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Kenmore 911.95479 Owner's Manual

30" radiant self-cleaning free-standing range
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IlL 60t 79 U.S°A°
(SR- 10327)



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  • Page 1 @W_ER'S MANUAL MODEL HO° 9tt.9538t 9tt°95388 9tto95475 9tt.95479 o Safety mnstructions Before using this range, e_ad thls _a.ua_ o @pera_tiJon foUo_ aH its Safety RuJ®s o Care a.d CI]eaning and @p®rating ,_ Pe'oble_ Solving Rnstruct[onso Sears, Roebuck Co., Hoffman Estates, IlL 60t 79 U.S°A°...
  • Page 2 Rt DIANT FRE STANDIHG Rt H6E Tableof Contents To Set The Clock ....To Set The Timer ....To Reset The Timer ....Range Safety ......To Cancel The Timer ....12 Stability Device ......Oven Cooking Tips .... 13-15 Oven Control ......
  • Page 3 SAVE THESE mHSTRUCTION$ Read agg instructions before using _his appR_ance, When using gas or e_ectr_caJ appliances, basic safety precautions should be foilowed, _ncaud_ng fo_aowHng: Outside Edge Of Bracket To Be With Le_ O_ Right Side Of Rango Fig, t Fasten the bracket securely with the screws provided.
  • Page 4 CAUTI]OH: HEVIER STORE items of interest to children on the backguard or in cabinets above the appliance. Children climbing on the appliance could be seriously injured. _EEP "tH_S book for later use. HEVER USE your appliance for warming or heating the room. NEVF..R TRY to repair or replace any part of the appliance unless instruc- tions are given in this manual.
  • Page 5 NEVER cook on a broken cooktop; cleaning solutions and spillage could penetrate it and create the risk of electrical shock or fire, ALWAYS TURN utensil handles inward and away from other surface units to reduce the risk of burns, o DO NOT touch heating zones, ignition, unintended contact, and surfaces near them, or interior oven spillage.
  • Page 6 READ AHD UHDERST, AHD THOS _HFORMATmOH HOW! Be sure eve_'yone 8n your home knows what to (]o gn case of fi_o Hever water on a grease f_re; it w_H ongy sprea(] fgames, COOKTOP GREASE F_RE: Hever pick up a f_amin9 pan...
  • Page 7 #P AT/@N Profecting the Ceohtep surface controBs AuTn@N: When turned off, the Surface Bnd_cator Hgh_ _H! remain ,it until cooktop surfac® has cooled • Do not slide cookware across your to approximatelly 150°F. cooktop. glass ceramic surface • Do not use a dishtowel or sponge etetain heat a_er...
  • Page 8 OPERATION FEATURES OFYOUR RANaE Hot Surface Indicator Clock & Timer Oven Control Light Oven Light Switch Oven Vent Cooktop Control Cooking Zone Surface Indicator Light Glass Ceramic Cooktop Oven Door Door Latch And Latch Unlatch Broil Element Removable Racks Model and Serial Number Location Bake Element Gasket...
  • Page 9 If you don't OPERATION Radiant Coo op Cooking know if your cookware is flat on the Before using your new radiant bottom, try this test.Turn your pan cooktop, clean it with the Cooktop upside down on the countertop Cleaning Creme®. This will leave a place the edge of a ruler flat against protective coating.
  • Page 10 Push down to turn the knob. OPERATION RadiantCoo ep Cooking Set on or between desired heat. " numbers for When the knobs are turned on, coils beneath the glass radiate heat through the glass to the cooking !utensil. It will take a few minutes for The surface unit indicator light will the coils to heat;...
  • Page 11: Clock, Timer & Oven Control

    OPERATION Clock,Timer & Oven Control Your new range CLOCK, 3"gMER and OVEN operations are simple and easy to understand. The HOU_MIN arrow pads allow you If the display flashes an '_F', followed by to set the exact time you need. a number and beeps continhously, you have a function error code.
  • Page 12 After releasing the arrow pad, the Timer Indicator Light and colon will blink three to five times, then the timer will start the countdown. The Timer Indicator Light OPERATION wilt remain on until countdown reaches Clockand Timer When the timer has started the count- down, you may press the CLOCK to return to the current time of day.
  • Page 13: Oven Cooking Tips

    OPERATION In the back of the oven you wilt notice Oven Cooking Tips a small tube. This is a heat sensor that maintains the temperature of the oven. Never move or bend this tube. tt is normal to have some odor when using your oven for the first time.
  • Page 14 The Oven Temperature Sensor OPERATION continuously senses and controls OvenCookingTips the temperature inside the oven. To keep a constant set temperature, the elements will cycle or turn on and off during cooking. FLAT COOKUlS SHEETS, without sides, allow air to circulate all around the cookies for even browning.
  • Page 15: Oven Control

    Your oven control has a selector knob OPE TION for setting BAKE, BROIL, Oelen Cooking Tips CLE.&N. Simply turn the knob to the temperature setting you want to use or to Broil or Clean. You may feel that your new oven cooks differently than the oven it re- placed.
  • Page 16 •a. With the control knob in the off position, press and hold the MtiN UP and DOWN arrow pad, at the same time, until "ON" "OFF" shows in the disp!ay, 2. Holding the I_tlH UP or DOWH '8,, Turn the OVEN CONTROL arrow pads again at the same...
  • Page 17: Broiling

