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Craftsman 315.274050 Owner's Manual page 12

Variable speed/1-3/16 in. stroke professional cordless reciprocating saw


See Figure 8.
See Figure 9.
Fig. 8
Mark the line of cut clearly. Choose a convenient starting
point inside the area to be cut out and place the tip of the
blade over that point. Rest front edge of base assembly
on work and hold firmly in position. Depress the lock-off
button, then pull switch trigger to start the cutting action.
Make sure blade does not touch work
until motor reaches full speed, since this could cause
loss of control resulting in serious injury.
With saw blade at full cutting speed, slowly tilt saw downward
until tip of blade starts cutting work. After blade penetrates
work, tilt saw until blade is perpendicular
to the work.
Fig. 9
Metals such as sheet steel, pipe, steel rods, aluminum,
brass, and copper may be cut with your saw. Be careful
not to twist or bend the saw blade. Do not force. We
recommend cutting oil when cutting most soft metals and
steel. Cutting oil will also keep blades cool, increase
cutting action, and prolong blade life.
Never use gasoline since normal sparking of motor could
ignite fumes. Clamp the work firmly and cut close to the
clamping point to eliminate any vibration of the work being
cut. When cutting conduit pipe or angle iron, clamp work
in a vise if possible and cut close to the vise. To cut thin
sheet material, "sandwich" the material between
hardboard or plywood and clamp the layers to eliminate
vibration and material tearing.

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