This Video Cassette Recorder is based on the VHS format. Only video casselte tapes with the
mark may be used with this model.

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    ,,_ MITSUBISHI Video Cassette Recorder Owner's Guide __///_%" [vHs] This Video Cassette Recorder is based on the VHS format. Only video casselte tapes with the mark may be used with this model.

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    RISK OFELECTRIC SHOCK DONOT OPEN CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELE-CTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER (OR BACK). NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEl_. The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated...

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    VCR Lo Receive TV Important Safeguards ........ Channels ..........Preface Programming channe [s automatically .. 25 Welcome to Mitsubishi ....... Using video mute ........Unpacking Your VCR ........Adding and deleting c.hannels ....27 Selecting a channel ......... Chapter Using tile Audio and Video Functions ..

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    IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS PLEASE READ ALL THESE INSTRUCTIONS REGARDING YOUR VCR AND RETAIN FUTURE REFERENCE. FOLLOW ALL WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS MJkRKED ON THE VCR. Read Instructions ° All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the product operated. Retain Instructions °...

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    13. Power-Cord P rotection Power Lines Power-supply c ordsshouldberoutedso An outside antenna system should not be that they arenotlikely tobewalkedonor locat_d in the Vicinity of overhead power pinched by itemsplaceduponor against lines or other electric light or power them,payingparticularattentiontocords circuits, or where it can fall into such at plugs,convenience receptacles, andthe powe:r lines or circuits.

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    Important S afeguards PROTECTTHE POWERCORD Replacement Parts When replacement parts are required, Do not damage the power cord. Damage to the sure the service technician has used power cord may cause a fire or shock hazard. replacement parts specified by the manu- When unplugging the power cord, please hold facturer...

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    Welcome to Mitsubishi PREFACE Congratulations on your purchase of this Mit.,;ubishi Video Cassette Recorder. Your new VCR produces a high resolution VHS picture and is designed for easy operation. Your owner's guide has been designed with easy-to-follow expla- nations and directions.

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    CHAPTER Getting to Know YourVCR Now that you have unpacked your player and read through safety information, it's time to become familiar with the buttons and controls. If you are experienced with using VCRs, you may just want to glance at this section and refer to it later.

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    ® (2) fluorescent display channel buttons (CHANNEL) Seethe nextsection. Press these buttons to change channels. Also use these buttons to adjust tracking ® remote control sensor and picture vibration. This receives signals from the remote control. Do not block it. record button (REC/OTR)

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    Chapter 1: Gettingto KnowYourVCR ® display button (DISPLAY) Overviewof the RemoteControl Press this button to display the following information on the television: • how much time has elapsed on the current tape, • the channel numbe: you are watching, • the source that is supplying the VCR with a signal, •...

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    © quick program button (QUICK PRO- play, stop and enter button (PLAY/ GRAM) STOP, ENTER) This button allows you to program your Press this button to play a tape and press VCR more quickly and easily. When you again to stop the tap_. Also press to stop press this button,...

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    Connecting Y ourVCR CHAPTER Now that you're familiar with some of your VCR's features, you're ready to connect the antenna and the television. You won't have to complete all of the connections you see in. this chapter -- make only those connections that apply to your equ:[pment.

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    connecting cablewitha cablebox,if all channels arescrambled If your cable system scrambles all of its channels, follow the directions below to connect your cable box t(, your VCR: Disconnect the cable box from the TV. Connect the cable coming from the cabh! box to the AN- TENNA IN terminal on *_heback of your VCR.

  • Page 14: Connecting Other Antennas

    Chapter 2: Connecting YourVCR Connecting theAntenna or Cableto theVCR(cont.) Connect the fourth coaxial cable to the "OUT" terminal on the A/B switch. Connect the other end of this cable to the "AN- TENNA IN" terminal on your VCR. When you are finished, go to page 14, "Connecting the Televi- sion."...

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    Insert lead under screws Wrap each exposed end of wiI:e once or twice around the screw shanks of the adapter (or insert the clips under the screw heads). Tighten the screws. and tighten, Push the adapter firmly onto the antenna terminal on the VCR labeled...

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    Chapter 2: ConnectingYourVCR ConnectingtheAntenna or Cabletothe VCR(cont.) UHFAntenna VHF Antenna Flat Twin Lead Flat Twin Lead Ohm Coaxial Cable Combiner 300-75 Ohm Adapter Connecting the Television Now that you have completed the antenna connections to your VCR, you're ready to connect the VCR to the TV.

