RCA CC432 User Manual

Rca camcorder user's guide.
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  • Page 1

    CC432 USER‘S GUIDE C A M C O R D E R...

  • Page 2: Important Safety Information, Product Registration

    To reduce risk of injury, charge only rechargeable batteries recommended by the manufacturer for this camcorder. Other types of batteries may burst causing damage and personal injury. CAUTION: Avoid operating this product immediately after moving it from a cold location to a warm location.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Assistance We want to make sure you enjoy your new camcorder. If you have any questions, call: Customer Service... 800-336-1900 Accessories... 800-338-0376 (Pages 46-53) Table of Contents Safety Information...i Product Registration...i Contents...1-2 First-Time Operation • Assistance...3 • Unpack Camcorder and Accessories ...3...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Recording Features • Quick Review...19 • Tape Positioning ...19 • Microphone ...19 • AI (Artificial Intelligence) ...19 • Program AE (Auto Exposure)...20 • Auto Focus ...20 • Macro Focus...20 • Electronic Indexing ...21 • Time Remaining Display ...21 •...

  • Page 5: Assistance

    • Save the box and packing materials in case you ever need to store or ship your camcorder. • The items shown below are packed with your camcorder. If any of them are missing or appear damaged, contact your dealer immediately.

  • Page 6: Attach The Adapter/charger

    • Attach one end of the adapter/charger’s DC cable to the DC OUTPUT jack on the DC IN 9.6V Jack on Back of Camcorder adapter/charger. • Attach the other end of the cable to the DC IN 9.6V jack on the camcorder.

  • Page 7: Turn On The Camcorder

    4. Turn on the camcorder. The position of the CAMERA / O F F / V CR switch tells the camcorder whether you want to record (CAMERA), play back tapes (VCR), or turn off the power (OFF). CAMERA/OFF/VCR Switch •...

  • Page 8: Insert A Cassette, Position Viewfinder And Adjust Eyepiece Focus Control

    • Grasp the viewfinder and rotate it horizontally. • Pull the viewfinder out from the camcorder and rotate the eyepiece into a comfortable viewing position. Caution: Pulling on the eyepiece may cause damage to the eyepiece or camcorder.

  • Page 9: Start And Stop Recording, Play Back What You Have Recorded

    You do not have to hold the button to record. Notes: If you do not record within five minutes, the camcorder will automatically shut off to prevent excessive tape wear. Press REC/PAUSE to turn on the camcorder.

  • Page 10: Operating Controls, Review The Camcorder's

    First-Time Operation 9. Review the camcorder’s operating controls. DISPLAY Button RESET Button DATE/TIME Button Viewfinder Microphone Light BRIGHT Control (Located Under Microphone) Lens Lens Hood REW (Rewind/Review) Button Also Title Select – Button TITLER Button CAMERA • O F F • V C R Switch...

  • Page 11: Review The Camcorder's, Operating Controls

    First-Time Operation 9. Review the camcorder’s operating controls. Shoulder Strap Attachment Ring BATTERY EJECT Lever DC IN 9.6V Jack Cassette Door REC (Record) /PAUSE Button Hand Strap with Lens Cap Holder Power Zoom Buttons (W and T) also TRACKING Buttons...

  • Page 12: Powering The Camcorder

    120 volts, 50/60 Hz, or the adapter/charger and camcorder may be damaged. If you wish to operate the AC adapter/charger on a power source other than 120 volts, 50/60 Hz, use only a transformer-type power converter.

  • Page 13: Using The Battery To Power Your Camcorder

    60 minutes of operating time (depending on how much you use zoom and pause). To extend the battery’s operation time, turn off the camcorder’s power when not in use. Plug in AC Outlet (120 V, 50/60 Hz) WARNING: LEAD- ACID BATTERY.

  • Page 14

    Powering the Camcorder Using the Battery to Power Your Camcorder CAMERA/OFF/VCR Switch BATTERY EJECT Lever Rechargeable Battery Hold Battery Flush and Slide Down Attach Charged Battery 1. Align reference arrow on battery with arrow on camcorder. Hold battery flush against camcorder while sliding it down in the direction of the arrow as shown.

  • Page 15: Safety Precautions

    Powering the Camcorder Using the Battery to Power Your Camcorder Battery Care • Your battery will provide better service and longer performance if you charge it before and after use, and store it at normal room temperature. • The battery should be charged at a temperature of 32ºF-95ºF (0ºC-35ºC) to...

