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Operator's Manual
Model No,
R:ead, understand and follow
aH Safety Ruies and O#erating #sstructions
ir_this manua_ before using this #_oduct,
• Safety
- Warranty
• Features
& Operation
• Maintenance
• Espa_o| pg, 13
Sears, Roebuck
and Co,, Hoffman
Estates, IL 60179 U,S.A,
V_s_t oer Craftsman
webs_te: www.craftaman,eom


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   Summary of Contents for CRAFTSMAN 875.50190

  • Page 1

    • Safety aH Safety Ruies and O#erating #sstructions - Warranty • Features & Operation ir_this manua_ before using this #_oduct, • Maintenance • Espa_o| pg, 13 Sears, Roebuck and Co,, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U,S.A, V_s_t oer Craftsman webs_te: www.craftaman,eom...

  • Page 2

    ONDYEAR FULL WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN PRODUCT [f th_s Crsflsmar_ pf_uct fails @e to a defect in mater_a_ a_ wo_kme_ship ,_ thin one yt_.a[from _he date d pUrcha_a RETURN IT TO ANY SEARS STORE OR OTHER CRA_SMAN OUTLET IN THE UN_ED STATES FOR FREE REPLACEMENT, ff _¢s @aftsman...

  • Page 3

    , Open the re/ease valve by pressing down on the re_ease peda_(_ (see Fig. t and 2) • Remove the oil fi_ plug__(see Fig i). • Pump the foot peda_ (_ (see Fig I and 2) 6 to 8 times to release any pressurized air that may be trapped in the oi_reservoir (hydraulic system) - Be sure oii leve_is just be_owthe threads in the ot fi_ip_ughole if oi_needs to be added fo_r_,_ the instructions on page 9.

  • Page 4

    , Purchase two 2rich height adiustment adapter plates (see F ig. 1 A), sold separately, toadd 2inches tothe maximum _ift height ofi6V2 inches toaccommodate high-chassis di_ bikes that require an18V24nch heighL • _nc_udestwo 1*inch wide x i 5-ff. _ongratcheting tie_dowr_ straps (see Fig.

  • Page 5: Product View And Parts List

    ..... _......_,_x_2""_'_"° ..........,__ ......!_.}::}l .._; ...._:}::::::X//:i: 2 :Ii:_:::ili ....:_ ..../_ M_'_ ,,_ _ A (see _tg_)

  • Page 6: Assembly Instructions

    2. insert Foot Peda_ Arm @ into the sleeve of Hydraulic Ram _ secure wth M8 x 12 Hex Bolt (4)_ 3, Attach Height Lock Re_ease @ to Height Lock Bar using 2 Spdng Washers G8 (1)AND 2 Nuts M8 (2), 4, Attach T-Handle _to ConnectiRg Rod _ with Cotter Pin (3),...

  • Page 7

    | Tie-down straps wi!l become I_se and vehiste wilt I be releas_i upon lowering the vehicle SECURING THE VEHICLE with the two 1-in, x 1_, Rateheting Tie-Down Straps (s_ Fig, 4, 4A) Fig, 4 Release La_ch C Top view "OPEN Position 3, Tighten the strap by ratcheting the handle back and [orth until the vehicle is sec_Jre tn order to keep the strap in position while t ghtening,...

  • Page 8

    RELEASING THE VEHICLE FROM THE TWO RATCHETING TiE-DOWN STRAPS (see Fig. 4B) Fig 4B Release Latch C "CLOSED _ Position 1. Hoid the ratchet in one hand and with the other hand puli back on Release Latch @o until the toad re_eases. [_CAUTION:j The VEHICLE witi reiease at this point.

  • Page 9: Maintenance

    (see Fig. 1 ,2) TO ADD HYDRAULIC JACK O IL the oi_fill plug DO NOT ALLOW dirt o_ debris to ente_ the system TO REPLACE HYDRAULIC JACK OiL ° Open the release valve by pressing down on the re_ease peda_ Unscrew and remove oil fil_ plug.

  • Page 10: Specifications

    Maximum load c apacity: 1500 i bs(681kg,} _cking P ositions: 1t3t4 in,t4114 in and 161/2 in Size: 351_x17 xt4inches Weight without the two tie*down straps and the two adapter plates (sold s eparately): _ 77_bs_ PROBLEM CAUSE SOLUTION 1. Air in hydraulic system* system 2, Release valve is...

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  • Page 13

    Manual del usuario iCH' MnWI Modelo 875,50190 PRECAUC:I6N: Lea, comprenda y siga todas • _uridae • Garantla tas normas de segur}dad y ias instruoeiones de funcionamiento de es_emanual antes de ut#iza_ Caraotertst:tcas funcionamlento este producto " Mantenimiento Scats, Roebuck and Co,, Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U_S.A Vtstte nuestto sttto web Ct_-tsman: www, sears,com/cra_eman...