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    Connectingan older TV to the VCR Take the black cable (called a coaxial c_:ble) that is supplied with your VCR and attach it to the terminal labeled TENNA OUT on the back of your VCR. Connect the other end of this cable to the terminal on your TV labeled ANTENNA IN.

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    Chapter 2: Connecting YourVCR Connecting theTelevision (cont.) Connect a single yellow video cable to the VIDEO OUTPUT terminal labeled VIDEO OUT on the V_JE. Connect the other end of the video cable to the yellow VIDEO INPUT terminal labeled VIDEO IN on th_ TV. BACK PANEL (VCR) BACK PANEL (TV) AUDIO VIDEO...

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    Now that you've completed your antenna, VCR, and TV connec- tions, you're ready to start enjoying your equipment. To get the most satisfaction out of your VCR, you should carefully read the two sections, "Setting Up Your VCR for the First Time" and "Viewing the Picture Coming from Your VCR."...

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    Setting up your VCR if you are using a TV equippedwith Audio and VideoInputs(ModernTV) Turn on your TV and switch it to the correct external input. (For most Mitsubishi TVs, this means pr_,ssing the TV's INPUT button until you see the words "Ext, Input, or Video"...

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    VCR and TV. The HS-U120 remote control :is pre-set to ope::ate Mitsubishi televisions, but it can also operate TVs from (lther manufacturers. If you need to set your remote control for your particular brand television, follow the instructions below.

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    (See page 48. ) Viewingthe picturecomingfrom your VCR if !/ou are usinga modern TV Turn on your TV and switch it to the correct external :input. (For most Mitsubishi TVs;, this means pressing the T_"s INPUT button until you see the words "Ext',"Input', %rideo"...

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    Loadingand UnloadingTapes Loading a tape [_Important: Tapes can be loaded into your VCR as long as the VCR is plugged in. Even when the VCR POWER is off, loading a tape will auto- matically turn the VCR on. Use only tapes; t]_at have a _[] label.

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    Chapter 3: Operating YourVCR Playing a Tape(cont.) This section describes: • Playing back a tape, and • Using basic playback controls. Playingback a tape Beforeyoubegin,you needto know: • how to view the picture coming from your VCR (page 20). To play a tape, load a pre-recorded cassette.

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    ) Selecting theOn-screen Language You can set your VCR to display on-screen messages, menus, functions in English, Spanish or French. You should do this before you use the menus or set any audio/video functions. Beforeyou begin,you needto know: • how to view the picture cc,ming from your VCR.

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    Chapter3: Operating YourVCR Usingthe Men.s to SettheTime(cont.) You will see the "Set the clock" menu. The words "Daylight savings" will be highlighted. Press the ADJUST buttons Month select the daylight savings setting ON or OFF. If you .are Year currently following daylight savings,...

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    If youwantto adjustthe clockmanually for DaylightSavingTime, After you have displayed the "Set the clock" menu, make sure that the words "Daylight savings" is highlighl;ed. Then press the ADJUST buttons to select ON or OFF. If you select ON, the VCR will set: the clock forward one hour.

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    Chapter 3: Operating YourVCR Programming t heVCRto Receive TVChannels (cont.) Before youbegin,youshould: • have completed all connections between your VCR, TV, and cable or antenna; (see page.,; 10-16) • know how to view the picture coming from your VCR; (page 20) Your choices are:...

  • Page 29: And Deleting C.hannels

    sound will also be turned off. If there is a time when you would like to try to tune in a weak station, turn video mute OFF. Beforeyoubegin, youshouldknowhow: • to view the picture corrdng from your VCR; (see page 20) _ _, R _-_n_.e_ •...

  • Page 30: A Channel

    Chapter3: Operating YourVCR Programming t he VCRto Rec.=ive T V Channels(cont.) You will see the screen for adding or deleting channels. __..__.--.,,,"____._.__ the ADJUST buttons to select the channel that you want to Channel add or delete. Press the ENTER button to add the channel in memory...

  • Page 31: Of Audio And Video

    SP ]produces the best picture quality and records up to two hours of video on a T-120 tape. Mitsubishi's EP speed has only Mightly poorer qual- ity, and records up to six hours on a T-120. The picture vibrate or the sound :may be muted...

