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Clock, Timer & Oven Control - Kenmore 911.95479 Owner's Manual

30" radiant self-cleaning free-standing range
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Clock,Timer & Oven Control
Your new range CLOCK,
3"gMER and OVEN operations are simple and easy to
arrow pads allow you
to set the exact time you need.
The display in the center of your control
will show:
1, The time of day CLOCK.
2, The amount of time you choose
when using the TIIMER.
3, The temperature selection as you
turn the oven control knob.
Your control has individual indicator
lights that wilt show you the operations
you have chosen.
As you read through your manual, you
will find what each of these indicators is
used for and how they will help you in
your new control.
If the display flashes an '_F', followed by
a number and beeps continhously, you
have a function error code. Note} the
number after the "F', Turn the dven
control knob to the OFF positio6. Allow
the oven to cool for about 1 hour and
retry the oven operation. If the problem
repeats call for service. Advise the
technician what the flashing code was.
When the power to your range is turned
on for the first time, the display will flash
the time when the power was turned off.
You can set the clock at this point or
press the clock pad to stop the flashing.
As a safety feature, this oven will
automatically shut off if it has been left
on for more than 12 hours. This feature
can be disabled. See page 16.
Your new control has the special feature
of blacking out the display (have
nothing showing in the display). To
activate this feature:
if the time of day is showing in the
display, press the CLOCK
pad once.
To bring back the display from the time
of day black-out, press the CLOCK
pad twice.



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