  • Page 14

    GARANTIA COMPLETA DE UN A_/O DEL PRODUCTO CRA_SMAN Seste pr_¢_o @dtsmaa _a_adebido a an de_ecte de mal_ma_e de _abdeaci_'_ ESTADOS UNIDOS PARA OBTENER UN REEMP_O GFIATUITO, Esta ga@ntia/e o_xga de_os bgales esp\ecff_sos Usled puede _÷nereta'as de,aches qua redan de un estado a etre_ Sears, R_>sbu_ a_wJCo.

  • Page 15

    Du_ante eleerie y ent_e:#a_ e[ a ire p uede q_edar at_apado en e!dstema hi@Au_ico Io que i r_terfiefe coa e lrendimienlo de lew_ntamienio dei gate Sga estos pa_s para _iLera[ el a ire , Abra la vaSvula@ liberaci6n p_es_onando e__dal @ ]iberaci6n_ (yea _as Rgs, 't y 2) * ReJtiree/_a_sn de I_enadode aceite (,tea la Fig t) , _m_e...

  • Page 16

    *Puede adquidr dos placas adaptadoras de 2 '_(yea la Fig IA) pare a_adir 2" a la altura maxima de leva_tamiento de 16 1/2'_' d e_gato papa a _as mo_os de motocross de chasis alto que requie_ar_18 t/2' de altura, , _ncluye dos amarres de trinquete de 1'_de ancho x 15 pies de iargo (yea _a Fig. 1B) Ruedas de bl_ueo Barra de b_oquee de a|tura Torailtos de bto_...

  • Page 17

    3 2 I (yeala Fig,2)

  • Page 18

    e#iabar_a de tuercas MS (2} 4_ Instafe lamaniia e_ T_en la vara de conexiSn (_ usar_do el pasador (3} 5_ A_sg_Jrese de que t_as las conexiones est@_ bies ap_etadas PARA LEVANTAR ELVEHICULO (yealas Figs,2 y 3) 1, Cofoque e ga_os_e una supe_cie d_a y n;...

  • Page 19

    PRECAUCthN'! Los ama_r_s s÷a_lois_yeiveh c{;_o s eIb÷_a_ a *! medda que se a_astfe el _ehicule_ F|JACi_N DEL VEH{CULO con los amartes de trinquete 1_ x 15 pies (yea fas Figs, 4 y 4A) Fig 4 Palanca de _tbetad6n Eje B Mantja A ..

  • Page 20

    L_BERAC|_N DEL VEHICULO DE LOS DOS AMARRES DE TR_NQUETE_ (yea |a Fig, 4B) Fig, 48 Pa_n,ca de ll_raci6n Pos cl6f'_ CERRADA mane y con la otra mane tire _a palanca _ _.._,;.u.m..:_ _, vo.,,.o,o °°,,.%°,°°0 oo o .,o _omoo,o_ 3, Papa retirar e_ amarte, tire det tdnquete hacia ardba y deslioe e_amarre basra saearlo del eje(_, AMARRES DE TRINQUETE I, NO use el amarre para _eme_ca_ veh{cu_es o para sos_ene_ o...

  • Page 21

    (vea las Fig, 1 y 2) PARA AI_iADIR EL ACEITE HIDRAULICO PARA GATOS Con los as entos de levantam_ente compietamente bajos y e/gate a nivel del piso, desenrosque y retire el tapSn de Henado de_ aceite Usando aceite t_idreulico SAE 5W de alte grade pare gates !_ene e_tanque de aceite haste Ia pare inferior de _arosca en el agujero de Henado de aceite Vue_va a eolocar el tep6n de lenado de aceite y apt Ctelo, NO PERMITA que entre sueio o desperdicios a_ sistema...

  • Page 22

    Capac dad d eearga maxima: 1.500 ibs(681 k g) BIoqueo de posici6n: ........... II 3/4% t 4I/4'_ y 16 1/2 TamaSo: 35 I/2 x 17 × 14 pt l,_das Peso sin _osdos amarres y sin _asdos p_acasadaptadoras (vendidas per sepamdo) ..77 _bs, SOLUCION PROBLEMA...

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  • Page 24

    iiiiiiii¢ Your Home iiiiii" iiiiii For repair- in your home - of al| majar brand applial_s iiiiii iawn and garden equipment or heating and _ting systems_ iiiiii no matter who made it, no matter who sold tt iiiiii iiiiii For the replacement pa_s a_cessories and iiiiii owner's manuals that _u need to doAtoyourself, iiiiii...

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  • Lloyd Edmonds Jul 01, 2017 05:51:
    Brand new jack sat unused for over a year...War​ranty Expired!
    W​ent to use for first time today and jack won't lower all the way!
    Oil level is fine and tried to purge any air....NO LUCK!!
    NOT Very Happy!!!
  • Lloyd Edmonds Jul 01, 2017 05:56:
    Brand New Jack, sat in my garage over a year before using.
    Jac​k won't lower all the way. Can't even get it under my 2013 Harley Street Glide!! Checked oil level and purged. Still won't lower!! Not Very Happy!!
  • nds Jun 04, 2017 02:34:
    this jack was junk straight out of the box
  • Frank Richardson Jul 14, 2014 11:23:
    I need to order 2 rubber pads for my motorcycle lift. Page 5 Fig 2 Item T

    Frank Richardson​
    ​860 658 0771