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RCA CC4352 User Manual

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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 Important Safety Information Be sure to read all the safety information before you begin to use this product. WARNING" To reduce the risk of fire or shock hazard, do not expose camcorder or AC adapter/charger to rain or moisture. This symbol indicates "dangerous voltage"...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    We want to make sure you enjoy your new camcorder. If you have any questions, call: Camcorder Exchange Warranty ... 800-283-6503 (pages 74-75) Customer Service ........800-336-1900 (page 73) Accessories ..........800-338-0376 (pages 59-62) Safety Information ......Cassette Care and Storage .....
  • Page 4 Tape Counter with Tape Counter ......... Memory S top ....... Using theMemory-Stop Feature ...36 Tape W arnings (TAPE, Camera EditFeature ..... NOTAPE, and TAPE END)25 Creating aTitle ......Time and Date Display .... 25 Correcting anError ....Tape-Remaining Indicator ..
  • Page 5: First Time Operation

    This section describes the basic steps necessary to set up your camcorder to record. Refer to the other sections for detailed operation and feature options. Assistance The toll-free numbers are available to help you with any problem you may encounter. Camcorder Exchange Warranty ....
  • Page 6: Attaching

    Attaching the Adapter and Charger. To AC 50/60 Hz OUTPUT Jack Adapter/ Charger DC IN 9.6V Jack Since the battery must be charged before 2. Attach the other end of the cable it can be used the first time, attach the to the DC IN 9.6V jack on the adapter/charger to the camcorder.
  • Page 7 Inserting a Tape. Safety Tab STOP/EJECT Button Tape Windows Cassette _Cassette Door Press Here to Close 1. Press STOP/EJECTto open the 3. Press the cassette down gently cassette compartment. until it locks into place, and close the cassette compartment door. 2.
  • Page 8 Electronic Viewfinder (Grasp here to move.) Eyepiece__ Eyepiece F°cus f I-'4 ..Control OPEN _ IV01Itl Shoulder Button "_'_/I _l_l Extension Bright .._//_f-_10_ //_ad o.trol v Monitor Use the LCD Monitor or Viewfinder to See What's Recording. You can watch what you're recording on the LCD monitor or in the black-and- white viewfinder.
  • Page 9 RE C/PA USE Button Start and stop recording. • Press and release the REC/PAUSE button to start recording. REC appears in the viewfinder or on the LCD monitor, when the camcorder is recording. • Press and release the REC/PAUSE button again to stop recording. The camcorder is now in the record-pause mode ( II appears in the viewfinder or on the LCD monitor when the camcorder is in record-pause).
  • Page 10 REW/ PLAY RE VIE W Button CAMERA/ Button OFF/VCR RE C/PA USE Set the CAMERA/OFF/VCR 8. Play back what you have recorded. switch to OFF to turn off the camcorder. 1. Press the REC/PAUSE button to pause recording. Close the LCD monitor 2.
  • Page 11 11. Review camcorder's operating controls. DISPLAY Button RE W (Rewind)/RE VIE W Button (A! _o - Button) RESET Button PLAY Button DATE/TIME Button EFWD (Fast Forward) Button TITLER Button (Also + Button) CAMERA/ STOP_nJECT OFF/VCR (Also EDIT-AD Button) Microphone Lens Checks for Lens Hood details.)
  • Page 12 11. Review camcorder's operating controls. (continued) Built-In Speaker LCD Monitor OPEN Rechargeable Bright Battery Here tach Adapter/ Charger's Cord Here Volume INST. Control (Instant) FADE Shoulder ZOOM Button Extension Button DIGITAL EFFECTS Button BRIGHT and FOCUS Eyepiece Focus Controls (See Trouble Checks Shoulder Strap...
  • Page 13 Attaching the Shoulder Strap The camcorder's shoulder strap is designed to let you carry the camcorder from your shoulder and - when you are ready to shoot - bring the camcorder to shooting position in one quick movement. To Attach the Shoulder Strap 1.
  • Page 14: Adapter/Charger

