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Zanussi ZC 605 M Manual

Electrogas cooker
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ZC 605 M



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  • Page 2 Without following this procedure, the repair personnel Centre by consulting the telephone directory under will have to charge you more for the repair. the name ZANUSSI or, of course, the yellow pages under the section Electrical Domestic Appliances/ Repairs. This appliance complies with the following E.E.C. Directives: •...
  • Page 3 WARNINGS - GAS AND ELECTROGAS COOKERS It is very important that this instruction book should be kept safely for future consultation. If the appliance should be sold or given to another person, please ensure that the booklet goes together with it, so that the new owner can know of the functions of the machine and also be aware of the warnings.
  • Page 4 CONTENTS Warning Pag. 57 Instructions for the user Pag. 59 Installation Pag. 59 Pag. 59 Electric Oven Pag. 60 Programming Pag. 62 Advice for use of oven Pag. 63 Cooking times Pag. 65 Maintenance Pag. 66 Instructions for installation Pag. 68 Gas connection Pag.
  • Page 5: Instructions For The User

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USER INSTALLATION IGNITION OF HOB BURNERS It is important that all operations are carried out by To ignite a burner, before positioning the saucepan, qualified personnel, in the normal manner. use the appropriate switch marked by a small spark, The specific instructions are describred in the chapter push the corresponding knob in completely and turn in on installation.
  • Page 6 ELECTRIC OVEN (5 FUNCTIONS) Switch to choose type of cooking (Fig. 2) and Bottom heating only thermostat regulation (Fig. 3). Turn the switch to the position “ “ and regulate the These two switches allow you to select the type of thermostat to the temperature required.
  • Page 7 When using the oven for the first time we advise you to switch it on and allow it to heat whilst empty for approximately 45 minutes at maximum temperature. Then allow to cool down before cleaning the inside of the oven with water and a non-abra- sive cleaning product.
  • Page 8 PROGRAMMING Manual operation End of cooking numerical programmer (Fig. 7) The oven can be used normally, without any Some models are fitted with a device which switches programming. For this, turn switch B in a clockwise off the oven at the end of the cooking time programmed.
  • Page 9 ADVICE FOR USE OF THE HOB BURNERS When using thin-based pans, contents should be Initially, use a large flame for cooking, placing the stirred frequently. A thick base reduces the danger of regulating switch on “ “. Then regulate the flame as over-heating as the bottom of the pan produces necessary.
  • Page 10 For the preparation of cakes rature and then gradually lower the temperature. Cook Pre-heat the oven, unless indicated differently, for at large fish at a moderate temperature from start to least 10 minutes before use. Do not open the oven finish.
  • Page 11 TABLE FOR TRADITIONAL AND CONVECTION COOKING Cooking times Traditional cooking Fanned heat FOODS REMARKS Level Level Tempe- Tempe- in Minutes rature rature CAKES Mixture with beaten egg whites 2 (1 and 3) 45 ~ 60 With raised mixture 2 (1 and 3) 20 ~ 35 Shortpastry - pie base 2 (1 and 3)
  • Page 12 MAINTENANCE Before each operation, disconnect the unit. Oven lamp replacement (Fig. 9) Disconnect the appliance. Unscrew the lamp and Cleaning the cooker substitute it with another fitting for a higher tempera- Drops of sauce, fruit juice etc., should be removed as ture (300 C) with the folowing characteristics: soon as possible with a soft cloth soaked in warm Tension:...
  • Page 13 Lid cleaning All the cooker lids can be disassembled, to allow a better cleaning. Enamelled lids can be dissasembled as shown in fig. 11. As regards crystal lids, follow instructions included in the chapter named "Balancing the lid". After a proper cleaning, carefully reposition the lid into its hinges.
  • Page 14: Instructions For The Installer

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE INSTALLER The following instructions are meant for a qualified installer, in order that the operations of installation, regulation, and service are executed according to the existing regulations. Whenever changes are mode involving the disconnection of the machine it is necessary to proceed with maximum caution.
  • Page 15 GAS CONNECTION Gas connection must be carried out according to the rules in force. The manufacturing company release the unit, once tested, adjusted for the kind of gas stated on the rating plate located on the back of the range, next to connection pipe.
  • Page 16 ADAPTATION TO DIFFERENT KINDS OF GAS To adapt the appliance to a different kind of gas from the one the appliance has been set for, follow the instructions below in their order. GAS CONNECTION (Fig. 15) LPG : use the rubber pipe holder «C». Natural gas : use the pipe fitting «A».
  • Page 17: Electrical Connection

    ELECTRICAL CONNECTION The unit is preset to work with a voltage of single phase 230 V. Before making the connection make sure that: — the energy power available in the user's house is sufficient for the normal supply of this appliance (see rating plate).
  • Page 18 WHAT TO DO IF THE APPLIANCE DOESN'T WORK The oven doesn't heat If the appliance doesn't work properly check the — Make sure that the oven knobs are in the correct following points before asking for service: worrking positions. The flow of gas seems abnormal Cooking time is too long Make sure that: —...