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Craftsman 320.48277 Owner's Manual

Craftsman 320.48277 Owner's Manual

Compact laser measuring tool


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Laser Measuring
No. 320.48277
all Safety
and Operating
in this
this product.
o Warranty
° Safety instructions
o Unpacking
o Description
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Co., Hoffman
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  • Page 1 Owner's Manual Compact Laser Measuring Too_ Model No. 320.48277 o Warranty ° Safety instructions _k CAUTION! Read, understand o Unpacking follow all Safety Rules and Operating o Description Instructions in this Manual before o Operation using this product. o Maintenance •...
  • Page 2 Maintenance Page 20 Trouble Shooting Page 21 Service Numbers Back Cover ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN® PRODUCT If this Craftsman tool fails to give complete satisfaction within one year from the date of purchase, return it to any Sears store or other Craftsman outlet in the United States for' free replacement.
  • Page 3 WARNING: BE SURE to read and understand all instructions in this manual before using this product,, Failure to follow atl instructions may result in hazardous radiation exposure, electric shock, and/or bodily injury. CAUTION: Do not attempt to modify the performance of the laser device in any way., This may result in a dangerous exposure to laser radiation WARNING:...
  • Page 4 • Do not attempt to repair or disassemble the laser-measuring tool ff unqualified persons attempt to repair this product, serious injury may occur,, Any repair required on this laser product should be performed only by authorized service personnel, 13o not operate the tool in combustible areas, such as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases, or- dust.
  • Page 5 KNOW YOUR LASER MEASURING TOOL (Fig. 1) Fig. 1 The laser measuring tool is a highly accurate measuring tool for fast, easy operation: o Measure distances from 1 foot to 100 feet with an accuracy of ±1/8 inch,, a The laser measuring tool is intended for: o Measuring distances, lengths, heights, and clearances = Difficult-to-measure situations: the Pythagorean Theorem mode allows...
  • Page 6 1. LCD display - Large LCD screen with white back lighting helps makes it easy to read the large-numeral measuring data clearly, even in dark conditions. Keyboard 3. Positioning pin- for measurement from wal_ comers 4. Laser-receiving lens- receives the reflected laser to determine distance Laser-exit aperture - emits the laser dot.
  • Page 7 KEYBOARD FUNCTION (Fig, 2) Please see the Operation section of this manual for information about the following functions and computations.. 1.. Read/Con key -turns on the laser, takes measurements, activates the continuous measurement. 2., Clear key- clears the measurements, reverts to single distance measurement mode,,...
  • Page 8 I''-. Single Pythagorean Theorem measurement Double Pythagorean Theorem measurement rain Minimum measurement indicator max Maximum measurement indicator ..Continuous measurement indicator ................Your laser measuring tool is a precision instrument.. Please observe the following guidelines to ensure optimal performance Do not direct the laser-measuring tool towards the sun or other sources of bright light This may cause an Error reading or inaccurate measurements.
  • Page 9 TO INSTALL BATTERIES (Fig. 3) This laser measuring tool uses Fig,, 3 four "P,AA" batteries (sold separately), t., Loosen the screw and open the battery cover, 2,. Insert four new "AAA "alkaline batteries according to the polarity indicators in the battery compartment, Be sure the polarity (+/-)is correct!
  • Page 10 To change the units Press unit conversion key ,,_mJ,, to change the units among decimal units of feet, 1/16-in. increments, decimal units of inches, 1/16qn increments of inches, meters and millimeters as shown below. Area Volume Setting Distance feet 2 feet 3 decimal units of feet feet (decimal)
  • Page 11 Single distance measurement Fig. 4 1,, Press the Read key "_" to turn on the laser; the laser indicator will blink from bottom to top (Fig 4 & 5) 2o Aim the laser at the target you want to measure; 3, Press the Read key again to take a measurement,, 4 The length is shown in the...
  • Page 12 8. The second length is shown Fig. 8 in the lowest row of the screen, and the laser beam switches off (Fig 8).. 9. To take a new 5.515. measurement, follow steps 5 through 8, above. NOTE: If after choosing Area, 0 3Ca 7 o28.P o2o .
  • Page 13 Press the Read key again Fig 12 "3 to display the area in the "lOC lowest row of the screen; the , 12tJ width will be displayed at the same time in the second row 15.512,, (Fig 12), 8.. Press the Read key to make a new measurement oZso 000 Volume...
  • Page 14 Press the Read key again Fig. 16 to display the width in the ", second row of the screen (Fig,. 16); 7. The height line in the ,,_t,, icon wiil start to blink (Fig., 16).. 8., Press the Read key again to display the volume in the lowest row of the screen;...
  • Page 15 3_ Press the Read key to turn Fig, 20 on the laser beam; the laser indicator blinks (Fig 20)., laser 4, Position the tool to aim the laser at the target B 5, Press the Read key to display the measured length of AB in the first row of the screen (Fig.
  • Page 16 Double Pythagorean Theorem measurement Use the double Pythagorean Fig.. 23 measurement mode when one end of the tength to be measured indirectly is higher than the measurement position and the other end of that length is lower than the measurement position,. in the illustrated example (Fig, 23), the length BC is to be determined,...
  • Page 17 8,. Press the Read key to Fig 27 display the measured length 14.851,, of AO in the second row of the screen (Fig., 27).. I'... LJ'13 9. The blinking line in "19" ,,-, indicates the distance AC to be measured. t0..
  • Page 18 4._ Press any key to Fig, 29 interrupt the continuous ++o9.?95. measurement. The current measured value is indicated in the lowest row of the screen, The minimum and 13.515. maximum values will be displayed in the first and second row of the screen U¢'! !U ft (Fig..
  • Page 19 Addition and subtraction The single-distance, area, volume, and indirect length can be added or subtracted by the addition and subtraction function to Take the first measurement.. 2. Press "<:_" key; the symbol + or - will show behind the battery indicator Take the second measurement 4.
  • Page 20 This laser measuring tool has been designed to be a low-maintenance tool. However, in order to maintain its performance, you must always follow these simple directions. 1. Always handle the tool with care.. Treat it as an optical device, such as a camera or binoculars.
  • Page 21 PROBLEM CAUSE SOLUTION Too! cannot be Batteries are installed Reinstall the batteries switched on incorrectly according to the polarity indicators in the battery compartment Batteries are tow Replace with new batteries voltage LCD displays "Err001" Do not direct the laser at The reflected laser light is too intense a highly reflective surface;...
  • Page 22 48277 Manual Revised_O9,0211 Page 22...
  • Page 23 48277 Manual Rev}sed_09,021! Page 23...
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