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Adjusting The Crisper Cover Track; Adjusting The Half-Width Freezer Shelf - Whirlpool DESIGNERSTYLE 2184589 Use And Care Manual

18’ to 21’ no-frost designerstyle top freezer refrigerator
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the crisper
cover track
(on some
For some models:
For your convenience,
one crisper
may be larger than the other, and your crisper cover
may have an adjustable track so you can switch
positions of the crispers. This allows you to store
celery and other longer items in a crisper. You can
adjust the cover track with the cover in the refrigerator
by removing the crispers and the cover insert.
To remove the crisper
cover track:
1. Push up glass insert from bottom, then slide out
with both hands.
2. Gently pull up on front end of track.
3. Pull rear end of track out of opening in cover.
To replace the crisper
cover track:
1. Insert rear end of track (with hole) into opening
in cover.
2. Lower front end of track into slot.
3. Make sure rear end of track snaps into place on
underside of cover.
the half-width
(on some
Adjust the shelf according to the space you need in
your freezer. Use the bottom position when you don't
need the shelf at all.
To adjust the shelf:
1. Remove items from the shelf.
2. Lift shelf up at front.
3. Pull shelf out to the stop.
4. Lift back of shelf.
5. Pull shelf out the rest of the way.
To replace the shelf:
1. Slide rear of shelf into desired guide.
2. Lift rear of shelf over stop.
3. Slide shelf in all the way.
4. Lower front into place.



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