    Use the Adapter/Charger to Power Your Camcorder The adapter/charger attaches to the camcorder and lets you power your camcorder directly from standard household power. The adapter/charger operates on 120 volts, 50/60 Hz, and can be used to power the camcorder or recharge the battery.
  • Page 15: Using The Battery

    Use the Battery to Power Your Camcorder Charge the Battery The battery must be charged before it can be used the first time. Initial charging takes approximately two hours. The camcorder's operating time depends on how often you turn the power on and off and how much you use the monitor, zoom, and pause.
  • Page 16: Attaching

    Use the Battery to Power Your Camcorder (continued) CAMERA/ OFF/VCR Switch BATTER Y EJECT Button Rechargeable Battery Hold Battery Flush and Slide Down Attaching the Charged Battery 3. Press and hold the small button on the If the DC cable is attached to the CAMERA/OFF/VCR switch while you camcorder, remove it before attaching...
  • Page 17: Battery Level Indicator

    Use the Battery to Power Your Camcorder (continued) Battery Level Indicator The battery level indicator appears in the viewfinder or on the LCD monitor and shows you the amount of power in the rechargeable battery. Battery Level Indicator Display in Viewfinder or on the LCD Monitor Note: If you can't see the battery level Notes: When you record using the recharge-...
  • Page 18: Battery Care

    Use the Battery to Power Your Camcorder (continued) Battery Care • Your battery will provide better service (35°C). You might damage the and longer performance if you charge battery if you use it at temperatures if before and after use, and store it at above 122°F (50°C).
  • Page 19: Car Cord Adapter

    Use the RCA Optional Car Cord Adapter The optional DCC096 car cord shown on page 50 allows you to power your camcorder from the cigarette lighter socket of a car, truck, or RV. it converts 12-volts to a 9.6-volt output.
  • Page 20: Using Videocassettes

    Make sure you select good quality tapes for your camcorder. Use of poor quality tapes or tapes that have been damaged or mishandled can contaminate the video heads, resulting in a snowy picture or no picture at all during playback. Because there is no control over the type of tape purchased...
  • Page 21: Insert And Remove Cassettes

    Insert and Remove Cassettes -Tab STOP/ EJECT Button Windows Press here to close. facing up and tape windows facing 1. Attach a power source to the out. Gently push the cassette down camcorder. until it locks into place. Press the STOP/EJECT button.
  • Page 22: Setting The Time And Date

    Setting the Time and Date You must set the correct date and time before it can be displayed and recorded on your tapes. The built-in clock cell must be charged as described on the nextpage. NOTE: If you leave the camcorder on for 10 minutes without a cassette inserted when the date has not been set or the built- in clock battery is dead, the camcorder demonstration mode will start.
  • Page 23: Charging The Built-In Clock Battery

    Record the Time and Date, A UTO Date, Auto TITLE, or Date The time and date, AUTO date, auto TITLE, date only, or no date can be recorded on your tape. Whenever one of these displays appear, it will be recorded. Selecting the Display to Record...
  • Page 24: Lcd Monitor Or Viewfinder

    Use the LCD Monitor or Viewfinder to See What You Record You can watch what you are recording on the LCD monitor or in the viewfinder. When the LCD monitor is open more than approximately 45 °, the viewfinder automati- cally turns off.
  • Page 25: Using The Viewfinder

    Using the Viewfinder The camcorder's viewfinder is a miniature monitor that displays the picture seen by the camcorder when recording. When the LCD monitor is open more than 45 °, the viewfinder automatically turns off. Viewfinder Eyepiece Adjusting the Viewfinder for Convenient Viewing For convenient...
  • Page 26: Lcd Monitor Or Viewfinder

