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Kenmore SCAN 19000 Owner's Manual

385. 93000


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Owner's Manual
Manual de Instrucciones
Manuel d'lnstructions
SCAN 19000
Model 385. 93000
Before using the SCAN 19000,
read this manual and follow
all its Safety
Rules and
• Safety Instructions
• Warranty
• Specifications
• Operation
• Maintenance
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman
Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Kenmore SCAN 19000

  • Page 1 SEARS Owner's Manual Manual de Instrucciones Manuel d'lnstructions SCAN 19000 Model 385. 93000 CAUTION: • Safety Instructions • Warranty Before using the SCAN 19000, read this manual and follow • Specifications all its Safety Rules and • Operation • Maintenance Operating Instructions.
  • Page 2 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read this manual carefully before using the SCAN 19000, WARNING: To reduce the risk of electrical shock, fire or injury to persons: Turn off the power switch and disconnect AC adapter: * after using the SCAN 19000. * when leaving the SCAN 19000 unattended. Do not attempt to disassemble any parts of the SCAN 19000.
  • Page 3 SPECIFICATIONS Model: 385.93000 Power Source: DC 9 V, 0.6A AC Adapter: Input: AC 120 V, 60Hz, 15 W Memory Card: 4 M bit, up to 6 designs Max. embroidery size: 3.19"(81mm) x 4.37"(11 lmm) Dimensions : Width: 12.4"(315mm) x High: 2.36"(60m) x Depth: 9.65"(245mm) Weight (net): 3.44 Ibs.(1.56 kg) Specifications...
  • Page 4 WARRANTY FULL FIVE YEAR WARRANTY ON SCANNER For five years from the date of purchase, Sears will, free of charge repair defects in material or workmanship which appear in the scanner unit, excluding the accessories and AC adapter. FULL TWO YEAR WARRANTY ON ELECTRICAL OR ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS For two years from the date of purchase, Sears will, free .of charge repair defects in material or workmanship which appear in the electrical or electronic components, including wiring, switch and printed circuit boards.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    SCAN 19000 - TABLE OF CONTENTS NAMES OF PARTS AND ACCESSORIES ...................... Parts ................................ Accessories ..............................PARTS LIST ..........:..................... OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ........................Connecting Power Supply ..........................Inserting the Memory Card ..........................Power Switch ..............................Ejecting the Memory Card ..........................Selecting language ............................
  • Page 6: Names Of Parts And Accessories

    NAMES PARTS ACCESSORIES PARTS ('I_ Memory Card for the SCAN 19000 (_) Power Switch/Eject Button (_) Cover Reference Chart (_) Display Screen Receptacle for AC Adapter Jack Display Adjustment Dial ® (_) Function Keys (_) Image Scanner Start Button (scanning) (_) Scanning Sensitivity Control Dial @ AC Adapter ACCESSORIES...
  • Page 7: Parts List

    PARTS LIST ® All parts listed may be ordered from any Sears store or service center. WHEN ORDERING REPAIR PARTS, ALWAYS GIVE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: 1. PART NUMBER 2. PART DESCRIPTION 3. MODEL NUMBER (385.93000) 4. NAME OF ITEM (SCAN 19000) ®...
  • Page 8: Operating Instructions

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS CONNECTING POWER SUPPLY Insert the adapter plug into the receptacle for AC adapter. Plug the adapter into power outlet. C) AC adapter plug (_) Receptacle for AC adapter (_ AC adapter (_) Power outlet NOTE: Always turn the power switch OFF before connecting the power.
  • Page 9: Selecting Language

    SELECTING A LANGUAGE Press _ key. Select the language you need by pressing _ ]SCAN 19000 key. Press _ key to change the display to that language. ESPANOL FRANCA[S [ FRnNCnIS ) ENGLISH } DISPLAY SCREEN The display screen gives information on the scanning process and other helpful information.
  • Page 10: Function Keys

    FUNCTION KEYS ® ISCAN} The functions of each key will snow on the screen next to the key. @ [SELECT] Press one of the keys to choose that function. ® _IEI'IORYJ Press to scan the design sheet or drawing. To select the modes or items from the display screen. i ,l- I _) To store the scanned images.
  • Page 11: Scanning The Designs

    Scanning the designs • Securing the design sheet The SCAN 19000 has a convenient integral scanner guide tray with paper ctip, Place a design sheet or drawing paper on the guide tray, Lift the clip and insert the end of the design sheet under it. C) Clip Scanner guide tray Design sheet...
  • Page 12: Using The Scanner Guide Frame

