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Fresh Food Storage - Kenmore 2539368010 Owner's Manual

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Fresh Food Storage
Sliding Shelf
Cantilever Shelf
Refrigerator shelves are easily adjustable to suit individual needs Some models have
sliding shelves, others have cantilever shelves Before adjusting shelves, remove all
food The shipping clips which stabilize tile shelves for shipping may be removed and
To adjust sfiding shelves, remove by putting forward to the stop position, then lift the-
front edge up and pul! out Replace on any pair of rails by reversing this procedure
Toadjust cantilevershetves(shelves supported at the rear of the refrigerator), lift the
back of the shelf up and out Replaceshelf by inserting hooks at rear into slots Lower
and lock into position
To adjust combination cantilever/sfidlng shelves, remove shelf by lifting hook out of
rear slot, and sliding shelf forward to the stop position Lift up front edge and pul!
out Replace shelf by sliding shelf back on supports, and inserting the hook into the
respective middle slot
Door racks allow convenient storage of jars, bottles, and cans Items used often are
availabSefor quick selection Some modeJshave door racks which can accommodate
gallon-size plastic drink containers and economy size jars and containers which are
avaitable today Some racks are removable and adjustable for maximum efficiency
The Dairy compartment
is warmer than the general food storage section and is
intended for short term storage of cheese, spreads, or butter,
The Crispers, located under the bottom refrigerator shelf, are designed for storing
fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce Wash items in clear water and remove
excess water before placing in the Crispers Items with strong odors or high moisture
should be wrapped before storing
Pan (some models)
Some models are equipped with a Meat Pan that can be positioned below any
refrigerator shelf Use this pan for short term storage of bulk meat items tf meats
are to be kept longer than 1 or 2 days, they should be frozen

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