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Vermont Castings Defiant 0019 Installation Instructions

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For the Defiant* (Models
0019/0027**), Vigilant*,
Resolute, Intrepid and
Intrepid II
Please read these instructions completely before
you begin the installation.
*NOTE: Defiant and Vigilant Owners - These instruc-
tions are for stoves purchased after March 1, 1980.
Contact your Vermont Castings' Authorized Dealer to
obtain the correct instructions and hardware for stoves
purchased before March 1, 1980.
Bottom heat shields must be used unless the stove is
to be situated on a completely noncombustible hearth,
such as unpainted concrete over earth.
Clean all heat shields as needed (or at least annually)
so they will continue to reflect heat adequately. In ad-
dition, check all leg bolts annually to be sure they are
secure. For complete information on floor protection,
refer to the installation section of your Owner's Manual.
Tool needed: Open end wrench, 9/16"
Materials Provided:
Standard Legs
All Stoves: Bottom heat shield (1), C-brackets (4), 1/4-
20 x 1/2" wing screws (4)
Short Legs
Defiant / Vigilant: Bottom heat shields (2), C-brackets
(4), 1/4-20 x 2" threaded studs (4), 3/8" spacers (4), hex
nuts (4), wing nuts (4)
Resolute / Intrepid / Intrepid II: Bottom heat shields
(1), C-brackets (4), 1/4-20 x 1/2" wing screws (4)
**Not applicable to Defiant Model 1910, which has glass pan-
els in its front doors. Defiant Models 0019 and 0027 do not
have glass panels.
2005095 8/08 Rev. 13
1. Remove all accessories from inside the stove; lift off
the griddle, load door and front doors.
Defiants and Vigilants shipped from the factory have a
wooden wedge inside the stove to hold the damper
closed during shipment. Leave this wedge in place
until after the legs are installed.
2. With assistance, remove the stove from the pallet
and place it close to its installed location. If your
stove has a porcelain enamel finish, use a piece of
cardboard or a drop cloth to cushion the ash lip and
top plate.
3. If the stove is already installed, disconnect the chim-
ney connector.
4. Tilt the stove into a secure reclining position. It will
require at least two people to tilt the stove and a
third to steady it from the front.
For the Defiant, Vigilant and Resolute, tilt the stove
forward over the ash lip until the top plate rests on
the floor.
For the Intrepid and Intrepid II, tilt the stove back to rest
on the pallet or wooden blocks.
One-half inch screws were installed in the leg bolt holes
to stabilize the stove during shipment. Remove and
discard them. The appropriate leg bolts are packed
with the stove legs.
Attach the Legs
Attach the legs to the stove loosely using one washer
per leg. They will be tightened firmly later in the instal-
For all stoves except the Vigilant, use the silver-colored
3/8" x 1" leg bolts. For Vigilants, use the silver-colored
3/8" x 1¹⁄₄" bolts.
Wing Screw
Fig. 1 Rotate the two fornt C-brackets so that they slide over
the leg bolts between the washer (or handle holder) and the
Bottom heat shield
& clips
Handle Holder
Bottom Heat Shield

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    March 1, 1980. on the pallet or wooden blocks. Contact your Vermont Castings’ Authorized Dealer to One-half inch screws were installed in the leg bolt holes obtain the correct instructions and hardware for stoves to stabilize the stove during shipment.

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    Repeat this procedure for the other hole positions so For all stoves, use the handle holder instead of a wash- that the two shields are held together loosely. er under the bolt that secures the right front leg. Pass the bolt through the leg and handle holder, and loosely Lift the shields into place with the long, tapered portion thread the bolt into the bottom of the stove.

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