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7_o,_,e,-Shot 5500
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I,,'US 500
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Camera User Guide
Pleaseread the Read This Firstsection (p. 7).
Pleasealso read the Software Starter Guideandthe Direct Print User Guide.


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  • Page 1

    )( o D(G_C PktBridge E¢ ,( o DIRECT PRINT BUBBLE JET DIRECr Camera User Guide Pleaseread the Read This Firstsection (p. 7). Pleasealso read the Software Starter Guideandthe Direct Print User Guide. CDI-E117-010 XXXXXXX ©2004 CANON INC. PRINTED IN JAPAN DPOF...

  • Page 2

    Canon accessories (e.g., a leakageand/ or explosion of a battery pack). Please note that this warranty does not apply to repairs arising out of the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories, although you may request such repairs on a chargeable basis.

  • Page 3

    CameraBodyTemperature If your camera is used for prolonged periods, the camera body may become warm. Pleasebe aware of this and take care when operating the camera for an extended period. Aboutthe LCDMonitor The LCD monitor is produced with extremely high-precision manufacturing techniques.

  • Page 4

    ConventionsUsed in the Text Icons on the right end of title bars show the applicable operating modes. As inthe example below, the procedure can be performed in I_1 (Auto), QM (Manual), d;;;t (Stitch Assist) or Dm (Movie) mode. This mark denotes issues that may affect the camera's operation. : This mark denotes additional topics that complement the basic operating procedures.

  • Page 6

    Items marked with _ are lists o rcharts that summarize camera functions procedures, Read This First ..........PleaseRead....................7 Safety Precautions ..................8 PreventingMalfunctions ................1 3 Components 6uide ..........Preparing the Camera Chargingthe Battery Pack...............18 Installing tile Battery Pack...............21 Installingthe CFCard ................

  • Page 7

    t_ Shooting aMovie ............Shooting Hard-to-Focus Subjects (Focus Lock, AF Lock) ......Locking the E xposure Setting (AE L ock) ........Locking the Flash Exposure Setting (FE L ock) ........Switching between Focusing Modes ........... [] Switching between Light Metering Modes ........

  • Page 8

    Connecting the Camera tothe C omputer toDownload Images without Installing Software ............Downloading Directly from aCF C ard .......... ViewingImageson a TVset ........Customizingthe Camera(My CameraSettings) ChangingMy CameraSettings ..............129 RegisteringMy CameraSettings ............131 List of Messages ..........Troubleshooting ..........Appendix Using an ACAdapter Kit (Sold Separately) ..........140 Using a Car Battery Charger(Sold Separately)........

  • Page 9

    This camera's warranty is only effective in the country of sale. Ifa problem arises while the camera is in use abroad, please convey it back to the country of sale before proceeding with a warranty claim to a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.

  • Page 10: Safety Precautions

    Similarly, never touch internal portions of the equipment that become exposed as a result of damage, There is a risk of high-voltage electrical shock, Pleasetake the first opportunity to consult your camera distributor or the closest Canon Customer Support Help Desk,...

  • Page 11

    Confirm that smoke or fume emissions have ceased. Pleaseconsult your camera distributor or the closest Canon Customer Support Help Desk. • Stopoperating the equipmentif it is droppedor the casing is damaged. Failureto do so may result in fire or electrical shock. Immediately turn the camera power off, remove the camera battery or unplug the power cable from the power outlet.

  • Page 12

    • Use only recommendedpower accessories. Use of power sources not expressly recommended for this equipment may lead to overheating, distortion of the equipment, fire, electrical shock or other hazards, • Donot place the batteries near a heat source or expose them to direct flame or heat.

  • Page 13

    • Thecamera terminals ofthe battery charger a ndcompact power adapter a re designed for exclusive u se withyourcamera.Donot use themwith otherproductsor batteries. T hereis a riskof fire andother hazards. Caution about magnetic fields Keep objectsthataresensitiveto magneticfields(suchas creditcards) awayfrom the speakerofthe camera (p. 14).Suchitems maylosedata or stop working.

  • Page 14

    Cautions • Avoidusing,placingor storing the equipment in placessubject t o strong sunlight o r hightemperatures, such as thedashboard o r trunk (boot) of a car.Exposure to intensesunlightandheatmaycausethe batteries to leak,overheator explode,resultingin fire,burnsor other injuries.Hightemperatures mayalsocausedeformationofthe casing. Ensure thatthereis goodventilationwhenusingthe batterycharger t o chargethe batterypack.

  • Page 15

    AvoidStrongMagnetic Fields Never place the camera in close proximity to electric motors or other equipment generating strong electromagnetic fields. Exposure to strong magnetic fields may cause malfunctions or corrupt image data. AvoidCondensation Related Problems Moving the equipment rapidly between hot and cold temperatures may cause condensation (water droplets) to form on its external and internal surfaces, Youcan avoid this by placing the equipment in an airtight, resealable plastic bag and letting it adjust to temperature changes slowly...

