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SONY STR-DG510 Operating Instructions Manual

Multi channel av receiver.
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The model
and serial numbers
are located
on the rear of the unit. Record
serial number
in the space provided
below. Refer to them whenever
you call
upon your Sony dealer regarding
this product.
Serial No.
@2007 Sony Corporation


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   Summary of Contents for SONY STR-DG510

  • Page 1 The model and serial numbers are located on the rear of the unit. Record serial number in the space provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model Serial No. STR-DG510 @2007 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 WARNING This equipment has heeu tested and fuund tu comply with the limits fur a Class B digit:d device, pursuant To reduce the risk of fire or electric tu Part 15 uf the FCC Rules. These limits are shock, do not expose this apparatus designed to provide reasunahle protection against rain or moisture.
  • Page 3 For customers in Europe About This Manual Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic Equipment (Applicable in the European • The instructions in this manual are fur model Union and other European countries STR-DG510. Check your model number by with separate collection systems) h)oking at the h)wer right corner of the front p:meh In this manual, models of area code U is used fl)r packaging...
  • Page 4 Note for the supplied remote (RM-AAU013) Tile VIDEO 3 button on tile remote is not available l\_r receiver operation. 4 GB...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Tableof Contents Enjoying Surround Sound Getting Started Description and location of parts ....Enjoying Dolby Digital and DTS Surround sound (AUTO FORMAT DIRECT) ..46 1: Installing speakers ........Selecting a pre-programmed sound field..48 2: Connecting speakers ....... Using only the front speakers 3a: Connecting the audio components ..
  • Page 6: Description And Location

    Description andlocationof parts Name Function Name Function I/(_) Press to mm the receiver on MASTER Turn tu adjust the vohmm VOLUME (on/standby) or off (page 26. 34.35.52. level of all speakers at the 69). same time (page 32, 33, 34, 35).
  • Page 7 Function Name MEMORY/ Press to operate the tuner ENTER (FM/AM) (page 52). TUNING MODE TUNING +/- AUTO CAL Connects to the supplied MIC jack optimizer microphone for the Auto Calibration function (page 28). PHONES jack (_onneclsto headphones (page 64). 7 G8...
  • Page 8 Name Function Name Function OO PI_/ -rlo PL" lights up when the Lights up when sub wooli:r Orl PLII selection is set to "YES" (page receiver applies Pro Logic 42) and the audio signal is processing to 2 channel signals output from the SUB in order to output the center and WOOFER jack.
  • Page 9 Name Fu nction MEMORY Lights up when a memory function, such as Preset Memory (page 55), etc.. is activated. Tuner Lights up when using Ihe indicators receiver to tune in radio stations (page 52), etc. Note "RDS" appears for models of area code CEL.
  • Page 10 DIGITAL INPUT/OUTPUT section SPEAKERS section Celnlects OPTICAL Connects to a DVD speakers (page 15). IN jacks player, etc. The COAXIAL jack COAXIAL IN provides a belter jack quality ef loud sound (page 18.21. 23). Connects to a DVD HDMI IN/ OUT jacks* player, etc.
  • Page 11 Yon can use the supplied remote ANTENNA wire antenna RM-AAU013 to operate the receiver and to jack (aerial) supplied with this receiver control the Sony audio/video components that (page 25). the remote is assigned to operate (page 61 ). Connects to the AM ANTENNA...
  • Page 12 The buttons MEMORY Press to store a station. are factory assigned to control Sony components as lollows. MUTING Press to activate the muting You can change the button function. assignments following the Press MUTING :rod TV ([]) steps in "Changing button...
  • Page 13 Name Function Name Function Press Io Press tu RETURN/ EXIT search tracks in the furward/ return tu the previous menu. reverse direction oftheDVD exil the menu while the player. guide of nmuu or on-screeu start fast forward/rewiud the VCR. DVD player, the VCR.
  • Page 14: 1: Installingspeakers

    Name Function 1: Installingspeakers Press -/-- mid TV ([]) -/-- at the same time to select the chamlel entry mode. either This receiver allows you to use a 5.1 channel one or two digits of the TV. system (5 speakers and one sub woofer). >10/.
  • Page 15: 2: Connecting Speakers

