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Coffee Maker Features - KitchenAid KCM1203CU Use & Care Manual

Use & care guide
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Table of Contents
1-4 Cup Feature
This feature ensures optimum flavor even
when you're not brewing a full pot.
Clean Alert and Clean Feature
The Clean Alert indicator reminds you when
the coffee maker needs to be cleaned. The
Clean Mode can then be activated to descale
your coffee maker.
Pause and Pour Feature
Pause and pour lets you remove the carafe
and pour a cup of coffee before brewing is
finished. A special valve seals the brew basket
tightly, eliminating most drips.
End-Of-Brewing Tone
A tone sounds when coffee is finished
Selectable Automatic Shutoff
This feature allows you to select automatic
shutoff times from 0.5-4 hours in 30-minute
Brew Basket Door
Access the removable brew basket by
pressing the button on the side of the coffee
maker. The spring loaded door includes a
latch to assure the door is closed completely.
Brew Basket
The brew basket holds paper coffee filters
or the Gold Tone permanent filter. The brew
basket can be washed in the top rack of
a dishwasher.
Removable Water Tank
The coffee maker features a convenient
removable water tank with water level
indicators. Remove the tank and add water
directly to the water tank or lift the lid to
add water. It is recommended that the tank
be hand washed.
Automatic Brew Timer
An easy to set 24 hour brew timer will brew
coffee at the selected time, day or night.
Variable Warmth Control
(on glass carafe models only)
Allows you to select High, Medium,
or Low settings for the carafe heating
plate. The Variable Warmth Control
is programmable from 0.5-4 hours in

Coffee Maker Features

30-minute increments. After the brew
process is complete, the time since brewed
will be displayed in 1-minute increments.
Glass or Thermal Carafe
The 14-cup glass and 12-cup thermal
carafes feature a dripless pouring spout and
comfortable soft grip handle. Both carafes
can be washed in the top rack
of a dishwasher.
Gold Tone Permanent Filter
The high-performance Gold Tone filter
eliminates the need for paper coffee filters.
Coffee maker can also use paper filters, if
desired. The Gold Tone Filter can be washed
in the top rack of a dishwasher.
Water Filter
The replaceable carbon filter can
be found at your local retailer or on
Coffee Scoop
Use one level scoop of ground coffee for
each cup desired.
Power Interrupt
If the power is interrupted for less than
1 minute, the coffee maker will remember
the preprogrammed settings.
Clock Display
Displays the time of day with AM and PM
indicators. The energy saving sleep mode
feature dims the clock display when the
coffee maker is not in use.
Variable Brew Strength Selector
Allows you to select between REG and
BOLD brew strengths.
Full-Length Cord Storage (not shown)
Compartment in the back of the coffee
maker keeps excess cord out of the way.
Heat Pump (not shown)
Powerful heat pump brews rich, flavorful
Electronic Temperature Control
Electronic temperature control regulates the
powerful 1100-watt heat pump to ensure
consistent brewing every time.

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Table of Contents

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