  • Page 16: Battery Level Indicator

    However, the battery should have enough reserve power to eject the cassette when you press STOP/EJECT. If the camcorder does not eject the cassette when you press STOP/EJECT, do not force the cassette door open. This will damage your camcorder.

  • Page 17: Using The Optional Thomson Car Cord Adapter

    Powering the Camcorder Using the Optional Thomson Car Cord Adapter To power your camcorder from the cigarette lighter socket of a car, truck, or RV, you need the optional car cord adapter DCC096 shown on page 47. The DCC096 car cord is especially designed to convert power from a 12-volt battery to the 9.6-volt input jack on the camcorder.

  • Page 18: Recording And Playback Times

    Video Cassettes We recommend that our cassettes be used with your camcorder. Use of poor quality tapes or tapes that have been damaged or mishandled can contaminate the video heads, resulting in a snowy picture or no picture at all during playback. Because there is no control over the type of tape purchased or rented by consumers, head cleaning is not covered under warranty.

  • Page 19: Inserting And Removing Cassettes, Cassette Care And Storage

    • Do not use a cassette if it has been damaged or exposed to moisture. The tape may jam or damage the camcorder. • When you are finished recording, break off the safety tab on the cassette to prevent accidental erasure.

  • Page 20: Traveling Tips, Cassette Tips

    Write down your camcorder’s serial number and keep it separate from the camcorder when traveling. If your camcorder is lost or stolen, you will be able to identify it. Make sure you have any plug adapters you need before taking your camcorder to other countries.

  • Page 21: Quick Review, Tape Positioning, Microphone, Ai (artificial Intelligence)

    Tape Positioning When CAMERA/OFF/VCR is in VCR and the camcorder is in the stop mode, you can quickly fast-forward or rewind the tape. • Press F.FWD (fast forward) to fast forward the tape.

  • Page 22: Program Ae (auto Exposure), Auto Focus, Macro Focus

    (1/60, 1/100, 1/120, 1/180, 1/250, 1/350, Auto Focus The camcorder will focus on the subject in the center of the viewfinder. Auto focus operates on the telephoto “T” side from approximately 3.6 feet to infinity and on the wide-angle “W” side 3/8 of an inch from the lens surface to infinity.

  • Page 23: Electronic Indexing, Time Remaining Display

    Camcorder Features Electronic Indexing Each time you begin recording (after the camcorder has been turned off for at least four hours), the camcorder will automatically record an index mark at the beginning of the new recording. When you play back the indexed tape in a VCR that has a compatible indexing feature called “VHS Index Search System,”...

  • Page 24: Viewfinder

    Viewfinder The camcorder’s viewfinder is a miniature monitor that displays the picture seen by the camcorder when recording. The viewfinder also can be used for viewing the tape during playback. When carrying or storing the camcorder, return the viewfinder to the original position to prevent possible damage.

  • Page 25

    BRIGHT Control Viewfinder brightness can be adjusted by turning the BRIGHT control. This does not affect the picture actually recorded by the camcorder. Tilt Adjustment For convenient viewing, you can rotate the eyepiece about 225º degrees. Caution: Do not force the eyepiece to rotate completely around.

  • Page 26: Displays In Viewfinder

    AE ShutterSpeed AE:60 ZOOM Status AE (Auto Exposure) Shutter Speed The shutter speed selected by the camcorder appears here. It is not recorded on the tape. • Press DISPLAY to display the shutter speed. ZOOM The zoom level indicator appears when you press power zoom button T or W.

  • Page 27

    Time and Date Display • Press DATE /T IME repeatedly to display time and date, AUTO date, TITLE and date, date only, or no date display when the camcorder is in record pause. • These displays are recorded when they appear.

  • Page 28: Date And Time Display

    Date and Time Display Set the Time and Date DATE/TIME 1. Attach a power supply (battery or adapter/charger) to the camcorder. 2. Press and hold the small button on CAMERA/OFF/VCR and place in CAMERA. 3. Press DATE / T IME to display the date and time in the viewfinder.

  • Page 29

    Recording Date and Time, Date, or Date and Title on Your Tape The time and date, date only, or date and title can be recorded on your tape. Whenever one of the displays appears in the viewfinder, it will be recorded. The camcorder also has auto date and auto title features.

  • Page 30: Tape Counter With Memory Stop

    Tape Counter with Memory Stop The tape counter acts as a handy reference to help you locate tape segments. CAMERA/OFF/VCR RESET REW/REVIEW DISPLAY F.FWD REC/PAUSE...