    The U,S. Department of Agriculture notes that meat cooked rare is popular, but meat cooked to only 140°F (rare) means that some food OPERATION poisoning organisms may survive. B il" rol mg The closer you place foods to the broil element, the faster foods brown Broiling is cooking by direct heat on the outside yet remain red to pink...
  • Page 18 CARE ANDCLEANIN SelfoCleaninU Cycle The door gasket is designed to have a 5-6" gap at the bottom of the door. This allows for proper air circulation. t ° Remove the broiler pan and grid, Door Panel Gasket oven racks, utensils and any foil that may be in the oven.
  • Page 19 Turn the oven control knob to the off CARE ANDCLEANING position. You will need to wait for the Se/foCleaning C ycle oven temperature to drop below the lock temperature (approx, 1 hour) before attempting to open the door. The indicator light will not blink if the cycle is interrupted, For best results, follow the steps in PRePARiNG...
  • Page 20 Gla. °Ceramic Coo op razor scrape,' wiOanot gMPORTAHT: Using a Cleaning damage the surface the 30 ° angle Rs main- Cleaning a glass-ceramic cooktop is tained. Do not use a duU! or different from cleaning a standard nicked razor baade on your porcelain cooktop.
  • Page 21 o Water stains (mineral deposits) removable using the creme or full strength white vinegar. CARE AN# NIN6 ,, Do not use a dull or nicked razor blade on your cooktop. Glass.Ceramic Cooktop o Do not use abrasive cleaners Cleaning abrasive scouring pads on your cooktop.
  • Page 22 RemovableParts CLEAHnHG MATERnALS ° Dishwashing detergent • Warm water o Soft cloth Molded CJear ---_., aroove Glass Reta6ner Live Spring CRip TO REMOVE Be sure the control knob is in the BUlb / _'-J'"_..,., off position GBass Cover 2, Pull straight off the stem Using a piece of string can make removing the knob easier Slip the string...
  • Page 23 TO REPLACE Lift the front of the drawer stop and lower the stop of the drawer, CARE ANDCL ANING through the opening of the base rail. Removable P arts CLEANI]NG MATERIIALS o Dishwashing detergent o Damp cloth 2. Lower the front of the drawer and o Warm water push back the drawer until it TO REMOVE...
  • Page 24 AN# NING RemovableParts CLEANIHG MATIERHALS • Dishwashing detergent o Warm water REMOV_ o Scouring pad or soap-filled stee{ Open the door to the broil stop wool pad position. Grasp the door at each side and lift up and off the hinges. DO HOT ,LIFT DOOR BY THE HANDLE,...
  • Page 25 BEFORE CALUNG FORSERVICE To save you time and money before making a service call check the list below for any problem you may feel you have with the performance of your range If the problem something you cannot fix use the Consumer Service Numbers located at the back of this...
  • Page 26: Control Panel

    B FOR ' CALUNO FOR SERVICe' PROBLEM POSS_SLE CAUSE POSSISILF SOILUTIOH Cooktop cooking Oven controls set Check the Oven Cooking zones work, incorrectly. Section on setting the oven willl not turn oven control correctly. Oven _empe,'ature Thermostat Calibration. See the adjustments seems _naccu,'ate.
  • Page 27 BEFORE OALLIN6 FORSE'RV/C ' PROBLEM POSSIIBILS CAUSE POSS85LE SOLUTBON Foods do not bake a, Oven is not pre- a, Be sure to preheat, properBy. heated long enough. b. Maintain uniform air b. Improper rack or pan placement, space around pans and utensils;...
  • Page 28: Control Knobs

    t o While the control knob is in the off "## If' F#URSELf" position, press and hold, at the same time, the HOUR UP and TEf PERA T URE DOWN arrow pads until the ADJU$;rM Nf' display shows a two digit number. 2, Press the HOUR UP arrow pad to You may feel that your new oven...
  • Page 29: Warranty

    RAD/AHT RAHGE WARRAHTY rFULLOHEYP.AR_ARRAHTYOH THEFUHCTJOH|HG OF ALLPARTS EXCEPTGLASS PARTS If, within oneyearfrom thedateof installation,any partfails to function properlydueto a defectin materialor workmanship,Sears will repairor replaceit, freeof charge. FULLPIVE YEARWARRAHTY O_ THERADIAHTCOOKTOP For fiveyearsfromthedateof purchase, S earswill repairor replacethe radiantcooktop,at our option,lree of charge,if anyel lhe tollowingdefectsoccur: ,, Crackingof theceramiccooktopdueto thermalshock o Discolorationof the ceramiccooktop...
  • Page 30 For the repair or replacement parts you need delivered directly to your home Call 7 am - 7 prn, 7 days a week t °800=366°PART (1-800-366-7278) For in-home major brand repair service Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week I -S00°4oR_PAUP.

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