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Shelves - Kenmore 253.78296895 Owner's Manual

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Fresh Food Storage
Adjusting the Chilled Air Duct
Air Duct
The Chilled Air Duct, which distributes cold air to the Meat Keeper drawer, can be
adjusted to accommodate repositioning of the shelf However, the shetf hasa limited
range of positions in which the Chilled Air Duct wilt reach The shelf isshipped in the
highest position and must be lowered to reach the Chilled Air Duct Follow these
• Remove the Meat Keeper drawer and shelf
• Slide lower portion of air duct downward to the lowest position
• Replace the shelf in a position above the air duct opening
• Slide lower portion of air duct upward until the opening hits the shelf bottom
• insertthe drawer The air duct opening will fit between the shelf and the back
of the drawer
The Chitled Air Duct can also switch sides, should you wish to move the split cantilever
shelf To change sides:
• Removethe Meat Keeper drawer and shelf Grasp the air duct near top and slide
toward you until duct is free from grooves
• Slide off hole cover on opposite side Insert the lip of the air- duct in grooves of
new hole and slide back
• Slide hole covel over original hole
° Replace shelf and insert drawer
Cantilever Shelf
Wine Rack
Refrigerator shelves are easily adjustable to suit individual needs_ Before adjusting
shelves, remove all food
Remove and discard the shipping clips, wedged into the
cantilever rail above the shelf hook These clips stabilize the shelves during shipping
ToadNs_ canUfever shefves(shelves sup-
ported at the rear of the refrigerator), lift
the back of the shelf up and out Replace
shelf by inserting hooks at rear into slo1:s
Lower and lock into position
The SpillProofr_ glass shelves catch and
hold accidental spills in some models,
the SpiliProofrMshelves slide out for easy
access to food and fast cleaning The
shelves slide out independently of the
cantilever bracket Just pull front of shelf
forward Shelf can be extended as far as
stopper will allow and is not removable
from the cantilever bracket
Wine Rack (some
Removeshipping clips
The wine rack stores bottles of wine, or single 2qiter plastic bottles of juice or soda
pop To install, slide the wine rack onto the shelf with the curve facing in To
remove, slide the wine rack out, Install on either side of a Spill Proof_Mshelf



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