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Step 2. Location Instructions; Electrica! Hook-Up - Kenmore 758.299825C Operator's Manual

Whole house humidifier 45.4 litre output with digital readout
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Step 2.
For your own safety, do
not use humidifier if any parts are
damaged or missing.
Semecting A Location
Place humidifier on a flat level surface,
take extra care in leveling when placing
the unit on carpet. Position the humidifier
where the most humidity is needed or
where the most air will be circulated
throughout the house such as near a
cold air return.
Location and Electrical
The Unit
The humidifier should be positioned with
the back (cord exit side) and left side, at
least 5 centimetres
away from the wall.
Air needs to enter through all of the
louvers in the housing assembly in order
for the humidifier to operate at peak
Moist air (humidity) produced wi!l
disperse into the whole house, but the
area closest to the unit will have the
highest humidity. If the unit is positioned
close to a window, condensation
form on the window pane. If this occurs
the unit should be repositioned in another
NOTE: Due to release of coo!, moist air
from humidifier, it is best to direct air
away from thermostat and hot air
registers and to position humidifier next
to an inside wal!. Unit should not be
placed where cold air from outside walls
or warm air from a hot air register blows
directly on it.
At meast 5 cm
from wall
NOTE: Be sure humidistat, which is
located on power cord, is free from
obstruction and away from any hot air
Locate nearest 120V A.C. wal! socket in
the location desired, preferably on inside
wall. With the humidifier in the desired
location, route the electrical cord safely
so no one will trip or upset the humidifier.
Hug in the electrical cord.
If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet,
reverse plug. If it still does not fit, contact
a qualified electrician to install the proper
outlet. Do not change the plug in any
To reduce the risk of fire
or shock hazard, humidifier should
be plugged into a 120V A.C. outlet.
Do not use extension cords.
To reduce the risk of electrica! shock, this
humidifier has a polarized plug (one
blade is wider than the other). This plug
will fit in a polarized outlet only one way.


Table of Contents

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