Using The Scanner Guide Frame - Kenmore SCAN 19000 Owner's Manual

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• Using the scanner guide frame
The scanner guide frame is used to scan images on
paper which are too large to fit into the scanner guide tray
or pictures clipped from magazines, etc.
Place the template on the paper as illustrated, making
sure the picture fits inside the scanning area on the
Mark five spots and four corners on the paper with yellow
felt-tip pen through the ho_es on the template.
C) Holes
1_) Template
Draw the aligning lines and frame lines by connecting the
(_) Aligning lines
(_ Frame lines for scanning area
Draw the aligning lines beyond the marked spots, so that
you can align the guide frame with the lines correctly.
Place the scanner guide frame on the paper matching the
aligning lines with the aligning marks on the scanner guide
frame. The guide frame has slots in it so that you can see
the aligning lines through it for exact positioning.
(_) Aligning marks
(_) Slots
(Z_ Scanner guide frame
Move the scanner from left to right along the guide frame,
while holding the guide frame with your hand.
Make sure to place the paper on a flat surface for better
scanning results.


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