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Fresh Food Storage - Kenmore 253.78296895 Owner's Manual

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Fresh Food Storage
Door bins and shelves provide convenient storage of jars, bottles, and cans. Items
used often are available for quick selection
The door bins can be moved to suit individual needs. Remove bins by liking straight
up Place bins in the desired position and lower over the door supports
Note: The
smaller bins (2-liter) must be placed on the freezer door, in front of the ice
Bin Snugger
Micro-Serve Dish Tray
The Dairy Compartment(s)
is warmer than the general food storage section and
is intended for short term storage of cheese, spreads, or butter.
(some models)
Food can be stored, cooked*, and served in Micro-Serve Dishes provided in some
models These dishes slide easity into their own tray, which hangs below a door gaflon
bin asshown beiow, conveniently freeing shelf space for other items Note: Do not
hang tray betow the bin in front of the ice maker,
* Remove plastic lid before cooking
Lid is intended for storage onty
Micro-Serve Dishes
Humidity Control
The Crispers, located under the bottom refrigerator shelf, are designed for storing
fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce Wash items in clear water and remove
excesswater before ptacing in the Crispers, Items with strong odors or high moisture
should be wrapped before storing
The Humidity Controls allow you to adjust the humidity within the Crisper This can
extend the life of fresh vegetables which keep best in high humidity
vegetables, however, keep best when stored with the Humidity Control set on high
moisture, or in a drawer without a Humidity Control This keeps incoming air to a
minimum and maintains maximum moisture content.
Chilled Air Control
The temperature in the lvleat Keeper drawer can be made colder than the rest of the
refrigerator compartment by adjusting the Chilled Air Control. Meat will be partially
frozen and may be kept fresh longer than if stored on a refrigerator shelf.
Before placing items in the Meat Keeper, follow these steps to keep the meat fresh:
Carefully handle meat with clean hands and always keep the compartment
Store meat in its original wrapper. If necessary, overwrap in plastic wrap or foil
to prevent drying. Wrap fish tightly to prevent odor transfer to other foods.
If spoilage ever occurs, disinfect the compartment with liquid chlorine bleach
following label directions Then, rinse with a solution of baking soda and water.
Rinse with clear water and dry.



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