    LCD Monitor or Viewfinder Displays O000M AE:60 ZM:2 INDEX I.ZOOM TAPE 10:30AM 11/18/1999 • Select ZM:2 to activate the extended AE:60 (Auto Exposure) Shutter Speed zoom mode - wide angle to 240 times Press the DISPLAY button to display the with instant zoom.
  • Page 27: Index Indicator

    INDEX Indicator • TAPE END flashes when there is Press the DISPLAYbutton to display this indicator when the camcorder is placing approximately five minutes an index mark on the tape. Details are on recording time left on the tape. page 28. •...
  • Page 28: Display Button

    DISPLA Y Button RE W/RE VIE W Button VCR Switch Zoom Buttons (T and IO DISPLAY Button Microphone The DISPLAY button lets you remove the The microphone picks up the sound battery level, steady pix, tape speed, tape during a recording. It is more sensitive to counter with memory stop, remaining sounds coming from the direction the lens tape display, index, fade, zoom and digital...
  • Page 29: Autoshot F Eature

    Auto Shot Feature 2. Position the subject in the center of the scene. The camcorder automatically adjusts Notes: Zooming is not possible when using focus, white balance, iris, shutter speed, macro-focus. To change the size of the and light according to the recording subject, move the camcorder lens closer or conditions.
  • Page 30: Electronic Indexing

    • When_l appears, allormost o f the tape remains. • _ and_- appear asthetape is being used. • When thetape isalmost atitsend, TAPE END flashes in the viewfinder or on the LCD monitor. INDEX Electronic Indexing Each time you begin recording (after the camcorder has been turned off for at least four hours), the camcorder automatically records an index mark at the beginning of...
  • Page 31: Zooming

    Zooming Press one of the zoom buttons to zoom in and out for close ups or wide-angle shots. Instant zooming immediately magnifies the picture 1.5 times. Zoom Buttons (T and W) ZOOM Button Using the Zoom Buttons (T and W) Using the Instant Zoom Button (INST.
  • Page 32: Digital Effects

    Digital Effects The camcorder has a digital processor that allows you to record using five special digital effects: 16X9, a negative image, 240 times digital zoom (with instant zoom), a symmetric mirror image, or a mosaic image. Each effect is described in detail on the next pages.
  • Page 33: 16X9 Mode

    Digital Effects (continued) 16X9 Mode The camcorder has a wide recording mode that lets you make recordings compatible with the 16X9 format. When 16X9 is activated, the camcorder records black bars at the top and bottom of the picture to produce the wide-screen effect. This is also known as "letterbox"...
  • Page 34: Negative Mode

    Digital Effects (continued) Negative Mode The camcorder has a negative mode that lets you turn the image negative. 1. Place the camcorder in record-pause. Press REC/PA USE to start recording. Make sure the displays appears in the To turn off negative recording, press viewfinder...
  • Page 35: Mosaic Mode

    Digital Effects (continued) Mirror Mode The camcorder has a mirror mode that lets you display a symmetric image on the left and right, obtained by placing a mirror at the center of the screen. Press REC/PA USE to start recording. 1.
  • Page 36: Fading I Nand Outofscenes

    Fading In and Out of Scenes You can add a professional touch to your recordings when you fade in and out of scenes. Both the picture and sound gradually appear or disappear. The speed of the fade is controlled by the camcorder. FADE Button Selecting a Type of Fade...
  • Page 37: Fade In

    Fade In and Out of Scenes (continued) Fade In Fade Out 1. Press REC/PAUSE to pause During recording, repeatedly press FADE to select a fade. recording. Repeatedly press FADE to select Note: The last fade used appears the first time you press FADE. the fade you want to use.
  • Page 38: Tape Counter

    Tape Counter The tape counter acts as a handy reference to help you locate tape segments. The memory-stop feature helps locate a certain point on the tape. When the tape counter appears, the tape stops automatically during rewind or fast forward when the tape counter reaches O000Mi REW/ DISPLAY...
  • Page 39: Camera Editfeature