    2: Connecting speakers SPEAKERS FRONT B terminalsa/ OMonaural audio cord (not supplied) OSpeaker cords (not supplied) a/if you have an additional front speaker system. []Front speaker (left) connect them to the SPEAKERS FRONT B rfflFront speaker (right) terminals. You can select the h'unt speakers you _l]Center speaker want to use with SPEAKERS (OFF/A/B) on the...
  • Page 16: 3a: Connecting The Audiocomponents

    3a: Connecting the audiocomponents The following illustration shows how to connect a Super Audio CD/CD player. After connecting your Super Audio CD/CD player, proceed to "3b: Connecting the video components" (page 17). Super Audio CD player/CD player OAudio cord (not supplied) 16G8...
  • Page 17: 3b: Connecting The Videocomponents

    3b: Connecting the videocomponents ¢Cl This section describes how to connect your The linage quality depends on the connecting video components to this receiver. Before jack. Refer to the illustration that follows. begin, refer to "Component to be connected" Select the connection according to the jacks oil below for the pages which describe...
  • Page 18 Blu-ray disc player etc. Audio/video Audio signals Audio/video Audio/video Audio signals signals signals _c_°_, _signals OCoaxial digital cord (not supplied) O HDMI cable (not supplied) We reconnnend that you use a Sony HDMI cable. OOptical digital cord (not supplied) 18 G8...
  • Page 19 Notes on HDMI connections • Tile sound is output from tile TV speaker only when a playback component and this receiver, as well as this receiver and the TV are connected via the HDMI jack. To output the sound from the supplied speakers and to take advantage...
  • Page 20 Note Be sure to turn on the receiver when the video and audio signals of a playback component are being The image from a video component connected output to a TV via the receiver. Unless the power is to this receiver can be displayed on a TV turned on.
  • Page 21 Notes • Te input multi channel digihd :mdiu fruul tile DVD player, set tile digital audiu uutpul setting on tile DVD player. Refer tu the operating instructions _" The following illustration shows how to supplied with the DVD phtyer. connect a DVD player/DVD recorder. •...
  • Page 22 Connecting a DVD recorder DVD recorder Video signals Audio signals VIE _ _![@ i!ii!ii!iii_i_ii_iii_iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 2_l_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_!_ OVideo cord (not supplied) QAudio cord (not supplied) Notes • Be sure to ch;_oge tire f:_ctery setting of the VIDEO 1 input button ee the remote so that you can use the button to control...
  • Page 23 Notes • When c'enneciing epiic'al digital c'eMs, insert the plugs straight in until they click ink) place. • De net bend or tie eplical digital ceMs. The following illustration shows how to connect a satellite tuner or a set-top box. All the digital audio jacks are compatible with It is not necessary to connect...
  • Page 24 The following illustration shows how to connect a component which has analog jacks such as a VCR, etc. ]t is not necessary to connect all the cords. Connect audio and video cords according the jacks of your components. Video signals Audio signals VIC EO iii';iiiii_iii!i!ii_iiiiiiii!iiiiii_i!iiiiiiii!i!i!ii_iiiiii!iiii...
  • Page 25: 4: Connecting The Antennas(aerials)

    4: Connecting the antennas(aerials) Connect the supplied AM loop antenna (aerial) and FM wire antenna (aerial). FM wire antenna (aerial) (supplied) AM loop antenna (aerial) (supplied) : The shape of Ihe connector "varies depending on the area code of this receiver. Notes •...
  • Page 26: 5: Preparing The Receiver

    5: Preparing the receiver andthe remote Before using the receiver for the first time, initialize the receiver by performing the following procedure. This procedure can also be used to return settings you have made to If your receiver has a voltage selector on the their factory defuults.
  • Page 27: 6: Selectingthe Speaker System

    6: Selectingthe speaker system Insert two R6 (size-AA) batteries in the RM-AAU013 remote commander. You can select the front speakers you want to Observe the correct polarity when installing drive. batteries. Be sure to use the buttons on the receiver this operation.
  • Page 28: Automatically (auto Calibration)

    Notes 7: Calibrating the • The Auto Calibration fimction does not work when he.dphones are connected. appropriate settings • Make sure SPEAKERS (OFF/A/B) is not set to ofl. automatically (AUTO CALIBRATION) The DCAC (Digital Cinema Auto Calibration) function allows you to perform automatic calibration such as: •...
  • Page 29 Measurement starts. The nleusurement process will take a few minutes to complete, The table below shows the display when nleasnrenlent starts. "_ Measurement Display Environment noise NOISE.CHK ;:I,, Input level Speaker cenneclion MEASURE and SP DET. appears alternately _- Speaker level MEASURE and (IAIN appears alternately _...
  • Page 30 When warning codes appear During Auto Calibration, the warning code provides inl\_rmation on the measurement When error codes appear result. The warning code will appear on the display cyclically as follows: When an error is detected during Auto Warning code _ blank display (warning Calibration,...
  • Page 31: Levels And