  • Page 16

    ViewfinderWindow(p. 39) F-assist Beam (p, 42) Red-eye Reduction Lamp (p. 58) Self-timer Lamp(p. 64) Microphone (p. 98) Speaker Flash (p. 58) -- DIGITAL Terminal(p. 120) -- AN Out (Audio/Video Out) Terminal(p, 127) Lens - Terminal Cover WristStrapMount Attaching the Wrist Strap* * Becareful not to wave the camera about or catch it on other items when dangling it from the wrist strap.

  • Page 17

    Pleaserefer to your Bubble Jet printer user guide. - PictBridge Compliant Printers: Interface Cable IFC-4OOPCU (supplied with the camera) • PictBridge Compliant Non-Canon Printers: Interface Cable IFC-4OOPCU (supplied with the camera) Pleaserefer to the SystemMap or the Direct Print UserGuidesupplied...

  • Page 18

    ShootingMode Dial (p, 53) r-- Power Lamp Lights when tile powerisonor transmission p reparations ndcators_ 17t I arecomplete when connected to a computer "P" " I I-- ON/OFFButton (p.30) _E- ShutterButton (p. 41) I I _ ZoomLever 7. II Shooting: f_°_°...

  • Page 19

    The i ndicator lights orblinks when the ON/OFF button orshutter button is pressed, Upper Indicator Green: Ready to shoot Blinking Green: Recording to CFcard / Reading CFcard / Erasing from CF card/Transmitting data (during a computer connection) Orange: Ready to shoot (flash on) Blinking Orange: Ready to shoot (camera shake warning) LowerIndicator fellow:...

  • Page 20

    Use t he f ollowing procedures tocharge the battery pack the first time y ou use t he camera or when the "Change the battery pack" message displays. Insert the battery pack into the battery charger. Alignthe batterypackaccording to the arrowson the batteryandthe charger.

  • Page 21

    • it takes approximately 130minutes to fully charge the battery pack ..from a fully discharged state (based on Canon's testing standard). Charging it within a temperature range of 5° to 40 °C (41° to 104 °F) is recommended.

  • Page 22

    oDo n ot allow any m etal objects such as key rings to touch the (_ and 0 terminals (Fig. A), a s this can d amage the b attery pack. To carry the b attery pack or store it during periods ofdisuse, always...

  • Page 23

    Install Battery Pack NB-1LH (supplied) asshown below. Battery PackNB-1L can also be used with the camera, time. "u iiiiii Slidethe batterycoverinthe °,r°o.o. o,,,o orro inserting the batterypackall the way in untilthe lockclicks. Insert the battery pack correctly by aligning the arrows on the camera and the Pressthe battery lockwhile •...

  • Page 24

    _D _o_n_ol _I_u_n_o_ _I_h _e_i_i_owe_i _o _I _ op_e _n _ I_h _e_il _a_ite_i_y _c_o_ _e_i_w_h_i_i_et _he ¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸II ¸¸¸p p'e'¸'I ¸'¸'¸'¸_ indicator beside the viewfinder blinks green. The camera is writing, reading, erasing or transmitting an image to or from the CF card. •...

  • Page 25

    Turn the camera power off and insert the CFcard with the following procedures, Slide the lockup and open the CF cardslot cover. Insertthe CF cardwith its label facing upwarduntilthe CFcard eject button fully extends. Insert the card firmly into the slot, following the diagram on the CFcard slot cover.

  • Page 26

    • Since the camera is writing, reading, erasing or transmitting data to or from the CF card when the upper indicator beside the viewfinder blinks green, never perform the following actions during this time. It could corrupt the image data. - Subject the camera body to vibration or shocks.

  • Page 27

    Handling Precautions for CF Cards eCF cards are high-precisionelectronicdevices, Do not bendthem, apply forceto them, or subject them to shocks or vibration. oDo not attemptto disassembleor alter the CFcard. • Moving a CFcard rapidlybetweentemperatureextremeswill cause condensationto form in the card and lead to a malfunction. Toavoid condensation,placethe CFcard in a sealedplastic bag beforemoving it into a different temperaturezone and allow it to adjust slowly to the new temperature.

  • Page 28

    The D ate/Time menu will a ppear the f irst t ime t he camera power isturned on or whenever the built-in rechargeable lithium date/time battery charge low. Start from Step 5toset the date a nd t ime. Pressthe ON/OFF buttonuntilthe Power Lamp powerlamp lights.

  • Page 29

    Set the dateandtime. • Use the _ or _ button to select a field (year, month, day, hour, minute and date format). • Use the 9 or 0 button to change its value. Press the SET button. © Thesettingis complete Press the MENU button.

