooting basic stillimages. 5. The recording mode used just before wilI display. 1.
  • Page 15: Howto Use The Programmode

    • How to use the Scene modes • Pausingwhile recording a movie clip (Successive Recording) This camera allows you to temporarily stop during unwanted scenes, while Usethe menu to easily configure optimal settingsfor a variety of shooting situations. recording a movie clip. Using this function, you can record your favourite scenes into a movie clip without having to create multiple movie clips.
  • Page 16: How To Use The Voice

    •How to use the V OICE RECORDING mode • Pausingwhile recording a voice recording A voice recording can be recorded for a s long as t he a vailable recording time of This camera allows you to temporarily stop during unwanted recording,while the m emory capacity allows.
  • Page 17: Normal Focus Mode

    • Normal( _ ) focus mode • The recording mode function can be set up by using the camera buttons. The focus range is t.0m~infinity. No icons will display on the LCD monitor when you select this focus mode. ÷ To prevent the image from being dim maintain the focus range at 1.0m _ infinity.
  • Page 18 • If t he m enu is not displayed, this button works • WIDE Zoom the D IGITAL ZOOM button. Digitalzoom WIDE :When the digital zoom is inoperation, pressing the ZOOM W button wilIreduce the digital zooming in steps. Releasing ZOOM W button stops digital zooming.
  • Page 19 • White the menu is showing, press the UP button to move up the sub menu • While the menu is showing, press the DOWN button to movefrom the main cursor. When the menu is not displayed on the LCD monitor,the UP button menu to a sub menu or to rnovedown the sub menu cursor.
  • Page 20 • Rash mode indicator Menutab Flash mode Description If the subject or background is dark, the camera flash will Auto flash operate automatically. Auto & If a subject or background is dark, the camera flash wilt Red eye work automatically and will reduce the red-eye effect by reduction using the red-eye reductionfunction.
  • Page 21 •Available flash mode, by r ecording mode • Selecting the self-timer 1. Select the MOVIE CLIP or STILL IMAGE mode by pressingthe mode button. 2. Press the SELF-TIMER( _ ) button until the desired mode indicatordisplays on the LCD monitor. A 10 second 2 second or double self-timer icon appears on the LCD monitor.
  • Page 22 • MENU button • You can select the desired recording mode. The selectable recording modes are differentfrom what you selected sub menu - When you press the MENU button, a menu related to each camera mode wilt in the ]MODE] menu. be displayed on the LCD monitor.
  • Page 23 • How to use the mode button : In case of [FULL] sub menu and Auto mode • It is possible to add special effectsto your images by using this button. • Still image mode : You can select the colour, focus, composite and frame menus. Movie clip mode : You can select the colour menu.
  • Page 24 •By u sing the c amera's digital processor, itis pcesibIe to add special effects •You can make the s ubject stand out from i ts s urroundings. The subject will be your images sharp and in focus while making the r est out of f ocus. 1.
  • Page 25 •You can combine 2~4different shots in a still image. 1. P ress the E button in the p rogram mode. 2. S elect the _ menu tab b y p ressing the L eft/ Right button. 3. S elect adesired sub menu by pressing the U p/...
  • Page 26: Button

    •You can add 9types of f rame-like borders to astill image you want to capture. •You can use the 4 -/- button to adjust the v alues for the R GB, ISO, white balance and exposure compensation. 1. P ress the E button in the p rogram mode.
  • Page 27 • tSO :You canselect the tSO sensitivity when taking pictures. • White balance : The white balance control allows you to adjust the colours to The speed or specific light-sensitivityof a camera is rated by ISO numbers. appear more natural. •...
  • Page 28: White Balance

    •Using the C ustom White Balance • Exposure compensation :This camera automatically adjusts the exposure White balance settings may vary slightly depending on the s hooting according to the ambient lighting conditions. environment. You can select the m ost appropriate white balance setting for a...
  • Page 29: Mode

