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Performance Features; Edge Cleaner; Overload Protector; Dirt Sensor - Kenmore Power-Mate KC50XBZRZU01 Owner's Manual

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Active brush edge
cleaners are on both
sides of the Power-
Mate ® . Guide either
side of the Power-
Mate" along base-
boards or next to
to help
remove dirt trapped at
carpet edges.
The Power-Mate e has
built-in protection
against motor and
belt damage should
the agitator jam. If the
agitator slows down
or stops, the overload
protector shuts off the
Power-Mate ®. The
canister motor will continue to run.
Overload Protector
To correct problem: Turn off vacuum,
remove obstruction, then press reset button.
To reset: Press the overload protector
button. A ball point pen may be required.
The lower wand has
a "U" shaped flange
in the area where
the power cord
attaches. The base
has a "U" shaped
slot near the front.
The flange allows
the wands and
Power-Mate®to be stored with the canister
to conserve storage space. The canister
must be stored on end for this feature to be
To attach the Power-Mate ®, it must be in the
flat position as shown in the illustration.
the handle release pedal to place it in this
The wand will slip out of the slot as it is lifted
up for use and will slide into the slot as it is
lowered for storage.
The dirt sensor light system is mounted on
the Power-Mate" nozzle near the reset but-
ton. It consists of a series of two red lights
and two green lights.
The lights give you
an indication of
the amount of dirt
particles that are
passing through
the sensor on its
way to the dust
When the Power-Mate e is first started, the fol-
lowing light sequence occurs in a two second
time frame:
1. Two reds come on.
2. Two greens are on and will remain on until
the Power-Mate ® nozzle is placed in use.
NOTE: If the nozzle is on a surface that has
dirt on it, dirt will be picked up by the vacuum
and the red lights might stay on.
When the Power-Mate" is being moved back
and forth on the floor, the lights will change
from one configuration to another as dirt is
being vacuumed. As long as the red lights
are on, dirt is passing through the wand to
indicate that the surface still needs cleaning.
When the green lights stay on as the Power-
Mate ®is moved back and forth over an area,
the sensor is not seeing enough dirt to war-
rant further cleaning of that area.
NOTE: Dirt sensor lights DO NOT function in
the FLOOR setting.


Table of Contents

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