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Maytag CWE 1000 Use And Care Manual

Electronic control self-cleaning radiant and convection oven
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# 203867C
Use and Care Manual
Model CWE 1000



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  Summary of Contents for Maytag CWE 1000

  • Page 1 ORDER # 203867C MAYFAG Use and Care Manual Self-Cleaning Ra_lJant Convection Oven Model CWE 1000...
  • Page 2 About Your Maytag Oven Your Maytag self-cleaning oven combines the best of two cook- methods, convection radiant (conventional) baking roasting. The benefits of convection cooking, used by major restaurants chefs all over the world are at your fingertips. The Maytag...
  • Page 3 Index Baking ....... General Recommendations ....Convection Baking ......15-18 Baking Chart ......... Multiple Rack Cooking ......Broiling ..............26-27 Cleaning ..... Self-Cleaning Process ..... 28-30 Other Cleaning Tips ....... 31-32 Control Panel Operation ..Display Window ....... Clock Setting .........
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    All other servic- ing should be referred to an authorized Maytag Service Technician. 6. Flammable materials should not be stored in an oven. 7. Do not use water on grease fires. Smother...
  • Page 5 8. Use only dry potholders. Moist or damp potholders hot surfaces may result in burns from steam. Do not let potholder touch hot heating elements. Do not use a towel or other bulky cloth. 9. Use care when opening oven door. Let hot air or steam escape before removing or replacing food.
  • Page 6: Control Panel Operation

    Control Panel Operation Oven Coutrol Panel The control panel is designed for ease in programming. The DISPLAY WINDOW features Indicator Words which will blink and prompt you for the next step. A beeping sound occurs each time a command is entered. If an error is made, the panel informs you.
  • Page 7 Display Window Number Pads 4 CONTROL MAYrAG Use for top browning or oven broiling of foods. (See pages 26-27.) Use with probe to cook foods to desired internal temperature. (See pages 22-25.) Use for convection baking or roasting. Use for radiant (conventional) baking or roasting.
  • Page 8 Display Windo ,ENTER CONVCT BAKE AM PROBE TEMP Display Numerals _lC;EcAK Indicalor Words _% XBROll STOP PM ALARM TIME DISPLAY WINDOW serves multiple purposes. Display Numerals: • Show time of day. • Count down time remaining as set with MINUTE TIMER PAD.
  • Page 9 C_oek Setth_g ENTER CONVCTBAKE AM PRODE TEMP ,' oT 8 8:8 8 BROIL STOP PM ALARM TIME IMPORTANT: First, set the clock. When oven is first supplied electrical power or power is interrupted, the entire display will blink. Whenever this occurs, clock MUST be set before entering operating instruc- tions to control panel.
  • Page 10 Oven Operation, or Ro tlng oven radiant convection bake: 1. I:_aa_eoven racks on proper rack positions. (See page 15.) 2. Touch BAKE RADIANT or BAKE CONVECT PAD. Indicator Words ENTER, CONVCT or RAD, BAKE and TEMP will blink. All O's will be displayed.
  • Page 11 Minute Thner IMPORTANT: This timer does not control the oven; it only operates a beeper. It can be used to remind you when a period, up to 99 minutes and 99 seconds, expires. It can be used independently of any other oven activity and can be set anytime. 3'0 set mt.u_ timer: 1.
  • Page 12 Time-Controlled or Roasting To set oven to start hnmediately shut automatically: 1. Touch BAKE RADIANT or BAKE CONVECT PAD. Indicator Words ENTER, CONVCT or RAD, BAKE and TEMP will blink. All O's will be displayed. ENTER CONVCT 2. Touch NUMBER PADS for desired oven temperature, in order.
  • Page 13 _® _ a_ f_re tlme shut automatically: 1. Follow preceding Steps 1-3. 4. Touch STOP TIME PAD. Indicator Words ENTER, STOP and TIME will blink. All O's will be displayed. Enter desired time food is to be finished. For example: touch for6:00.
  • Page 14: Baking Recommendations

    Baking General Baking Recommendations • When cooking foods for the first time in your new oven, use recipe cooking times and temperatures as a guide. • Use tested recipes from reliable sources. • Preheat the oven only when necessary. For baked foods that rise and for richer...
  • Page 15: Rack Positions