    •You can u se the m enu on the L CD monitor to set up recording functions, inany Menutab Mainmenu Submenu Csmeraworki%mode Page mode with the e xception of V OICE RECORDING mode, pressing the M ENU button displays the m enu on the L CD monitor.
  • Page 30: Mode Set

    1. T urn on the c amera and press the M ENU button. A menu for each camera • You can select the d esired working mode by the M (Mode) button located on the mode appears. However, there is no menu for V oice Recording mode...
  • Page 31: Size

    •You can select the d esired recording mode. •You can s elect the i mage size appropriate for y our application. [AUTO] :For shooting basic still image Mode STILL IMAGE mode MOVIE CLIP mode [PROGRAM[ :You can manually configure functions. Icon [MOVIE] :For taking...
  • Page 32 • You can selectthe compression ratio appropriate for your application of the • If you cannot obtain suitable exposure conditions,you can change the metering captured images. The higher the compression ratio the lower the picture method to take brighter pictures. quality.
  • Page 33 •Select the n umber of p ictures incontinuous shooting. •You can a djust the s harpness of t he p icture you want to take. You cannot check the s harpness effect -[SINGLE[ :Take one picture only the L CD monitor before you take apicture, because...
  • Page 34 •In any mode with the e xception of V OICE • tf the memory card is inserted in the camera, all the camera functions apply only RECORDING mode, you c an check the r ecording to the memory card. status in the L CD monitor.
  • Page 35: Playingback A Movie Clip

    Movie clip capture function : capture stillimages from the movie clip. How to capture the movie clip ® Steps 1-3 are the same as those for playing back a movie clip 4. Press the Play/Pause button while playing the movie clip. Then press the E button. [Paused] 5.
  • Page 36 • TheLCDmonitordisplays shooting i nformation a bout t hedisplayed image. • tn Play mode,you can use the buttons on the camera to conveniently set up the Play mode functions. --(7) oYou can view multiple pictures,enlarge a selected picture, and crop and save a selected area of an image.
  • Page 37 • The maximum enlargement rate inproportion to the image size. • image enlargement 1. Select an image that you want to enlarge and Imagesize press the enlargement button. Max e'u_' en argeme rae X7.1 X6.4 X5.0 X2.0 2. Differentparts of the image can be viewed by * A503 only pressingthe 5 function button.
  • Page 38 •When the m enu is displayed on the L CD monitor, pressing the U P button makes • In play mode, the play & pause/down button works as follows: the m enu cursor move - If the menu is displayed •When the m enu is not displayed...
  • Page 39: Delete Button

    • This deletes images stored on the memory card. • Deleting Images in Play Mode 1. Selectan image that you want to delete by pressingthe LEFT/RIGHT button and press the DELETE( t_' )button. 2. A message will display as shown alongside on the LCD monitor.
  • Page 40 • PLAY mode functions can be changed by using the L CD monitor. In the P LAY Menu _b Main menu Sub menu Secondary menu Page mode, pressing the M ENU button displays the m enu on the L CD monitor. SELECT menus you can set up in Play mode...
  • Page 41 • This menu is available while the camera is connected to a PictBridge supporting Menu tab Main menu Sub menu Secondary menu Page printer (directconnection to the camera, sold separately) with a USB cable. AUTO Sub menu Menutab Main menu Secondary menu Page PLAIN...
  • Page 42 R Images can be displayed continuously at p re-set intervals. You can view the • Setting play interval: Set the slide show play interval slide show by c onnecting the c amera to an external monitor. 1. Use the Up/Down buttons to salect the 1.
  • Page 43: Resize

    • You can rotate the stored images by various degrees. • Change the resolution (size) of pictures taken. Select [USER IMAGE] to save an image to be the start-up image. The resized image wilt have a new file name. 1. Press the play mode button and press the menu button.
  • Page 44: Protecting Images

