Filling System With Water - Kenmore 229.960041 Owner's Manual

Gas-fired castiron hot water boiler, continuous pilot & electronic intermittent ignition model
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The rollout switch is a temperature-sensitive
fuse link device.
It is located on the boiler base just outside the fire box. In
the event of heat exchanger flueway blockage causing flame
to roll out of the fire box, the fuse will blow, shutting down
the f!ow of gas to the main burners. The fuse does not change
in appearance when blown.
If the rollout sw!tch blows, it must be replaced with an exact
replacement. Check heat exchanger flueways for blockage
when restoring system to operating condition. Do not operate
system without a rollout switch.
The spill switch is a manual reset disc thermostat with a fixed
setpoint (340°F), and normally closed contacts. It is located
at the relief opening of the integral draft diverter. In the event
of chimney or venting system blockage causing products
of combustion to spill out of the relief opening, the spill switch
disc heats up and the spill switch contacts will open, shutting
down the flow of gas to the main burners by removing power
to the gas valve.
In the event that the spill switch contacts open, the reset
button on the back of the switch wilt pop up The spill switch
must be reset manually, after the switch has cooled off, by
pushing the reset button down. Check the venting system
and chimney for blockage when restoring the system to
operating condition. DO NOT operate the boiler without a
spill switch.
Your entire heating system (boiler, piping and radiation units}
is filled with water. As the water in the boiler is heated, it
is pumped from the top of the boiler through the supply
main to the radiation units. The cooler water in them flows
back through the return main to the boiler. This provides
positive and rapid response to the thermostat.
Close the air vents on all radiation units. Open the valves
to these units. Make sure the boiler and expansion tank drain
cocks are closed. The air bleed screw on the tank drain
fitting should be closed. Open the valve in the line from the
boiler to the expansion tank (see page 17 for additional
information}. Open the water inlet to your boiler and leave
it open. Start with the lowest radiation unit. Open the air
vent on this unit. When all the air has escaped and water
starts to flow from the vent, close it. Go to the next radiation
unit, and repeat this process. Repeat until you have covered
every radiation unit in the system (ending up at the highest
unit in the system}. If your units have automatic vents, this
manual venting is unnecessary but it will speed up the proper
filling of your system.
If your system is a closed expansion tank system, you may
have an Automatic Fill Valve. You may leave it open to refill
the system automatically as needed. Check the temperature-
pressure gauge. Not the position of the hand indicating
pressure. This should be between t 0 and t 5 Ibs. Any lowering
of this movable hand below 10 Ibs. will indicate loss of water
due to leakage. The automatic fill valve should compensate
for this. Instructions are packaged with the valve.
- Never run water into a hot empty boiler.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents