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Craftsman 973.113470 Operator's Manual

3/8 in., 12 volt cordless drill-driver variable speed / reversible
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Operator's Manual
Variable Speed / Reversible
Model No.
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Read and follow all
Safety Rules and Operating Instructions
before first use of this product.
Help Line: 1-800-932-3188
and Co., 3333
Rd., Hoffman
IL 60179
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• Operation
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  • Page 1 • Operation Safety Rules and Operating Instructions • Maintenance before first use of this product. • Parts List Customer Help Line: 1-800-932-3188 Sears, Roebuck and Co., 3333 Beverly Rd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 Visit the Craftsman web page: 983000-005 2-02...
  • Page 2 Parts Ordering / Service ............................... FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN 3/8 in. CORDLESS DRILL-DRIVER If this I:RIIFI"SHIIH 3/8 in. Cordless Drill-Driver fails to give complete satisfaction within one year from the date of pur- chase, RETURN IT TO THE NEAREST SEARS STORE OR SEARS SERVICE CENTER IN THE UNITED STATES, and Sears will replace it, free of charge.
  • Page 3 Your drill-driver has many features for making your drilling CAUTION: Carefully read through this entire operator's manual before using your new drill-driver. operations more pleasant and enjoyable. Safety, Pay close attention to the Specific Safety Rules / performance and dependability have been given top Symbols, Warnings and Cautions.
  • Page 4 Tool Use and Care Shorting the battery terminals together may cause sparks, burns, or a fire. • Use clamps or other practical way to secure and Maintain tools with care. Keep cutting tools sharp support the workplece to a stable platform. Holding •...
  • Page 5 • Do not operate charger with a damaged cord or WARNING: Never use a battery that has been --dropped or received a sharp blow. A damaged battery plug. If damaged, have replaced Immediately by a is subject to explosion. Properly dispose of a dropped qualified serviceman.
  • Page 6 Important: Some of the following symbols may be used on your tool. Please study them and learn their meaning. Proper interpretation of these symbols will allow you to operate the tool better and safer. SYMBOL NAME DESIGNATION/EXPLANATION Volts Voltage Amperes Current Hertz Frequency (cycles per second)
  • Page 7: Charging Assembly

    CHARGING ASSEMBLY DRILL-DRIVER 973.113470 Item No. 9 11055 (1425004) Chuck 318 in. Keyless Rating 120 V, 60 Hz, AC only Motor DC Motor 12 Volt Charging Voltage 12 Volt Switch Variable Speed Charge Rate 3-6 Hours No Load Speed 0-600 RPM BATTERY PACK Item No.
  • Page 8 TORQUE LEVEL BATTERY PACK ADJUSTMENT The battery pack for your tool has been shipped in a low KEYLESS RING charge condition to prevent possible problems. Therefore, CHUCK you should charge it overnight prior to use. Note: Batteries will not reach full charge the first time they are charged.
  • Page 9: To Install Battery Pack

    TO INSTALL BATTERY PACK WARNING: Always wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields when operating tools. • Lock switch trigger on your drill by placing the direction Failure to do so could result in objects being thrown of rotation selector in center position. See Figure 4. into your eyes, resulting in possible serious injury.
  • Page 10: Switch Lock

    SWITCH LOCK KEYLESS CHUCK See Figure4. See Figure5. The switch trigger can be locked in the OFF position. This Your drill has a keyless chuck. As the name implies, you can feature can be used to prevent the possibility of accidental hand tighten or release drill bits in the chuck jaws.
  • Page 11 REMOVING BITS INSTALLING BITS See F/_lure 6. See Figure 6. • Lock the switch trigger by placing the direction of • Lock the switch trigger by placing the direction of rotation selector in center position. See Figure 4. rotation selector in center position. See Figure 4. •...
  • Page 12 DRILLING BIT STORAGE See Figure 9. See Figure ! I. When not in use, bits provided with your drill can be placed in the storage area located on the bottom of your drill as shown in figure 9. SCREWDRIVER BITS STORAGEAREA Fig.
  • Page 13 CHUCK REMOVAL • Insert hex key in chuck and tighten chuck jaws se_ curely. Tap sharply with a mallet in a counterclockwise See Figures 12, 13, and 14. direction. This will loosen chuck on the spindle. It can The chuck must be removed in order to use some now be unscrewed by hand.
  • Page 14: Battery Pack Removal And Preparation For Recycling

    WARNING: When servicing, use only identical Do not abuse power tools. Abusive practices can Craftsman replacement parts. Use of any other damage tool as well as workpiece. part may create a hazard or cause product damage. Only the parts shown on parts list, page 15, are intended to be repaired or replaced by the customer.
  • Page 15: Parts List

    CRAFTSMAN 3/8 in.,12 VOLT CORDLESS DRILL-DRIVER MODEL NO. 973.113470 in all correspondence regarding your 3/8 in., 12 VOLT CORDLESS DRILL-DRIVER or when ordering repair The model number will be found on a plate attached to the motor housing. Always mention the model number parts.
  • Page 16 For repair of major brand appliances in your own home... no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! 1-800-4-MY-HOME sM Anytime, day or night (1-800-469-4663) To bring in products such as vacuums, lawn equipment and electronics for repair, call for the location of your nearest Sears Parts & Repair Center. 1-800-488-1222 Anytime, day or night...
  • Page 17 Reglas de Seguridad y las Instrucciones • Lista de antes de usar esta herramienta. Repuestos No. de tel_fono de ayuda a los clientes: 1-800-932-3188 Sears, Roebuck 'and Co., 3333 Beverly Rd., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 Visite la p_gina Web de Craftsman: 983000-005 2-02...
  • Page 18 ........................... GARANTIA COMPLETA DE UN ANO DEL TALADRO/DESTORNILLADOR A BATERIA CRAFTSMAN DE 3/8 pulg. Si este Taladro/Destornillador a Bateria I:RIIFlrSHIIN de 3/8 pulg. no le proporciona completa satisfacciSn a partir de un a_o desde la fecha de compra, DEMUELMALO AL ALMACEN SEARS MAS CERCANO EN LOS ESTADOS UNIBOS y Sears Io reemplazara, gratuitamente.
  • Page 19 Lea cuidadosamente Su taladro/destornillador tiene muchas caracteristicas que ATENCION: todo este manual antesde usar su nuevotaladro/destornillador. P reste contribuyen a facilitar y hacer mas agradable su trabajo. Se ha mucha atencibnalas Reglas de SeguridadGenerales/ dado prioridad maxima a la seguridad, rendimiento y dependabilidad en el disefio de este taladro/destornillador por Simbolos, asi como a las Advertenciasy Avisos.
  • Page 20 Uso y Cuidado de las Herramientas limpias. Las herramientas que se mantienen bien cuidadas y • Use prensas u otro mdtodo pr_ctico para asegurar y bien afiladas tienen menos probabilidad de atascarse y se apoyar la pieza de trabajo en una plataforma estable. pueden controlar m_.s facilmente.
  • Page 21 • No haga funcionar el cargador si el cord6n o el ADVERTENCIA" Nunca use una bateria que se haya caido o que haya recibido un golpe fuerte. Una bateria enchufe estdn da_ados. Si estdn dafiados, hdgalos dafiada puede explotar. Descarte inmediatamente una reemplazar inmediatamente por un electricista bateria que se haya caido.
  • Page 22 Importante: Se pueden haber usado algunos de estos simbolos en su herramienta. Le rogamos que los estudie y que aprenda su significado. La buena interpretacibn de estos simbolos le permitira utilizar mejor su herramienta y de rnanera m&s segura. SIMBOLO NOMBRE DESIGNAClON/EXPLICAClON Voltios...
