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Freezer Features; Freezer Optional - Frigidaire FFU14FC4AW1 Use & Care Manual

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Table of Contents
Freezer Optional
Power Defrost Plunger - Chest Freezers
Power Defrost
The Power Defrost feature will defrost freezer in a fraction of the time usually
required, To defrost, remove all food, and follow these steps,
1, Pull out Power Defrost Plunger, Leave door open while defrosting, (Closing
freezer door will push in plunger and power defrost will be turned off,)
2, Push Power Defrost Plunger in to restart freezer after defrosting is completed,
NOTE: When defrosting units with the Temp Alarm Feature, turn off the
alarm when defrosting.
When the freezer reaches the freezing temperature,
turn the Temp Alarm back on.
(upright models)
The Slide-Out Basket, located at the bottom of the freezer provides separate storage
space for items that are difficult to store on freezer shelves. To remove the basket,
pull out, and lift up.
Juice Can Rack (upright models)
The Juice Can Rack on the freezer door is specially ridged to store juice cans and
prevent them from rolling out of the shelf.
Security Lock with
This security lock fastens the door snugly, ensuring that stored food issecure. To lock
or unlock the freezer, push the key into the lock and turn. The key pops out of the
lock after it has been turned.
The light comes on automatically when the door is opened. To replace the light bul b,
turn the temperature control to OFFand unplug the electrical cord. Replace the old
bulb with a bulb of the same wattage.
AdJustable Shelf
(upright models)
This shelf can be moved to one of two positions. Lift the shelf up and out to move
to the desired position.
The defrost drain provides a method of draining the water during defrosting and
cleaning. See "Defrosting"
in Care and Cleaning Section.
Slide-Aside Basket
(chest models)
This basket helps organize odd-shaped items. To reach other packages in the freezer,
slide the basket aside or lift out.
(chest models)
The Divider/Drain Pan doubles as a convenient storage area and servesas a shallow
drain pan when defrosting. To remove, lift pan straight up out of the supports, and
out of the chest.
Fast Freezing Shelves
(upright models)
These shelves contain cooling coils to freeze foods quickly and allow cold air to
constantly circulate throughout the freezer. Do not usesharp metal objects such as
ice picks or scrapers to clean the shelves. This could damage the shelves and reduce
their cooling ability. These shelves are not adjustable.
Tilt-Out Shelf
Tilt-Out Shelf
This shelf is located inside on the freezer door and provides additional storage space.
To access an item, tilt top of "basket" shelf down.
Drop Front Shelf
(upright models)
The Drop Front Shelf, located at the bottom of the freezer, provides a separate
compartment for small irregular shaped items or large, bulky items, Lift the shelf front
up and out to remove,

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Table of Contents

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