    Editing Features The camcorder incorporates a complete package of advanced editing features to make it easy and fun to edit your home videos like a professional. The major features are described on the following pages. • Camera Edit • Titler RE W/RE VIE W CAMERA/OFF/ Button...
  • Page 40 Editing Features (continued) Titler The camcorder's built-in titler can store a title in memory. The created title can be displayed and recorded at any time. The built-in character register contains more than 45 different characters. Your title can contain up to 32 characters on two lines. - Button (Also RE W/RE VIE W Button) + Button...
  • Page 41: Creating Atitle

    Editing Features (continued) Titler (con_nued) Creating a Title See the chart below for the characters 1. Attach a power source to the available. camcorder. Press and hold the small red button on the CAMERA/OFF/VCR 5. After you have selected the first switch while you slide it to CAMERA.
  • Page 42: Recording Atitle

    Editing Features (continued) Titler (con_nued) Recording a Title on a Tape in the Camcorder Attach a power source to the Press REC/PA USE to start recording camcorder. Press and hold the small the title. red button on the CAMERA/OFF/ After you have recorded the title for VCR switch while you slide it to the desired length of time, press CAMERA.
  • Page 43: Recording Tips

    Recording Tips • Fading in and out of scenes makes • Try to make sure indoor scenes are your videos appear more professional. well-lit. This improves picture quality and color reproduction. • Learn to use the special digital effects available with your camcorder to add Do not move the camcorder...
  • Page 44 Use the LCD Monitor or Viewfinder for Playback You can watch tapes in color using the LCD monitor or black-and-white using the viewfinder. When the LCD monitor is open more than 45 °, the viewfinder automatically turns off. Close the LCD monitor, the viewfinder automatically turns...
  • Page 45: Toplaybackatape

    Use the LCD Monitor or Viewfinder for Playback (continued) To Play Back a Tape • To adjust the speaker volume, turn the volume control. 1. Attach a power supply. Note: The monitor may become warm Attach the adapter/charger, charged when left open for an extended period battery, or optional car cord.
  • Page 46: Playback F Eatures

    Playback Features RE W [ F.F WD RE VIE W Button CAMERA/ Button STOP/ OFF/VCR EJECT Switch Button 0000 ((IN)) REC/ PA USE Button Tape Positioning Stop-Action Pause Press the small red button on the • During playback, press REC/PAUSE CAMERA/OFF/VCR switch while you "stop the action"...
  • Page 47 Playback Features (continued) TRACKING Buttons (Also Wand Tracking During playback, streaks might appear in the playback picture. Press either TRACKING button (Wor 7) to move the streaks up or down and out of the picture. During stop-action playback, pressing Remove the tape to reset the tracking one tracking button might reduce picture its preset center.
  • Page 48: Playback Onatv/Vcr With A!Vjacks

    Playback on TV (or VCR) with Audio/Video Input Jacks To connect your camcorder to a TV monitor (or VCR) with audio/video in jacks, you need an optional audio/video cable such as VH83 shown on page 53. If your TV is already connected to a VCR, attach the camcorder...
  • Page 49: Playback Operation

    Playback Operation and How to Copy Tapes on the VCR 3. Press PLAY. Camcorder connected directly to TV: Turn on the TV and tune it to • During playback, use the playback the video input channel. features on pages 44-45. B.
  • Page 50 Playback on TV Without Audio/Video Inputs To connect your camcorder to a TV without audio/video inputs, you need an optional CRF95 RF output adapter and an optional coaxial RF cable, such as VH82 or VH90 shown on page 52. If your TV has A UDIO and VIDEO IN jacks (or is connected to a VCR), refer to pages 46-4 7.
  • Page 51: Playback Operation