    Convection Bah Jug Recommendations As a general rule, when using recipes or prepared mixes developed for a radiant ® bake oven, set the oven temperature 25°F lower than the recipe recommended temperature. Times will be similar to or a few minutes less than recipe recom- mended...
  • Page 16 Baking Chart * The times given are approximate. Actual times will depend on recipes and mixes prepared. ** The CONVECT temperature is 25°F lower than recommended on package mix or recipe.
  • Page 17 Bang Conve ence Foods • Preheating the oven is not necessary. ® Follow package recommendations for oven temperature, foil covering and use of cookie sheets. Baking times will be similar. See chart below for some exceptions and examples. ® Center foods in the oven.
  • Page 18 €o vectlon Coo g MuJtiple For best results, bake foods on one rack at a time as described in this manual. However, very good results can be obtained when baking quantities of foods on multiple racks. Quantity cooking provides both time and energy savings. The convection oven is suggested for most multiple...
  • Page 19 Roasting General Roasting Recommendations • Preheating is not necessary. For open pan roasting, place meat or poultry on the slotted portion of the two-piece pan included with the oven. Do not add water to the pan. Use open pan roasting for tender cuts of meat.
  • Page 20 • Tendercutsof meat and poultry can be quickly roasted to a rich golden brown in the convection oven. Follow general recommendations for roasting. • Refer to convection meat roasting chart for recommended cooking tempera- ture and time. The chart can serve as a guide to help plan meal serving time. •...
  • Page 21 C®_ctlon Roast_mg (Thawed Meats Only)
  • Page 22 Probe Temp The PROBE TEMP feature enables you to cook meats and other foods without chore of watching a thermometer. It can be used with either radiant or convection oven and can also be used with time-controlled baking or roasting. Upon reaching selected...
  • Page 23 Touch NUMBER PADS for oven temperature by touching numbers, in order. For example: touch for 325 °F.) (Allowable range of temperature that may be set is 100 ° to 525°F.) ENTER BAKE TEMP Display Touch START PAD. Display will show minimum of 70 °...
  • Page 24 10. Touch STOPTIME PAD. IndicatorWords ENTER,STOPand TIME will blink. All O'swill be displayed. ENTER 0 0:0 0 o,s.,°. STOP TIME 11. Touch NUMBER PADS indicating approximate time of day you desire food to be done cooking. Start time will automatically be calculated for you.
  • Page 25 Hh ts on Successful Probe Temp Feature The probe should be located in the center of the thickest part of a roast. Plan the placement of the probe tip by laying it on the outside of the meat, marking with finger where edge of meat comes on the probe.
  • Page 26 Broiling To Broil 1. Place oven rack on the rack position suggested in the chart. Distance from broiling element depends on foods being prepared. Rack position 4 with offset rack is usually recommended unless otherwise stated. 2. Touch BROIL PAD. Indicator Word BROIL...
  • Page 27 *Use offset rack in position #4. NOTE: This chart is a suggested guide. The times may vary with food being cooked. NOTE: A cooling fan may be heard during oven use. This occurs anytime cooling of the electronic control panel is required. Fan may come on any time during use of the oven and may continue for a short time after the oven has been turned off.
  • Page 28 Oven Cleaning Self-Cleaning Process Works When the oven controls are set to CLEAN, the oven heats to temperatures that are higher than those used for cooking. The high temperatures cause food soil to burn off and substantially disappear. While this occurs, a device in the oven vent helps to consume...
  • Page 29: Steps To Follow

    Steps to Follow Self-Cleaning Process To set oven to start cleaning immediately: 1. Touch SELF CLEAN PAD. An automatic program of three hours is pre-set into control panel for an average soiled oven. If oven is heavily soiled, touch 4 and program will be extended to four hours.
  • Page 30 More Information on the SelfoCleaning Process A slight odor may be detected, and if an oven is heavily soiled, some smoke may be visible. Some smoke and odor during the cleaning process is a normal occurrence. Since the oven is vented in the front, vapors, moisture,...
  • Page 31: Oven Light Bulb

    Note: If the bulb does break and you wish to remove it, be certain power supply is disconnected and wear protective gloves. You may contact your authorized Maytag Service Technician for service. Replace bulb with a 40 watt oven-rated appliance bulb.
  • Page 32 R,_e_ To remove, pull forward to the "stop" position, lift up on the front of the rack and pull out.
  • Page 33 Other Uses of Your Oven's Electronic Controls _aPIli The ALARM can be set to signal one-time or to repeat at the same time daily. signal beeps 10 seconds, pauses 50 seconds, than repeats 10 times unless ALARM OFF PAD is touched. To set alarm for a one-time signal: 1.
  • Page 34 4. Touch STARTPAD. Alarm is nowsetto beepat sametime eachday. Displayindicatesalarmissetby Indicator Word ALARM. Display returnsto time of day. 5. Touch ALARMOFFPAD once to cancel beeping signal. Touch ALARM OFF PAD twice to cancel programmed command. To recall alarm time set:Touch ALARM SET PAD once.
  • Page 35 Oven Temperature Dehydration: low temperature setting combined with the moving in the convection oven creates suitable drying conditions. Covers for oven racks can be made inexpensively and easily. make cover oven rack: 1. Cut a piece of nylon net the width of a rack less 2 inches...
  • Page 36 Before You Call for Service Check the following list to be sure a service call is really necessary. A quick reference of this manual as well as reviewing additional information on items to check, prevent an unneeded service call. If nothing oven operates: •...
  • Page 37 If the dealer service company cannot resolve problem: • write to: Maycor Parts and Service Company Division of Maytag Corporation P.O. Box 2370 Cleveland, Tennessee 37311 615-472-3333 • Service manuals and parts catalogs are available from this department at a nominal charge.
  • Page 39 • Should the owner not receive satisfactory warranty service from one of the above, call or write: Maycor Parts and Service Company, a Division of Maytag Corporation, P. O. Box 2370, Cleveland, Tennessee 37311,615-472-3333, arrangements for warranty service will be made.
  • Page 40 COMP IY Newton, lowa 50208 (515) 792-7000 Printed in U.S.A. Part No. 203867C Form No. 356FE-0689 6/89...