Sharp AH-AP18FMF Operation Manual

Split type room air conditioner
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* Plasmacluster is a trademark of SHARP
• SPECIFICATIONS ....................................... 2
• TIPS ON SAVING ENERGY ........................ 5
• PART NAMES .............................................. 6
• BASIC OPERATION .................................... 10
• PLASMACLUSTER OPERATION ............... 12
• TURBO COOLING OPERATION ................. 13
• ONE-HOUR OFF TIMER ............................. 13
• TIMER OPERATION .................................... 14
• AUXILIARY MODE ...................................... 16
• MAINTENANCE ........................................... 16
Thank you for purchasing a SHARP air
conditioner. Please read this manual care-
fully before operating the product.



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  Summary of Contents for Sharp AH-AP18FMF

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    • MAINTENANCE ........... 16 • BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE .... 18 INDOOR UNIT OUTDOOR UNIT AU-A18FF AH-AP18FMF Thank you for purchasing a SHARP air conditioner. Please read this manual care- * Plasmacluster is a trademark of SHARP fully before operating the product. Corpration.
  • Page 2: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS Model AH-AP18FMF Cooling capacity (kJ/h) 18000 Rated freqency (Hz) Rated voltage (V) Rated current (A) Rated input (W) 1800 External dimensions (mm) Indoor unit 1040x325x229 (WxHxD) Outdoor unit 890x645x327 Indoor unit Weight (kg) Outdoor unit We reserve the right to change the materials and apecifications without notice.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNINGS FOR USE Do not pull or deform the power supply cord. Pulling and misuse of the power supply cord can result in damage to the unit and cause electrical shock. Be careful not to expose your body directly to the outlet air for a long time. It may affect your physical conditions.
  • Page 4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS CAUTIONS FOR USE Open a window or door periodically to ventilate the room, especially when using gas appliances. Insufficient ventilation may cause oxygen shortage. Do not operate the buttons with wet hand. It may cause electric shock. For safety, turn the circuit breaker off when not using the unit for an extended period of time.
  • Page 5: Additional Notes On Operation

    ADDITIONAL NOTES ON OPERATION OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE INDOOR TEMP. OUTDOOR TEMP. 32˚C D.B. 43˚C D.B. upper limit 23˚C W.B. COOLING 21˚C D.B. 21˚C D.B. lower limit 15˚C W.B. D.B. = Dry-bulb W.B. = Wet-bulb • The built-in protective device may prevent the unit from operating when used out of this range.
  • Page 6: Part Names

    PART NAMES INDOOR UNIT 1 Inlet (Air) 2 Open Panel 3 AUX. Button 4 Air Filters 5 Receiver Window 6 Louvre Unit Open to clean the inside of the air conditioner. 7 Power Supply Cord 8 Indicator Panel 9 Vertical Adjustment Louvres 0 Horizontal Adjustment Louvres q Outlet (Air) w Remote Control...
  • Page 7: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL 1 TRANSMITTER 2 DISPLAY (Liquid Crystal Display) 3 ON/OFF Button 4 TEMP. Button 5 DISPLAY Button 6 PLASMACLUSTER Button 7 ONE-HOUR OFF TIMER Button 8 MODE Button 9 TIMER ON Button (for setting the timer) 0 FAN Button q TIMER OFF Button (for setting the timer) w SWING Button e TIMER CANCEL Button...
  • Page 8: Using The Remote Control

    USING THE REMOTE CONTROL LOADING BATTERIES Use two size-AAA (R03) batteries. Remove the battery cover at the back of the remote control. Insert batteries in the compartment, making sure the ± and — polarities are correctly aligned. • Lines will be indicated on the dis- play when batteries are properly installed.
  • Page 9 CAUTION • Do not allow the signal receiver window to receive strong direct sunlight, since it can adversely affect its operation. If the signal receiver window is exposed to direct sunlight, close a curtain to block the light. • Using a fluorescent lamp with a quick starter in the same room may interfere with transmission of the signal.
  • Page 10: Basic Operation

    BASIC OPERATION Press the MODE button to select the operation mode. AUTO COOL Press the ON/OFF button to start operation. • The red OPERATION lamp ( ) on the unit will light. Press the TEMP. button to set the desired temperature. AUTO/DRY MODE The temperature can be changed in 1°C increments within the range of 2°C higher...
  • Page 11: Adjusting The Air Flow Direction

    ADJUSTING THE AIR FLOW DIRECTION VERTICAL AIR FLOW DIRECTION Press the SWING button on the remote control once. • The vertical adjustment louvre will change its angle continuously. Press the SWING button again when the vertical adjustment louvre is at the desired position.
  • Page 12: Plasmacluster Operation

    PLASMACLUSTER OPERATION The Plasmacluster ion generator inside the air conditioner will release positive and negative Plasmacluster ions into the room. Approximately the same numbers of positive and negative ions released into the air will reduce some airborne mold. During operation, press the PLASMACLUSTER button.
  • Page 13: Turbo Cooling Operation

    TURBO COOLING OPERATION In this operation, the air conditioner fan works at "extra high" speed with a setting temperature of 15°C to rapidly cool the room. Press the TURBO COOLING button during op- eration. • The remote control will display " ".
  • Page 14: Timer Operation

    TIMER OPERATION TIMER OFF The unit will turn off automatically according to your setting. Timer duration can be set from a minimum half an hour (30 minutes) to a maximum of 12 hours. Up to 9.5 hours, you can set in half-hour (30-minute) increments, and from 10 to 12 hours, in 1-hour increments.
  • Page 15: Timer On

    TIMER ON The unit will turn on automatically according to your setting. Timer duration can be set from a minimum of half an hour (30 minutes) to a maximum of 12 hours. Up to 9.5 hours, you can set in half-hour (30 minute) increments, and from 10 to 12 hours, in 1-hour increments.
  • Page 16: Auxiliary Mode

    AUXILIARY MODE Use this mode when the remote control is not available. TO TURN ON Lift the front panel of the indoor unit and press the AUX. button on the operation panel. • The red OPERATION lamp ( ) on the unit will light and the unit will start operating in the AUTO mode.
  • Page 17: Cleaning The Filters

    MAINTENANCE Be sure to disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet or turn off the circuit breaker before performing any maintenance. CLEANING THE FILTERS The air filters should be cleaned every two weeks. TURN OFF THE UNIT REMOVE THE FILTERS 1 Lift the open panel.
  • Page 18: Before Calling For Service

    BEFORE CALLING FOR SERVICE The following conditions do not denote equipment malfunctions UNIT DOES NOT OPERATE SWISHING NOISE The unit will not operate if it is turned on The soft, swishing noise is the sound of immediately after it is turned off. The unit will not the refrigerant flowing inside the unit.
  • Page 20 SHARP CORPORATION Printed in Thailand TINSEA431JBRZ 05D-...

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