    Playback Operation 1. Set the CH3/CH4 switch on the 4. Press PLAYon the camcorder. RF output adapter to channel • Turn the volume control on the or CH4. monitor down all the way to 2. Turn on the TV, and tune it to the same prevent picture distortion.
  • Page 52 Weinvite youtotake alookatsome g reat ideas forsparking creativity and adding t o thefunofusing your V HScamcorder. The following p ages have aselection of accessories tohelp make your m emorable moments lookand sound e ven better. These a ccessories aredesigned tomake theprocess ofrecording and watching your videos m ore enjoyable.
  • Page 53 EP096FS andEP096FL R echargeable Using the Optional AC093 Tripod Batteries Mounting the camcorder on a tripod, such as AC093, keeps the camcorder steady and produce excellent video results. This tripod's fluid-effect head provides smooth camera pan and tilt. The quick- release mount makes it easy to attach or remove the camcorder.
  • Page 54 CRF95 RF Output Adapter This RF output adapter is used with a coaxial RF cable, such as VH82 or VH90, to connect your camcorder to a standard TV (one without audio/video inputs) for playback. If your antenna cable is the flat twin-lead type attached by two screws, you need a 300-to-75 ohm transformer.
  • Page 55 VH54 Cable Transformer This 75-to-300 ohm transformer is used to connect a standard 75-ohm antenna cable (such as VH82 or VH90) to the 300 ohm screw terminals on a TV. VH83 Audio/Video Cable This six foot audio/video cable can be used to connect the camcorder to a TV...
  • Page 56 Removingthe Lens Hood Remove the lens hood so you can attach optional accessories, such as wide-angle lens, lens extenders, or lens filter kits. Attaching an Accessory Lens Attach the lens cap over the lens hood. 3. Turn the accessory lens clockwise into the camcorder's lens.
  • Page 57 Order Form for Camcorder Model CC4352 Total Qty. Part No. Price Description AC093 $ 59.95 Deluxe Tripod Soft Camcorder Case AC202 $ 49.95 AH25 2.95 Y-Adapter CPS014 $219.95 AC Adapter/Charger (100-240V) CRF95 $ 69.95 RF Output Adapter DCC096 $ 49.95 Car Cord Adapter EP096FL Rechargeable Battery (Extended)
  • Page 58 Charge your order on your VISA,MasterCard, or Discover Card by filling in below YOUR CREDIT CARD IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number from your VISA card 1[--'[--'_[--'[--'_[--'[--'_ Expiration date: [""_ [""_ IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number from your MasterCard I I I I II I I I II I I I II I I I I Copy Number above your name onMasterCard [ Expiration date: _...
  • Page 59 To order accessories, contact your local Dealer. Ifa dealer is not nearby, you can also follow the directions below to order by telephone or direct-by-mail. United States and Canada Orders To place your order by phone, have your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card ready and call the toll-free...
  • Page 60: Troubleshooting

    Before you take your camcorder to an Authorized RCA Camcorder Service Center or call a service person, use the chart below. Find the problem and try the adjustment(s) that is listed to the right.
  • Page 61 Sound is too low or • Subject was too far from camcorder. distorted Tape stops during • Whenever the tape counter appears, the camcorder will rewind or fast forward stop rewinding (or fast forwarding) when counter reads or will not operate O000Mi Press REW/REVIEW or EFWD...
  • Page 62 Date and/or timeor • Displays are recorded on tape whenever they appear titlewere recorded in the viewfinder or on the LCD monitor. Remove ontape them from the viewfinder or LCD monitor when recording. See pages 20-21. • When @ DATE or @ TITLE is selected, the display is automatically recorded when you begin recording or change the cassette.
  • Page 63 No or low sound Adjust the volume control on the side of the monitor. To hear sound during camcorder playback, use the monitor. during monitor There is no sound during viewfinder playback. playback Black bars on top 16X9 feature selected. See page and bottom of picture.
  • Page 64: Cleaning The Camcorder

    Cleaning the Camcorder To clean the camcorder's exterior, remove any power source connected to the camcorder and gently wipe it with a clean soft cloth. Cleaning the Lens To clean the camcorder's lens, blow it with a blower brush, and then gently wipe the lens with cleaning tissue and commercially prepared cleaning solution designed for use on camera lens.
  • Page 65: Proper Care And Storage