  • Page 32: A Current, Broadcast

    Chapter3: OperatingYourVCR UsingtheAudioandVideo Functions (cont.) Press the AUDIO/VIDEO button until the function you want to adjust appears. VCI_ speed _:::_:_,-ADJ1JST selec'_', Press the ADJUST buttons on the remote to adjust setting. The functions will disappear if you do not press any buttons for 5 seconds.

  • Page 33: Your Vcr To Record

    VCR will eject the tape. Programmingyour VCR to record You can program your VCR r_orecord with the help of Mitsubishi's on-screen operating system. You can schedule up to eight record- ing "events"...

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    Chapter 3: Operating YourVCR Recording (cont.) You will see the "Prograra to record" menu. Press the AD- JUST buttons to choose the channel you would like to record _a'jm'_r'z_- @ Day (for example, channel 2). Press the ENTER button. @ Start time Stop time...

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    The minute numbers of the stop time will flash. Press; the ADJUST buttons to set the minutes When you wish recording Q Channel tlonday to stop. Press the ENTER button. _Start time ll_Oam i÷3_m AUtO speed Record Press the ADJUST buttons to set the recording speed (SP, EP,...

  • Page 36: Recording (otr)

    Chapter 3: Operating YourVCR Recording (cont.) Using One-TouchRecording(OTR) One-Touch Recording (also called OTR) is a way to begin record- ing immediately, but have ycur VCR stop recording and turn off automatically after your show is over. Before you begin, you need to know how: •...

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    how OTRaffectsothercontrols If you press the PAUSE button during OTR, the VCR will pause recording, but the OTR timer continues to count down. If you press PLAY/STOP during OTR, you erase the OTR pro- gramming. You cannot use the REC/OTR button on the front panel to resume recording...

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    Chapter3: Operating YourVCR Recording (cont.) Press the ONE KEY PROGRAM button Lo choose the minute when you wish recording to start. Then, wait for 4 seconds. 0 Channel 0 Day Monday The word =Stop time" _i]l be highlighted. [O]l,._ i_jL_a_'z 11--:>'_ m 0 Stop time...

  • Page 39: Quick Program, Recording

    I f youwantto stop usingOneKeyProgramming b efore youcor_plete programming, pressthe MENUbuttonoil the remote control. Using Quick Program Quick Program is an exclusive Mitsubishi feature that simplifies the process of programming your VCR to record. When you press the QUICK...

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    Chapter3: Operating YourVCR Recording (cont.) If you use the POWER button on the front panel for this purpose, you will have to press it twice. Pressing it once turns off the programmed recording light; pressing it a second time turns VCR on.

  • Page 41

    Set the time for recording to end a minute or two beyond program's scheduled broadcast time. While using auto speed programming, the pi cture may vibrate the sound may be muted when the recording speed switches extended play (EP). programming"rv programs that end onthe dayafter If you want to start the recording at 11:00 PM and end it at 2:00...

  • Page 42

    Chapter3: OperatingYourVCR Recording (cont.) You will see the "recap" screen. Use the ADJUST buttons _k_rL___----T_._,_ IIII place the cursor next to the program you. wish to cancel. MOl? ll:30a I:30pSP! TH20 9:OOp10:OOpEP Press the CANCEL button. The program is erased..

  • Page 43: The Advanced Features, Special Effects

    CHAPTER FOUR UsingtheAdvanced Features Now that you've learned about the basic operation of your VCR, you're ready to discover its advanced feature=_. You'll find infor- mation Usingthe Advanced PlaybackControls Displayingthe RemainingTime and the Present Time SearchingTechniques Using the AdvancedOptions Makinga Copyof a Tape Using Child Lock Before you use the advanced features,...

  • Page 44: The Tracking

    Chapter4: UsingtheAdvanced Features UsingtheAdvanced Playback Controls (cont.) High speed search (EP mode on y) Speed search Quick view Press REW button Playback 1/5 slow-motion playback 1/10 slow-motion playback 1/30 slow-motion playback Still 1/30 reverse slow-motion 1/10 reverse slow-motion playback 1/5 reverse slow-motion playback Reverse playback Press FF button...

  • Page 45

    slowtracking Slow tracking is used to adjust the playback: quality during slow motion playback and still frame. You can only use slow tracking your tape was recorded in extended play (El?) speed. To adjust slow tracking, put a tape into slow motion, then press the CHAN- NEL buttons on the front panel of the VCR until the best picture is obtained.

