Kitchenaid ® Coffee Maker Use - KitchenAid KCM1203CU Use & Care Manual

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Brewing Coffee
NOTE: Brew one pot of fresh, cool water
and discard before brewing the first pot of
coffee (first time use only).
1. Remove the water tank and fill with
enough fresh, cool water to make the
desired amount of coffee. A graduated
scale on the tank measures the amount
of water needed. When replacing the
tank, make sure to align it with the tab(s).
NOTE: The tank can be filled using the
carafe without removing the tank from
the coffee maker.
The right side of the scale ("coffee") is a
measurement of coffee volume. The left
side of the scale ("water") is based upon
140 mL cups.
2. After filling the water tank, place the
carafe in the coffee maker.
IMPORTANT: Make sure the lid is
securely in position (For thermal carafe
models, see "Placing the Lid on the
Thermal Carafe") and the bottom of
the carafe is fully seated. If the carafe is
not seated, the Pause and Pour feature
may not engage and may cause water
and coffee to overflow the brew basket.
To maximize coffee temperature, it is
recommend that you fill and empty the
carafe with hot water to preheat the
Coffee Maker Use
3. Open the brew basket door. Brew basket
may be removed, but can be filled without
removing it from the front of the coffee
4. Insert a 12-14 cup flat bottom paper filter
or the Gold Tone permanent filter into the
brew basket.
IMPORTANT: Do not use both types of
filters at the same time. Using both filters
might cause water and coffee to overflow
the brew basket.

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Table of Contents

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