    Warning codes and solutions 8: Adjusting t hespeaker Warning Explanation and solution code levelsand balance WARN. 40 The eu'droument is noisy. Make sure the environment is quiet (TEST TONE) during Autu Calibration. WARN. 60 The front speaker balance is out of You can adjust the speaker levels and balance range.
  • Page 32: Selectinga Component

    Press 4,1,!,repeatedly to select "T. TONE Y". The test tone is output from each speaker Selectinga component in sequence as follows: Front left _ Center _ Front right Surround right _ Surround left Sub woofer Adjust the speaker levels and balance using the LEVEL menu so that the level of the test tone sounds the same from each...
  • Page 33 Selected input Components that can [Display] be played back VIDEO 1 VCR. etc.. cunnected to [VIDEO I1 the VIDEO 1.jack VIDEO 2 Blu-ray disc player, etc., [VIDEO 2/BD] _- connected to the VIDE() 2/BD .jack DVD player, etc., [DVD] connected to DVD jack Satellite tuner, etc.
  • Page 34: Listening/watching A Component

    Notes Turn on the Super Audio CD player/CD • The uperafion is described l_r a player, then place the disc on the tray. Sony Super Audio CD player. • Rel_:r to the operating Turn on the receiver. !i!i!i! instructions supplied with the Super Audio CD player ur CD Press SA-CD/CD.
  • Page 35 Notes Turn on the TV and DVD player. • Relier to the operating instructions supplied with the Turn on the receiver. TV and DVD player. • Check the lk_llowing if you Press DVD. cannot listen to multi channel You can also use INPUT SELECTOR on this receiver to souud.
  • Page 36: Navigating Through Menus

    To return to the previous display Press I,. To exit the menu Navigating through Press AMP MENU. menus Note Some parameters mid settings may appear dimmed By using the amplifier menus, you can make on the display. This means that they are either various adjustments to customize the receiver.
  • Page 37 The following options are available in each menu. For details on navigating through menus, see page 36. Initial Menu Parameters Settings [Display] [Display] setting T. TONE N LEVEL Test tone a) IT. TONE] T. TONE Y. T. TONE N [I-LEVEL] BALANCE Frent speaker balance a) BAL.
  • Page 38 Menu Parameters Settings Initial [Display] [Display] setting AUDIO Digital audio input decoding DE('. AUTO. DEC. F'CM DE('. AUTO [5-A1JDIO] priority a}[DEC. PRI.] for: (page 41 ) SAT. VIDEO 2: DEC. PCM l_r: Digital broadcast language DUAL M/S. DUAL M. DUAL S. DUAL M selection a_ [DUAL] DUAL M+S...
  • Page 39: Adjusting The Level

    • D. RANGE (Dynamic range compressor) Adjusting the level Lets you compress the dynamic range of the (LEVELmenu) sound track. This may be useful when you want to watch movies at low vohnnes late at night. Dynamic range compression is possible You can use the LEVEL menu to adjust the with Dolby Digital...
  • Page 40: Adjusting Thetone

    Adjusting the tone Settings for the surround sound (TONE menu) (SUR menu) You can use the TONE menu to adjust the tonal quality (bass/treble level) of the front You can use the SUR menu to select the sound speakers. These settings are applied to all field you want for your listening...
  • Page 41: Menu)

    Settingsfor the tuner Settingsfor theaudio (TUNERmenu) (AUDIO menu) You can use the TUNER menu to set the FM You can use the AUDIO menu to make station receiving mode and to name preset settings for the audio to suit your preference. stations.
  • Page 42: Menu)