  • Page 31

    Notes: Press DISPLAY to turn memory-stop feature on or off. Whenever memory stop is turned on, the camcorder will stop rewinding or fast forwarding when the counter reaches “0000M.” To continue rewinding or fast forwarding the tape, press REW (rewind) or F.FWD (fast forward) again.

  • Page 32: Zooming

    Zooming Using Power Zoom Buttons Power Zoom Buttons T = Telephoto W = Wide Angle Zoom Level Indicator When DISPLAY is pressed so the display appears in the viewfinder and the power zoom button is pressed, the zoom level is displayed in 10 steps for several seconds.

  • Page 33: Edit Search

    ProEdit Features ® ProEdit System The camcorder incorporates a complete package of advanced editing features to make it easy and fun to edit your home videos like a professional. The ® major ProEdit System features are described here and on the following pages.

  • Page 34: Titler

    ProEdit Features Titler CAMERA/OFF/VCR The camcorder’s built-in titler can store a title in memory. The created title can be displayed and recorded at any time. The built-in character register contains over 45 different characters for creating your titles. The title can contain up to 32 characters on two lines.

  • Page 35

    ProEdit Features To Create a Title 1. Attach a power source to the camcorder, press and hold the small button on CAMERA/OFF/VCR while sliding it to CAMERA. 2. Press TITLER to display titler graphics in the viewfinder. A flashing cursor will appear.

  • Page 36

    Recording a Title While Copying a Tape from Camcorder to Another VCR This method of adding titles lets you keep the original tape as it is, and add titles to the copy you are making on another VCR. Connect your camcorder to a VCR as shown on pages 38-39.

  • Page 37: Recording Tips

    This will help you respond quickly whenever you see a scene you want to record. Do not move the camcorder rapidly from side-to-side while recording. A steady, gradual “pan” avoids blurring and “jitter”. Use the viewfinder to make sure the camcorder is level while recording or your scenes will appear “tilted”.

  • Page 38: Viewfinder Playback

    2. Press and hold the small button on CAMERA/OFF/VCR while sliding it to VCR. 3. Press STOP/EJECT and insert the cassette you want to play back. Note: The camcorder can only play back tapes recorded at SP speed. REW (Rewind)/REVIEW CAMERA/OFF/VCR Switch in VCR position 4.

  • Page 39: Stop-action Pause, Tracking

    Caution: Pause is designed for momentary interruptions and should not be used for an extended period of time. If the camcorder remains in pause for more than five minutes, it will automatically remove the tape from the spinning heads to prevent excessive tape wear.

  • Page 40

    VH83 shown on page 48. If your TV is already connected to a VCR, you can attach the camcorder to the VCR and watch what the camcorder is recording or playing on the TV.

  • Page 41

    VCR. 2. Press and hold the small button on the camcorder’s CAMERA/OFF/VCR Watching What the Camcorder is Seeing or Recording on the TV 1. A. Camcorder connected directly to TV: Turn on the TV, and tune it to its video input channel.

  • Page 42: Audio And Video Inputs

    Playback on a TV Without Audio and Video Inputs To connect your camcorder to a TV without audio and video input jacks. You will need an optional RF output adapter (such as CRF95) and an optional coaxial RF cable (such as VH82 or VH85) shown on page 48.

  • Page 43

    Note: The camcorder can only play back tapes recorded at the SP speed. Watch What the Camcorder is Seeing or Recording on the TV 1. Turn on the TV and tune it to channel 3 or 4 (the same channel you selected with the CH3/CH4 switch on the RF output adapter).

  • Page 44: Color Enhancement Light

    • Place in ON to have the light turn on whenever CAMERA/OFF/VCR is in CAMERA. • Place in OFF to turn off the light. If the camcorder is left in record pause for more than five minutes, the power LIGHT AUTO/OFF/ON and light automatically turn off.

  • Page 45

    Color Enhancement Light Removing and Replacing the Front Case of the Light To Remove and Replace Light Case 1. To remove front case, press and hold the lower hook while removing it. 2. To replace the front case, pass the bulb through the hole of the reflection plate, and attach the lower hook to the light.

  • Page 46: Attaching The Shoulder Strap

    Attaching the Shoulder Strap The shoulder strap is designed to let you carry the camcorder from your shoulder and — when you are ready to shoot — bring the camcorder to shooting position in one quick movement. Cautions: When carrying the camcorder with the shoulder strap, place the viewfinder in its original position.