    • Using the scanner guide frame The scanner guide frame is used to scan images on paper which are too large to fit into the scanner guide tray or pictures clipped from magazines, etc. Place the template on the paper as illustrated, making =='W sure the picture fits inside the scanning area on the template.
  • Page 13: Selecting The Size And Mode

    SELECTING THE SiZE AND MODE ISCAN 19000 • Selecting the embroidery size Three different sizes of embroidery design are available. 100%: Actual size 75%: Three-quarter size 50%: Half size Press the _ key to go to the DESIGN StZE menu. Select the desired size of embroidery by pressing the key.
  • Page 14: Checking The Scanned Image

    CHECKING SCANNED IMAGE Press _ key, to enlarge the scanned image and check the scanning result. memorize _--_ IPross .E.0 Y ° Jlst color image. _I------CD Press _ key to scroll the image downward. Press _ key to scroll the image upward. Press _ key to go to the top or bottom end of the image.
  • Page 15: Storing The Designs In The Memory Card

    STORING THE DESIGNS IN THE MEMORY CARD Set any design sheet on the scanner guide tray. Insert the memory card into the SCAN 19000. C) Design sheet (_) Memory card Turn the power switch on. EJECT Select the desired mode and size. SCAN 19000 Example:...
  • Page 16: Checking The Designs Stored In The Memory Card

    CHECKING DESIGNS STORED IN THE MEMORY CARD Press (_key. Press _ key continually to select one of the designs. The circled number of the selected design is highlighted 88_St-[COLOR]ARL_ and the image is shown on the screen. Each part of the multi- color design will be shown by 916St[Nvw_][.
  • Page 17: Scanning The Designs

    SCANNING THE DESIGNS ISCAN 19000 _--_' MONO-COLOR MODE SCANNING Insert the memory card and turn on the power switch. POSI>'q00Z.> Press _ key, Scan the design. Press _ key. °O_ ! ,'4, NEGATIVE MODE SCANNING Insert the memory card and turn on the power switch. /SCAN 19000 __ Press _...
  • Page 18: Multi-Color Mode Scanning

    MULTI-COLOR MODE SCANNING Insert the memory card and turn the power switch on. Set a design sheet on the scanner guide tray. Select the mode and size of your choice. Press _ key, and select the stitch type. Scan the first part of the design. Press _ key and select the color of your choice.
  • Page 19: Drawing Your Own Design

    DRAWING YOUR OWN DESIGNS DRAWING PAPERS C) The maximum scanning size is inside of the yellow frame tines. Aligning lines for setting the guide frame in correct position. (_ Positioning dot for multi-color designs. NOTES: * The scanner automatically identifies that the drawing is multi-color if it has a positioning dot.
  • Page 20: Multi-Color Designs

    MULTI-COLOR DESIGNS Make a basic drawing as a mono-color design. (_D Basic design Place a piece of drawing paper over your original drawing, The drawing should fit inside of the scanning area, Make sure to put the black positioning dot on the drawing paper in the upper left corner.
  • Page 21 Place the drawing paper for the second part on the original design, matching aligning lines with the marks. Drawing paper (_) Aligning position marks (_ Aligning lines Trace the area for the second color and fill in with the • black felt-tip pen.
  • Page 22: Negative Image Designs

    NEGATIVE IMAGE DESIGNS Put your original design in the white part of the negative design sheet, as illustrated, so that you get an inverted design. C) White part of design sheet (_) Original design (_) Tape CROSS STITCH DESIGNS Make sure to fill in the design completely with black felt-tip pen, so that your original design turns into an attractive cross stitch embroidery.
  • Page 23: Making Your Own Design Sheet

    MAKING YOUR OWN DESIGN SHEET If you run out of drawing papers, you may use plain drawing paper (tracing paper). Use the template to make additional drawing papers. Place the template on tracing paper or copier paper. Use the yellow felt-tip pen to: (A) Draw lines around and along the outer edges of the template.
  • Page 24: Sewing The Scanned Design

    Attach the hoop with fabric to the sewing machine and sew. The sewing procedure is exactly the same as standard Kenmore memory cards. Refer to the instructions of the sewing machine. C) Display screen of Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 1g000 ,_jJ...
  • Page 25: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE CLEANING Wipe the SCAN 19000 with a soft cloth and a mild soap. Do not store the SCAN 19000 in a high-humidity area, near a heat radiator or in direct sun light, TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE Use the exclusive memory card for the SGAN-19000. Use the AC adapter supplied with the SCAN 19000.

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