  • Page 23 TALADRO/DESTORNILLADOR 973.113470 CONJUNTO DEL CARGADOR Art. No. 9 11055 Portabroca (1425004) 3/8 pulg. Sin Ilave Potencia Nominal Motor 120 V, 60 Hz, 12 Voltios CC CA solamente Gatillo Velocidd Velocidades 3-6 Horas Velocidad de Carga 0-600 RPM Velocidad sin Carga BLOQUE DE BATERIAS Art.
  • Page 24 NIVEL BLOQUE DE BATERIAS ANILLODE AJUSTE El bloque de baterias para esta herramienta ha sido enviado PORTABROCA DE LA TORSION con carga baja para evitar posibles problemas. Por Io tanto, SIN LLAVE usted debe cargarlo durante toda la noche antes de usarlo. Nora: Las baterias no alcanzan su carga total la primera vez que son cargadas.
  • Page 25 GATILLO INSTALACION DEL BLOQUE DE BATERIAS Vet FiQura 2. • Bloquee el gatillo de su taladro colocando el selector de Para poner en MARCHA ("ON") el taladro, apriete el gatillo. direccibn de rotaci6n en ta posici6n central. VerFigufa Suelte el gatillo para APAGAR ("OFF") el taladro. •...
  • Page 26 BLOQUEO DEL GATILLO PORTABROCA SIN LLAVE VetFigura 4. Vet Figura 5. Su taladro tiene un portabroca sin Ilave. Como el hombre Io El gatillo de su taladro puede set bloqueado en la posici6n implica, usted puede apretar o aflojar las brocas de taladro en "OFF"...
  • Page 27 INSTALACIONDE LAS BROCAS PARA SACAR LAS BROCAS Vet Figura 6. Vet Figura 6. • Bloquee el gatitlocolocando el selectorde direccibnde • Bloquee el gatillo colocando el selector de direcci6n de rotaci6n en la posieibn central. YerF/gura 4. rotaci6n en la posici6ncentral. VerF/_?ura4. •...
  • Page 28 TALADRADO ALMACENAMIENTO DE LAS PUNTAS Vet F_gura 1I. DESTORNILLADOR Ver F/gura 9. Cuando no est_n siendo usadas, las puntas de destornillador provistas con su taladro pueden ser guardadas en el _.rea situada en la parte inferiordel taladro, como se muestra en la Figura 9.
  • Page 29 DESMONTAJE DEL PORTABROCA • Inserte la Ilave hex. en el portabrocay apriete firmemente las mordazas. Golpee la Ilave hex. con un mazo en Vet Figuras 12, 13y 14. direcci6n a la izquierda. Esto aflojar& el portabroca en el El portabroca puede ser sacado para usar alg0n otro husillo.
  • Page 30 No haga use abusive de las herramientas mec_nicas. El use ADVERTENCIA: Cuando repare la herramienta use solamente repuestos aut6nticos Craftsman. El abusive puede dafiar la herramienta y tambi6n la pieza de trabajo. use de cualquier otro repuesto puede crear un riesgo o dafiar el preducto.
  • Page 31: Lista De Repuestos

    TALADRO/DESTORNILLADOR A BATERIA CRAFTSMAN DE 3/8 pulg., 12 VOLTIOS NO. DE MODELO 973.113470 de modelo en toda la correspondencia respecto a su TALADRO/DESTORNILLADOR A BATERIA DE ElnOmerodemodeloseencuentraenunaplacasituadaenlacajadelmotor. Siempremencioneeln_mero 3/8 pulg. o cuando haga pedidos de repuestos. VER LA ULTIMA PAGINA...
  • Page 32 For repair of major brand appliances in your own home... no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! 1-800-4-MY-HOME Anytime, day or night i¸ i (1-800-469-4663) To bring in products such as vacuums, lawn equipment and electronics for repair, call for the location of your nearest Sears Parts &...