    • DUAL (Digital broadcast language selection) Settingsfor thesystem Lets you select tile hmguage you want to listen (SYSTEMmenu) to during digital broadcast. This feature only functions for Dolby Digital sources. • DUAL M/S (Main/Sub) You can use the SYSTEM menu to set the size Sound of the main language will be output and distance of the speakers connected to this through the front left speaker and sound of...
  • Page 43 • FRT SPK (Front speakers) • SUR SPK (Surround speakers) • LARGE • LARGE If you connect large speakers that will If you connect large speakers that will effectively reproduce bass frequencies, effectively reproduce bass frequencies, select "LARGE". Normally, select select "LARGE".
  • Page 44 • FRT DIST. (Front speaker distance) The receb_,er lets 5ou to input the speaker position in terms of distance. However. it is not possible to set Lets you set tile distance from your listening the center speaker lurther than the front speakers. position to the front speakers (O).
  • Page 45 Sum)uud speaker position is designed specifically for implementatiou of the Cinema Studio EX mudes. For other sound fields, speaker position is not so critical Those sound fields were designed under the premise that the surround speakers would be located behind the listening position, but presentation rmnaius fairly consistent even with the surround speakers positioned at a rather wide angle.
  • Page 46: Sound (auto Format Direct)

    Calibratingthe appropriate settings Enjoying DolbyDigital automatically andDTSSurround sound (A. CAL menu) (AUTO FORMAT DIRECT) For details, see "7: Calibrating the appropriate settings automatically (AUTO The Auto Format Direct (A.F.D.) mode allows CALIBRATION)" (page 28). yon to listen to higher fidelity sound and select the decoding mode for listening to a 2 channel stereo sound as nmlti channel sound.
  • Page 47 Types of A.F.D. mode Decoding A.F.D. mode Multi channel Effect mode [Display] audio after decoding (Detecting A.F.D. AUTO (Detecting Presents the sound as it was recorded/ automatically) [A.F.D. AUTO] automatically) encoded without adding any surround effects. However. this receiver will generate a low frequency signal for output to the sub woofer when there is no LFE signals.
  • Page 48: Selectinga Pre- Programmed Sound Field

    If you connect a sub woofer Selectinga pre- This receiver will generate a low frequency signal l\_r output to the sub woofer when there programmed sound field is no LFE signal, which is a low-pass sound effect output from a sub woofer to a 2 channel You can take advantage of surround sound...
  • Page 49 This is a standard mude, great lor watching ahnusl any type uf movie. CINEMA STUDIO EX B Reproduces the sound characteristics uf the Sony Pictures IT]r'd_[C.ST.EX Entertainment "Kim Novak Theater" cinema produclion studio. This mode is ideal fur watching science-ficlion action movies wilh luls of SOlllld eflecls.
  • Page 50 DCS is a unique sound reproduction sound coming directly from the surround speakers. technology for home theater developed • This limction does not work when: Sony, in cooperation with Sony Pictures ANALOG DIRECT is selected. Entertainment, for enjoying the exciting sign;ds with a sampling lrequency of inure than...
  • Page 51: Using Only The Front Speakers

    Listening to thesound Using only the front speakers withoutanyadjustment (2C1-1 STEREO) (ANALOG DIRECT) In this mode, the receiver outputs the sound You can switch the audio of the selected input from the front left/right speakers only. There is to two channel analog input. This flmction no sound from the sub woofer.
  • Page 52: Settings

    Resettingsoundfields to the initial settings Listeningto FM/AMradio Be sure to use the buttons on the receiver this operation. You can listen to FM and AM broadcasts through the built-in tuner. Before operation, make sure you have connected the FM and AM antennas (aerials) to the receiver...
  • Page 53 In case of poor FM stereo reception If tile FM stereo reception is poor and "ST" flashes on the display, select monaural audio so that the sound will be less distorted. Press FM MODE repeatedly until the "MONO" indicator lights up on the display. To return to stereo mode, press FM MODE repeatedly...
  • Page 54: Presettingradiostations

    Press ENTER. Presettingradiostations You can also use MEMORY/ENTER the receiver. You can preset up to 30 FM stations and 30 AM stations. Then you can easily tune in the If you cannot tune in a station stations you often listen to. Make sure you have entered tile right frequency.
  • Page 55 Press MEMORY. You cun also use MEMORY/ENTER the receiver. "MEMORY" lights up I\_r a few seconds. Perform steps 4 and 5 before "MEMORY" goes out. Press the numeric buttons to select a preset number. Numeric You can also press PRESET + or buttons PRESET...
  • Page 56 To create an index name Use €141_,!,1, to create an index name. Press €/1!, to select a character, then press _,1,_to move the cursor to the next position. If you made a mistake Press _,/,_ until tile character you want to change flashes, then press €14, to select the correct character.
  • Page 57: "rds