    •This is used to protect specific shots from b eing accidentally erased (LOCK). •Of all the f iles stored in the m emory card, the u nprotected files in the D CIM It a lso unprotects images that have been previously protected (UNLOCK).
  • Page 45 • DPOF(Digital Print Order Format) allows you to embed printing information on • Images (exceptfor movie clips and voice file) are printed as index type. your memory card's MISC folder. Select the pictures to be printed and how many Indextype will place a number of images as thumbnails on a single sheet. prints to make.
  • Page 46 •You can specify the p rint size when printing images stored on the m emory card. • This enables you to copy image files to the memory card. The [PRINT SIZE] menu is available only for DPOF c ompatible printers. •...
  • Page 47 • You can use the USB cable to connect this camera to a printer that supports • Select pictures to print PictBridge (sold separately) and print the stored images directly. Movie clips and 1. Usethe LEFT and RIGHT buttonsto select the voice files cannot be printed.
  • Page 48 •AUTO •The menus you can set up are a s follows: 1. U se the L EFT and RIGHT buttons to select Menu Function Sub menu [AUTO SET] menu tab. 2. U se the U P and DOWN buttons to select SIZESetting the s ize of t he p rinting AUTO, POSTCARD,...
  • Page 49 • Printing Pictures • DPOF PRINT : This allows you to directly print the flies with DPOF information. 1. Use the LEFT and R{GHTbuttons to select the 1. Usethe LEFT and RIGHT buttonsto select the [PRIN]] menu tab. [DPOF PRINT] menu tab. 2.
  • Page 50 R In this mode, you can set up basic settings. You can use the s etup menu in all Menu tab Main menu Sub menu Secondary menu Page camera modes, except Voice Recording mode. The items indicated are d efault settings.
  • Page 51: File Name

    [ File name ] [ Auto power off] • This function allows the u ser to select the f i{e n aming format. ==This function switches the camera off after a set amount of time in order to • Assigning File Names prevent unnecessary battery drainage.
  • Page 52: Formattinga Memory

    [ Setting up the Date/ Datetype ] [ Formatting a memory ] • Thisis usedforformatting thememory, t f yourun[FORMA_onthememory, • You can change the date that will be displayed on the captured images and set all images already inthememory, i ncluding protected images, w iltbedeleted. up the date type.
  • Page 53: Imprintingthe Recordingdate

    [ Imprintingthe recordingdate ] [ BEEP • There is an option to include DATE/TIME on still • If you set the operation beep to ON, various beeps will be activated for camera startup, when buttons are pressed, so that youcan be aware of the camera images.
  • Page 54: Initialisation