  • Page 47: Information To User

    Information to User This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device and RF lighting device, pursuant to Part 15 and part 18 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

  • Page 48: Specifications, Optional Accessories

    We invite you to take a look at some great ideas for sparking creativity and adding to the fun of using your camcorder. These pages have a selection of accessories to help make your memorable moments look and sound even better.

  • Page 49

    DCC096 DC (Battery) Car Cord CPS014 AC Adapter/Charger This DC car cord enables you to operate your camcorder from your car, truck, or RV by plugging the car cord directly into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Caution: Do not use any other car cord with this camcorder.

  • Page 50

    Optional Accessories VH83 Audio/Video Cable This six foot audio/video dubbing cable is used to connect your camcorder to a VCR or TV monitor to copy tapes. CRF95 RF Output Adapter This adapter is used with coaxial RF cable (VH82 or VH85) to connect your camcorder to a standard TV (one without audio/video input jacks) for playback.

  • Page 51: Removing The Lens Hood

    Attaching Accessory Lens Remove the lens hood as shown above. Turn the accessory lens clockwise into the camcorder’s lens. Make sure the lens is tightened firmly, but do not over tighten. All specifications and descriptions of accessories are subject to change without notice.

  • Page 52

    Mounting the camcorder on a tripod, such as AC093, will keep the camcorder steady and produce excellent video results. Caution: Before using a tripod, make sure it is stable enough to hold the camcorder without falling over. Do not transport the camcorder attached to the tripod.

  • Page 53: Accessory Order Form

    Accessory Order Form Order Form for Camcorder Models CC432 Description Soft Camcorder Case Deluxe Tripod Audio/Video Cable Cable Transformer RF Coaxial Cable (6-ft.) RF Coaxial Cable (12-ft.) Y-Adapter Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable Battery AC Adapter/Charger RF Output Adapter Car Cord 300-75 Cable Transformer...

  • Page 54

    Accessory Order Form USE YOUR CREDIT CARD IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number Copy Number above your MasterCard IMPORTANT: Copy complete account number Print or type your name and address clearly. This will be your mailing label. Name: Street: City:...

  • Page 55

    Accessory Order Form To order accessories, contact your local Dealer. If a dealer is not nearby, you can also follow the directions below to order by telephone or direct-by-mail. United States and Canada Orders To place your order by phone, have your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card ready and call the toll-free number listed below between 8AM and 8PM (EST) Mon.

  • Page 56: Care And Maintenance

    Things to Avoid Do not aim your camcorder at the sun or other bright objects or leave your camcorder in direct sunlight. Doing so could permanently damage the camcorder’s internal parts.

  • Page 57

    Cleaning the Camcorder’s Lens To clean the camcorder’s lens, blow it with a blower brush, and then gently wipe the lens with cleaning tissue and commercially prepared cleaning solution designed for use on camera lens.

  • Page 58: Trouble Checks

    Before you call or take your camcorder to an Authorized RCA Camcorder Servicenter, look below for the type of trouble you are experiencing. Then perform the simple checks and adjustments listed for that trouble.

  • Page 59

    If the picture contains black-and-white streaks, press one of the TRACKING buttons to correct. • Camcorder only has one speed (SP). If the tape was recorded on a different VCR at a different speed, it cannot be played back in this camcorder.

  • Page 60

    Checks and Adjustments • Make sure the date and time have been set. Details on page 26. • The camcorder’s internal clock battery may need recharging. Details on page 27. • Remove the power source. After one minute press the...

  • Page 61: Limited Warranty

    45 days from date of shipment to the rental firm, whichever comes first. What we will do: • Pay any Authorized RCA Camcorder Servicenter the labor charges to repair your camcorder. • Pay any Authorized RCA Camcorder...

  • Page 62: Attaching And Removing, Care And Storage

    BRIGHT Control ....23 Bulb Replacement,Video Light ..43 Camcorder, Cleaning ... . .55 Camcorder Operating Controls ..8-9 Camcorder, Powering .

  • Page 63: Audio/video In Jacks

    Trouble Checks ....56-58 Unpacking the Camcorder ..3 Using a Tripod ....50 Using Adapter/Charger .

  • Page 64

    Indianapolis address listed in this manual or on the carton. This will only add delays in service for your product. 10330 N Meridian Street Indianapolis, IN 46290 © 1996 Thomson Consumer Electronics, Inc. Trademark(s) ® Registered Marca(s) Registrada(s) Printed in Japan Part Number 96-CC432-1 QR14435...

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