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The Temperature Control; Freezer Optional Features - Frigidaire CFU14M2AW6 Use & Care Manual

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Setting the
Temperature Control
Cold Control
Cool Down Period
For safe food storage, allow 4 hours for freezer to cool down completely. The
freezer will run continuously for the first several hours. Foods that are already
frozen may be placed in freezer after the first few hours of operation. Unfrozen
foods should NOT be loaded into freezer until freezer has operated for 4 hours.
• When loading freezer, freeze only 3 poundsoffresh
food per cubic foot of freezer
space at one time. Distribute packages to be frozen evenly throughout the
freezer, it is not necessary to turn control knob to a colder setting while freezing
The temperature control is located inside the freezer on upright models, and on
the left outside wall on chest models. The temperature is factory preset to provide
satisfactory food storage temperatures. However, the temperature control is ad-
justable to provide a range of temperatures for your personal satisfaction,
if a
colder temperature is desired, turn the temperature control knob toward COLD-
EST and allow several hours for temperatures to stabilize between adjustments.
Freezer Optional
Chest Models
Yourfreezer may have some, or all of the features listedbelow. Become familiar
withthese features, and their use and care.
Power On Light
The Power On Light indicates that the freezer is properly connected to electrical
power. ThelightglowsevenwhenthetemperaturecontrolisturnedtoOFF.
light goes out, refer to "Freezer does not run" in the Avoid Service Checklist.
Temp Alarm
only or audible with warning light - see Figure 1)
This feature is designed to provide a warning of a possible malfunction,
if the
risestoa level unsafe for long-term storage, thebuzzerwill
sound. The red light, if equipped, willalso glow. The TempAlarm feature operates
on household electricity.
If power fails, the alarm will not function. An ON/OFF
switch allows you to deactivate the Temp Alarm when not wanted. The freezer is
shipped with the Temp Alarm in the OFF position. After freezer has run
approximately4 hours, the red light, if equipped, will go off. Then you may activate
the Temp Alarm without the alarm sounding.
Press the ON switch to activate the Temp Alarm
To deactivate, press the OFF
If the alarm sou nds, be sure freezer is properly leveled, and the door closes freely,
and seals properly.
If you suspect a technical malfunction, call an authorized
servicer immediately.
This feature is designed to provide a warning if the inside temperatures reach an
Feature operates on household electricity. Itwill
not function if household electricity is interrupted.
When the freezer is initially plugged in, the red Temp. Alarm Indicator Light blinks.
The indicator lig htwill continue to blink u ntil the freezer has reached a safe freezing
Ifa malfunction causes an unsafe temperature inside the freezer,
the red light will blink and the buzzer will sound. To silence the buzzer, press the
ALARM OFF button. The indicator Light will continue to blink until a safe freezing
temperature is again reached. If the problem is not resolved within 12 hours, the
buzzer will turn on again, if the ALARM OFF button is not pressed, the buzzer will
turn itself off automatically
after 48 hours, but the red Temp Alarm Light will
continue to blink.

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