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Removing Handtes And Doors - Kenmore 253.78296895 Owner's Manual

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Handles and
Freezer Door
_, Ha.d_ ova,
Dovetail _u_on
Lock _ta_dl_ Ove_
Dovetail B u'i_on
_rim Lock
Trim Lock
If it is necessary to move the refrigerator
through narrow doorways, follow
these steps to remove the handles and/or refrigerator
and freezer doors.
Use care when using tools near surface of stainless steel doors to avoid
To remove
Pull down to slide trim off bottom of handle
Remove the two screws attaching the
handle to the top of the refrigerator
door Swing the top of handle away from the door
and slide handle down and off dovetail button
Reverse instructions
for reattaching
handle Start with the handle offset away from the door Place bottom
of handle over
dovetail button, swing handle into an upright position and push downward,
it intoplace
Secure top of handle with screws Replace trim
Trim Removal (Ful!-Length Trim models only):
Insome models, the refrigerator door hasa_
piecewhich continuesfrom
the bottom of the handle to the bottom of the door The top of the trim fits around
the base of the handle An adhesive "trim lock" is positioned about half-way down.
The bottom of the trim is held in place by either an adhesivetrim lock, or a trim lock
with two prongs inserted into a hole on the face of the door Remove the trim by gently
pulling the trim lock areasout and away from the door When the trim isfree from the
door, gently pult the trim down and away from the base of the handle, using a slight
side to side motion
To reattach trim;
Slideadhesivetrim lock out of trim Insert the new adhesivetrim lock contained in your
literature pad" NOTE: Trim lock must be removed and insta!led by sliding OVERthe
two donut shaped areas tnstall trim to handle by sliding over base of handle Carefully
aiign trim and press down at trim lock locations Use rubbing alcohol to remove any
adhesive residue from old _rim lock location
To Remove Doors:
Before removing doors, be sure freezer control is turned to OFF Remove all food
from doors Unplug refrigerator
Remove toe grill
Trace around hinges with a soft lead pencil This will make it easier t.o realign doors
when they are replaced Completely remove one door before starting to removethe



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