  • Page 46: The Present Time, Techniques

    Chapter 4: Usingthe Advanced Features Displaying the RemainingTimeand the Present Time (cont.) _Important: The time gauge and remaining time work by detecting control signals on recorded tapes. They will therefore not function with tapes that have not yet been recorded. Also, you must have set the "Tape"...

  • Page 47: Zero Stop

    Number button 90112o I I 18o I Search sec. time ;ec. I sec. I s__ec.._.___ You can set the search time up to 3 minutes. Speed searching You can use speed search to visually search through the contents of a videotape. To do this: While playing a tape, press the FF or REW button.

  • Page 48: Techniques

    Chapter 4: UsingtheAdvanced Features Sear,:hing Techniques (cont.) Indexsearchtechniques Index search is a way to find specific points or a tape. Before using index search, index marks are placed at important places on a tape. Then, index search :is used to find these marks. Index marks are added automatically...

  • Page 49: Saving Time

    Using the auto daylightsavingtime When you set the daylight saving time setting to on, your VCR will automatically adjust the clock for Daylight Saving Time. _Important: With the auto daylight saving time is ON, your VCR will auto- matically change the clock from 2 AM to 3 AM: on First Sunday April, and change from 3 AM back to 2 AM on Last Sunday...

  • Page 50: The Rf Converter

    Chapter 4: UsingtheAdvanced Features Usingthe_,dvancedOptions (cont.) When you are viewing broadcast stations thr(:,ugh the VCR, the Important: words "3minutes->Power off' will appear on _I_Vscreen three minutes before the VCR power turns off. The display will count down the number of minutes until the VCR turns off.

  • Page 51

    Using your HS-U120to recordfromanother VCR HS-U120 [ PLAYBACK ] [RECORDING] AUDIO --VIDEO VIDEO OUT--_I ii'---,'_Ul)lO Connect one RCA audio cable to the Put the _;ape you want; to copy into the AUDIO OUTPUT terminal on the other other VCR and find the place from which VCR.

  • Page 52

    Chapter 4: UsingtheAdvanced Features Making] a Copyofa Tape(cont.) Using your HS-U120to play backto anotherVCR HS-U120 I PLAYBACK ] ]RECORDINGI _----- ®o ® --VIDEO OUT AUDIO OUT--l VIDEO IN___--AUDIO Put the tape you want. to copy into the Connect one RCA audio cable to the HS-U:_20 and find the place from which AUDIO INPUT terminal...

  • Page 53

    'roubles hFo0 i ng ForMoreInformation Problems Possible Solutions The VCR won't turn on. See 2hapter 1, "Getting Check the power cord and the AC outlet. Kno _ Your VCR." Is the LOCK light ON? If so, press anti hold the DISPLAY button for more than 8 ,_econds until the LOCK light disappears.

  • Page 54

    Index controls, basic playback ..22 marks, indax ......A/B switch ......copy, making one of a tape. memorize channels ..... 26 counter display ......7 adding channels ....memory backup ....counter, time ....... adjust button ..... 8, 9 menu butt(m ......

  • Page 55

    ..9 SP ........7, 29 Viewing the Picture from special effects ...... Your VCR ......speed searching ....volume controls ...... splitter ......11, 14 still adjustment ....stop button ......6, 9 Welcome to Mitsubishi ..5...

  • Page 56

    Guia de Operaci6n Bfisicade laVideograbadora Funcionesbfisicasde los botones (_) bot6n de encendido (POWER) Oprima este bot6n pan!. encender y apagar la videograbadora. (_) bot6n de cancelaci6n (CANCEL) _/P_I Utilice este botdn para cancelar ©®® selecciones en los mem:ts en pantalla. (_) bot6n de grabacidn (REC, REC/OTR)

  • Page 57

    C6mo seleccionarel idiomade el sistemaoperative de mendsen pantalla Si nunca se ha usado la videograbadora, vaya al paso 0. Desenchufe la videograbadora por m_s de dos minutos, y vuelvala a enchufar. Optima el bot5n POWER para encender la videograbadora. Optima el bot6n MENU en el control remoto.

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    DOES NOT COVER damage caused by: modification, alteration, repair or service o[ this product by anyone other than an authorized MITSUBISHI service center; physical abuse to, or misuse of, the VCR; ope'ation in a manner contrary to the instructions which accompany the VCR;...

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    ,_ MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI ELECTRONICS AMERICA, INC. 6100 Atlantic Boulevard Norcross, GA 30071-1305 © 1996 Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc. PRINTED IN SINGAPORE 872C151A0...

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