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Craftsman 315.175 Owner's Manual

Router double insulated


Owner's Manual
Double Insulated
Model No.
Save this manual for
future reference
Read and
follow all Safety Rules and
Operating Instructionsbefore
first use of this product.
and Co., Hoffman
IL 60179
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Summary of Contents for Craftsman 315.175

  • Page 1 Save this manual for future reference CAUTION: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructionsbefore first use of this product. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Visit the Craftsman web page: 972000-673 7-99 Estates, IL 60179 • Safety • Features • Adjustments •...
  • Page 2 Parts Ordering / Service ... FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY If this CRAFTSMAN Router fails to give complete satisfaction within one year from the date of purchase, RETURN IT TO THE NEAREST SEARS STORE IN THE UNITED STATES, and Sears will repair it, free of charge.
  • Page 3: Safety Alert Symbol

    The purpose of safety symbols Is to attract your attention to possible dangers. The safety symbols, and the explanations with them, deserve your careful attention and understanding. The safety warnings do not by themselves eliminate any danger. The Instructions or warnings they give are not substitutes for proper accident prevention measures.
  • Page 4 WHEN USING THIS ROUTER WITH A ROUTER TABLE, HELP PREVENT POSSIBLE SERIOUS INJURY BY KEEPING THE CUTTER GUARDED AT ALL TIMES. Use only router tables, with guards, that have been designed for use on touters that are of this type, size, and weight.
  • Page 5: Specifications

    If any parts are damaged or missing, contact your nearest Sears Retail Store to obtain replacement parts before attempting to operate router. A wrench and this Owner's Manual are also included. THE FOLLOWING RECOMMENDED ACCESSORIES ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE AT SEARS RETAIL STORES.
  • Page 6: Product View

    COLLETNUT CHIPSHIELD WARNING: Do not allow familiarity with your router to make you careless. Remember that a careless fraction of a second is sufficient to inflict severe injury. squeeze the tabs on each end and pull outward. To replace, squeeze the tabs at each end, fit into opening, then release.
  • Page 7: Installing/Removing Cutters

    See Figure 3. Push spindle lock in and slide into unlock position. Otherwise, the interlocking mechanism of the spindle lock will not let you turn your router on. WARNING: Do not use cutters with undersized shanks. Undersized shanks will not tighten properly and could be thrown from tool causing injury.
  • Page 8: Depth Of Cut Adjustments

    WARNING: Failure to unplug your router could result in accidental starting causing serious injury. • Place your router on a flat surface, loosen locking knob, and turn depth adjusting ring until cutter is inside subbase. See Figure 4. TIGHTEN LOCKING...
  • Page 9: Routing

    FORROUTER TABLEUSEONLY INDICATOR POINT INDICATORRING ROUTER TABLES The use of Craftsman routers on router tables offered by other manufacturers has not been investigated for compliance with applicable safety standards, WARNING: Do not use with router tables that fail to conform to safe wood working practices and offer proper guarding for the cutter.
  • Page 10 Fig. 9 groove in soft, dry wood, the proper feed may be about as fast as you can travel your router along your guide line. On the other hand, if the bit is a large one, the cut is deep or the wood is hard to cut, the proper feed may be a very slow one.
  • Page 11: Depth Of Cut

    TOO SLOW FEEDING It is also possible to spoil a cut by moving the router forward too slowly. When it is advanced into the work too slowly, a revolving bit does not dig into new wood fast enough to take a bite;...
  • Page 12: Direction Of Feed And Thrust

    Tomakedeeper c utsit istherefore necessary t o makeas manysuccessive p asses as required, lowering thebit 118 inch for each new pass. In order to save time, do all the cutting necessary at one depth setting, before lowering the bit for the next pass. This will also assure a uniform depth when the final pass is completed.
  • Page 13 STARTING AND ENDING A CUT INTERNAL ROUTING Tilt router and place on workpiece, letting edge of subbase contact workpiece first. Be careful not to let router bit contact workpiece. Turn router on and let motor build to its full speed. Gradually feed cutter into workpiece until subbase is level with workpiece.
  • Page 14: Maintenance

    WARNING: When servicing, use only identical Craftsman replacement parts. Use of any other part may create a hazard or cause product damage. GENERAL Only the parts shown on parts list, page 17, are intended to be repaired or replaced by the customer.
  • Page 15: Switch Replacement

    • Unplug your router. _1, WARNING: result in accidental starting causing serious injury. • Remove cutter from router. Refer to page 7 to remove cutter. • Adjust router to maximum height. • Remove screws (A) and subbase (B), See Figure 17, Fig.
  • Page 16: Assembly View

    CRAFTSMAN ROUTER - MODEL NUMBER 315.175000, SEE NOTE"A" "15 NOTE: "A" - The assembly shown represents an Important part of the Double Insulated System. To avoid the poselblllty of alteretlon or damage to the System, service should be performed by your nearest...
  • Page 17: Parts List

    CRAFTSMAN ROUTER - MODEL NUMBER 315.175000 The model number will be found on a plate attached to the motor housing. Always mention the model number in all correspondence regarding your ROUTER or when ordering repair parts. SEE BACK PAGE FOR PARTS ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS...
  • Page 18 In U.S.A. or Canada for in-home major brand repair service: Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-800-4-MY-HOME" (1-800-469-4663) Pars pedir servicio de reparaci6n a domicilio - 1-800-676-5811 Au Canada pour tout le service ou les pi_ces - 1-800-469 4663 For the repair or replacement parts you need: Call 6 a.m.
  • Page 19 BILLING SHEET CRAFTSMAN PART NO. DESCRIPTION 981575-001 DATA PLATE 970692-001 LABEL 981576-001 LOGO PLATE 989985-003 COLLET NUT (1/4") 974722-000 Dt_I_I H ADJUSTING RING ASSY. INCL. KEY 25 974131-001 DEPTH INDICATOR RING 623166-006 *SQUARE HEAD BOLT (#1/4-20 X 1-1/4") 622832-014 ROLL PIN 606066-004 *SCREW (#10-32 X :¼"...
  • Page 20 BILLING SHEET CRAFTSMAN PART NO. DESCRIPTION 989592-002 *SCREW #8-10 X 1-3/8" FIL. HD.) 970502-007 END CAP 617834-001 BUMPER 623173-006 WIRE NUT 970777-002 CORD ASSEMBLY 973738-001 LOCK BU'i'FON 612858-001 SLIDE ASSEMBLY 612856-002 SWITCH 989629-001 *SCREW (#10-16 X 1" PAN HD. T.F.)

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