    Usingthe RadioData While receiving an RDS station, System(RDS) press DISPLAY repeatedly on the receiver. (Models of area code CEL, CEK Each time you press the button, only) information on the display changes cyclically This receiver also allows you to use RDS as follows: (Radio Data System),...
  • Page 58: Between Digital And Mmlog Audio Mode)

    Program t ypeDescription indication VARIED Other types of programs such as celebrity interviews, panel Switchingbetween games, and comedy digitalandanalogaudio POP M Popular music programs ROCK M Rock music programs (INPUT MODE) EASY M Easy Listening LIGHT M h/strumeutah vocal, aud choral When you connect components to both digital...
  • Page 59: Inputs

    Changing the display Naming inputs You can enter a name of up to 8 characters You can check the sound field, etc., by inputs and display it on the receiver's display. changing the information on the display. Be sure to use the buttons on the receiver This is convenient for labeling...
  • Page 60: Usingthe Sleeptimer

    Usingthe SleepTimer Recording usingthe receiver You call set the receiver to turn off automatically at a specified time. Press SLEEP repeatedly while the power is on. Each time you press the button, tile display changes cyclically as follows: 2-004)0 --+ 1-30-00 --+ 1-00-00 --+ 0-30-00 --+ OFF...
  • Page 61: Changing Button Assignments

    MEMORY Example: Press 4. Now you can use the VIDEO 1 button to a/Sony VCRs are operaled wifll a VTR 2 or VTR 3 control the DVD recorder. setting which corresponds to 8 mm and VHS respeclively. b)Sony DVD recorders are operaled wilh a DVD l or DVD3 selling.
  • Page 62: Glossary

    Dolby Surround (Dolby • Logic) Audio processing technology developed Dolby Laboratories, Inc. Center and mono Glossary surround int_rmation is matrixed into two stereo channels. When reproduced, audio is decoded and output in 4 channel surround • Component video sound. This is the most connnon audio A format for transmitting video signal processing...
  • Page 63: Precautions

    If you have any questions or problems continuously use this receiver at a large concerning your receiver, please consult your volume, the cabinet temperature of the top, nearest Sony dealer. side and bottom rises considerably. To avoid burning yoursel£ do not touch the cabinet. 63G8...
  • Page 64: Troubleshooting

    There is no sound from one of the front Troubleshooting speakers. • Connect a pair of headphones to the PHONES jack to verify that sound is If you experience any of the following output from the headphones. If only one difficulties while using the receiver, use this channel is output from the headphones, troubleshooting guide to help you remedy the...
  • Page 65 There is severe hum or noise. The surround effect cannot obtained. • Check that the speakers and components • Make sure the sound fieM function is on are connected securely. (press MOVIE, or MUSIC). • Check that the connecting cords are away •...
  • Page 66 Use direct tuning. table to solve the problem. If any problem • Make sure you set the tuning interval persists, consult your nearest Sony dealer. correctly (when tuning in AM stations If an error message appears while you perform with direct tuning).
  • Page 67: Specifications

    RMS Output Power (8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, THD 0.09r7_ ) If the problem persist 90 W + 90 W Consult your nearest Sony dealer. Note that if Stereo Mode Output Power (8 ohms, 1 kHz, THD P/_) service personnel changes...
  • Page 68 Models of area code KR Frequency response lC) Hz -70 Minimum RMS Output Power (8 ohms. 20 Hz - Analog 20 kHz, THD 0.09%) +0.5/-2 dB (with sound 85 W + 85 W I) field and tone bypassed) 70 W + 70 W 3) Inputs Sensitivity: 500 mV/ Stere() Mode Output Power (8 ohms, 1 kHz,...
  • Page 69 Supplied accessories 6)You can change Ilae AM tuning scale Io 9 kHz or FM "aire antenna (aerial) (1) 10 kHz. Alter tuning in any AM station, turn off the receiver. While holding down TUNING AM loop antenna (aerial) (I) MODE. press I/(!).
  • Page 70: Index

    Index Numerics 2 channel Menu TEST TONE 2CH STEREO A. CAL Tuner 5.1 channel AUDIO connecting LEVEL Tuning automatically SYSTEM directly AUTO CALIBRATION TONE to preset stations AUTO FORMAT DIRECT TUNER (A.ED.) Muting connecting Blu-ray disc player Naming 56, 59 connecting connecting CD player...
  • Page 71 289842911 Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia http:!/

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