    If any component becomes wet, turn stick to the headwheel and damage the off the power and take the unit to an headwheel or tape. Authorized RCA Camcorder • Do not aim your camcorder at the sun Service Center. or other bright objects.
  • Page 66: Specifications

    General LCD Monitor Power requirement: 9.6VDC 3" diagonally measured Power consumption: LCD/TFT active matrix system LCD monitor on: 9 watts Viewfinder on: 7.5 watts Camera Section Weight: 4.7 lbs. (2.15kg) Scanning: 525 lines/60 fields/30 frames Image Sensor: 1/4" CCD Imager Lens: F1.4 Dimensions - Including...
  • Page 67: Customer Assistance And Service

    Thomson provides a toll-free telephone You can reach Thomson atthe number to help you with any problems you following number: may encounter with your camcorder. Many 800-283-6503 can be diagnosed over the phone, and if necessary, repair or replacement will be (Toll free inside U.S.A.) arranged.
  • Page 68 Whatyourwarranty covers: • Any defect in materials or workmanship. Visa account number and expiration date to our phone representative. This is for For how long after your purchase: security purposes. If we receive your unit, • 90 days for labor charges. excluding all accessories, within 14 days •...
  • Page 69: Warranty Information

    1900 for the Authorized RCA Camcorder Service Center nearest you. • This warranty does not apply. Contact your • Take your unit to the Authorized RCA dealer for warranty information. Camcorder Service Center of your choice. • Show the Authorized RCA Camcorder Service Center representative evidence of purchase date, such as a bill of sale.
  • Page 70: Index

    CAMERA/OFF/VCR switch 5, 9, 14, 15, 17, 20, 21, 26, 36, Accessories 37, 38, 39, 40, 42, 43, 44, 47, 49 included Car cord adapter Care and maintenance optional order form cleaning the camcorder viewfinder Adapter/charger accessory proper care and storage charging battery things to avoid...
  • Page 71 DCIN9.6Vjack 10, 12, 17 DigitalEffects 16X9feature31 Handstrap 4, 10 Digitaleffects30 Head cleaning DIGITALEFFECTS button 10, 24, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 Digitaleffects indicators24, 30 Important safety information Digitalzooming32 INDEX indicator 25, 28 DISPLAY button Indicators 9, 15, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 16X9 24, 31 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 36, 47 AE focus...
  • Page 72 Information to user Insert and remove cassettes OPEN button 6, 10, 22, 42, 43 INST ZOOM button 10, 29 Operating Controls Instant zooming Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons 9, 38 Operating controls LCDmonitor 6, 10 Optional accessories displays using to record Lens PLAY button Lens cap 4...
  • Page 73 Shoulder extension pad 6, 10 Shoulder strap Quick review feature attaching attachment rings SP speed 18, 43 Speaker REC indicator 7, 25 speaker, built-in REC/PAUSE button Specifications 7, 10, 31, 32, 33, 35, dO, d4, 47, 49 Speed Record-pause indicator recording and playback Recording...
  • Page 74 Tips recording Warnings 2, 25 Titler 38, 39, 40 chart of characters correcting errors creating a title 39 ZM:2 indicator 24, 32 record while copying a tape 40 ZOOM indicator recording Zoom buttons 10, 29 recording on a tape 40 ZOOM indicator 24, 25, 29 TITLERbutton...
  • Page 75 Note: This equipment has been type tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B Digital Device in accordance with the specifications in Part 15 of FCC Rules. These rules are designed to provide reasonable protection against radio and television interference in a residential installa- tion.
  • Page 76 _,,._ THOMSON CONSU MER ELECTRON ICS 10330 N Meridian Street Indianapolis, 46290 _:)1999 Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc, Trademark(s) @ Registered Marca(s) Registrada(s) Printed in Japan TOCOM 15331620 QR31043...

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