    [ Initialisation] • You can select the image that is first displayed on the LCD monitor whenever the camera is turned on. • All camera menu and function settings will be restored to their default values. However, values for DATE, TIME and LANGUAGE will net be changed. •...
  • Page 55 Be sure to observe the following precautions! - This camera is not waterproof. To avoid dangerous electricalshocks, never hold or operate the camera with wet hands. • This unit contains precision electronic components. Do not use or store this unit - If you use this camera in wet places, such as beach or pool, do not let water or in the following locations.
  • Page 56 Insert a new memory card - Take a picture for testingthe camera condition and prepareextra battery. Delete unnecessary image files to free up some memory - Samsung cannot be held responsiblefor camera malfunctions. NO IMAGE! • There are no images stored on the memory...
  • Page 57 FILE ERROR! The camera power ceases while in use • Fileerror • The battery are exhausted Insert fresh batteries Formatthe memory card • Memory card error • The camera is turned off automatically Contact a camera service centre Turn on the camera power again. LOW BAlqERY! Battery quickly loses power •...
  • Page 58 Tire camera suddenly stops working while in use The images don't play back • Incorrect file name (Violation of DCF format) . The camera was stopped due to a malfunction Remove/re-insert battery and switch the camera on Do not change the image file name Tire images are unclear Colour of image is differentto the original scone - An incorrect focus mode is selected•...
  • Page 59 = Image Sensor = Effect : Color: Normal, B&W, Sepia, Negative, Red, Green, Blue, RGB, - Type : 1/2.5"COD HigNight, Composite, Photo Frame = White Balance : Auto, Daylight, Qoudy, Sunset, Fluorescent (R) Fluorescent (L), Effective Pixels Approx50 Mega-pixel A503 Approx40 Mega-pixel A403 Tungsten Custom...
  • Page 60 • Copyrightsfor software are licensed only for use with a camera• ÷ These figures are measured under Samsung's standard conditions and may • In the unlikely event of a manufacturing fault, we will repair or exchange your vary depending on shooting conditions and camera settings.
  • Page 61 After this has been done, the stored images in the camera can be moved to the PO and can be edited by an image editing program. Before connecting the c amera to the g You can visit the Samsung web-site through the internet. PO, you should first install the c amera driver. : English...
  • Page 62 3. After restartingthe computer,connectthe camera to your PC withthe USB cable. 4. Tum the camera power on. The [Found New Hardware Wizard] will open and the computer will recognise the camera. ÷ tf your OS is Windows XP, an image viewer program will open.
  • Page 63 • Ifyou connect the U SB cable to aUSB port on your PC and then turn on the • Downloading stored images power, the c amera wilt automatically switch to "computer connection mode". You can download the s tilI images stored on the c amera to your PC's hard disk...
  • Page 64: Windows 98Se

    6. P ress the r ight mouse button and apop-up menu •Windows 98SE will open. Click [Paste]. 1. C heck whether the c amera and PC are transferring afile. tf t he c amera status tamp blinks, please wait until the l amp has finished blinking and is constantly 2.
  • Page 65 2. C heck whether the R emovable Disk is on the [ My Computer]. 3. R emove the [ Samsung Digital Camera[ on the D evice manager. 7. U nplug the U SB cable. 1. A USB Driver...
  • Page 66 - Folder names can be made in order of date and images will be downloaded. • To start the program, click [Start _ Programs _ Samsung _ Digimax Master]. - Folder name wilt be made as you want and images wiflbe downloaded.
  • Page 67 • Image viewer :You can v iew the s tored images. • Image edit : Youcaneditthestill i mage. iiiii ii_! iili! ! 67---_ _;iii - Image viewer functions are listed below. - Image edit functions are listed below. (_) Menu bar : You can select menus. ¢1)Edit menu : You can select the following menus.
  • Page 68 • Movie edit :You can combine astill image, movie clip, narration, and music files • Please check the f ollowing ifthe U SB connection malfunctions. together in asingle file. USB cable is not connected or i tis not the s upplied USB cable.
  • Page 69 When topen the D evice Manager (by clicking Start _ (Settings) When the DirectX 9.0 or later is not installed Control Panel _ (Performance and Maintenance) _System Install the DirectX 9.0 or later (Hardware) _ Device Manager), there are U nknown Devices or O ther f) tnsertthe CD provided with the camera...
  • Page 70 ! Declaration of Conformity Trade Name : SAMSUNG TECHWIN Model No. : DigimaxA503 Responsible Party :Samsung Opto-Electronics America, INC. Address : 40 Seaview Dr. Secaucus,NJ 07094 Telephone No. : 201-902-0347 This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to...
  • Page 71 TEL :(38) 1-4279-2%0 (freeforcalb fromUK only) FAX :(82}81-740-8398 FAX:(%} 1-48%-4510 vtc_'w samsu%camela aOM w_/sarr sungp/_oto I _ _ SAMSUNG OPTO-ELEOTRONI{£3 AMER/OAINC SAMSUNG OPTO-ELECTrIONICS G MBH HEADQUAMERS AU KRONBER0,ER HANG6 40SEAMIEW DR/VE,SECAUCUS, D-68824 SCH//VALBACR£SGERMA Y NJ07%4 USA TEL :@ (O) 6 19666 530,3...

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