  • Page 30

    Usethisfeatureto selectthe language forthe LCDmonitordisplay. Power Lanlp Press the ON/OFF button until the power lamp lights. Press the MENU button. MENU The[] (Rec) or [] (Play)menuis displayed. Use the D or G buttonto select the (Set up) menu. Usethe _ or 6 buttontoselect [] and pressthe SETbutton.

  • Page 31

    Usethe Q, o, D or Q button to selecta language and pressthe SETbutton. © Pressthe MENUbutton. MENU The display will return to the Shooting Playback screen. The Language menu can also be displayed in playback mode by holding down the SET button and pressing the MENU button.

  • Page 32

    Power Lamp Pressthe ON/OFF buttonuntilthe powerlamp lightsgreen. • The lens extends when the mode switch is set to I_1. • The lens retracts approximately 1 minute after sliding the mode switch from I_1 to r_q. • When the mode switch is set to F#q, the upper indicator beside the viewfinder will...

  • Page 33

    PowerSaving Function This camera is equipped with a power saving function. When this function is turned on and it activates, restore power by pressing the ON/OFF button. Shooting Mode: Powers down approximately 3 minutes after the last control is accessed on the camera.

  • Page 34

    The mode switch is used to select Shooting and Playbackfunctions, ToShoot Images (Shooting Mode) Slide the mode switch to 0. ToPlay Back Images (Playback Mode) Slide the mode switch to F_]. • When a printer (sold separately) is connected, images can be printed (see the Direct Print User Guide), •...

  • Page 35

    The LCD monitor can be used to compose images while shooting, adjust menu settings and play back recorded images. Icons showing the camera's status and setting contents appear on the LCD monitor, :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::_I_IHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH_I_IHHHHHHHHH_j_1_IHHHH_I_IHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH_HHHHHHH The image in the LCD monitor will darken in strong sunlight or bright fight.

  • Page 36

    Playback Mode (1_1) When the mode switch is set to r_q the LCD monitor will turn on. Press the DISR button. DISP, © Thedisplaymodechanges asfollowswith eachpress Standard Detailed -- NoInformation...

  • Page 37

    When shooting or playing back images, the shooting information or play back information appears on the LCD monitor, When setting the flash, continuous mode, self-timer, macro mode, infinity mode, or the metering method, the shooting information displays on the iiiii ,co m on,tor ferapprox,mate,y seconds...

  • Page 38

    ExposureCompensation (p. 78) Low Battery (p. 22) Long Shutter Mode (p. 79) Quick Shot (p. 57) OODDm_ mE[] White Balance (p 81) Metering Mode (p. 77) NNNN [[][][_1 Shooting Method (p. 63, 64) ISO Speed (p 85) []El Macro/Infinity (p. 60) Photo Effect (p.

  • Page 39

    --FileNumber Image igDate ---. ))) o ))))) = ))) ¢_ ))) Protection Status (p. 104) Resolution (Still Images) (p. 55) 5"))) ca ))) WAVE FormatSound(p. 98) Movie (p. 93) raDD Compression (Still Images) (p. 55) Histogram Long Shutter Mode (p. 79) I_raQQ Shooting Mode (p.

  • Page 40

    The f ollowing information may also b e displayed with s ome images. Asound file inaformat other than the W AVE format isattached or the [] file format isnot recognized. JPEG file with f ormat not conforming toDesign rule f or C amera File System Standards...

  • Page 41

    The viewfinder can be used to conserve power by setting the LCD monitor to Off (p. 33) while shooting. Shows the center of the image View Finder Image Seen in Viewfinder vs. Recorded Image Usually the recorded image is wider than the image seen in the viewflnder.

  • Page 42

    The z oom c an b e adjusted from 36 mm to108 m m in35 mm film equivalent terms. Telephoto/WideAngle Pressthe zoomlever toward E13 or ©.; • Press the zoom lever toward E_3to zoom in (telephoto). • Press the zoom lever toward _ to zoom out (wide angle).

  • Page 43

    The shutter button features a two-stage action. PressingHalfway Pressing halfway automatically sets the exposure and focus s the shutterbuttonhalfway. Wiiiiiiii iiiiiiii • IndicatorStatus o iiiiiii -¢i iiiiiiii Upper Indicator iiiiiiii • Green: Metering complete indicator (two beeps sound) 0 iiiiiii_ Flash will fire •...

  • Page 44

    PressingFully Pressing the shutter button down fully activates the shutter and causes the shutter sound to sound, Press the shutter button fully. Whilethe imageis beingrecordedto the CF card,the upperindicatorbesidethe viewfinderblinksgreen. Shots cannot be taken while the flash is charging. AF-assist B eam •...

  • Page 45

    Menus are used to adjust shooting and playback settings, as well as other camera settings like the Date/Time and sounds. Menus are displayed by pressing the FUN(;. or MENU button according to the circumstances. Use the LCD monitor to perform the following procedures. Selecting Menu Settings with the FUNC,Button (ShootingMode only) Slidethe modeswitchto 0 (Rec.).

  • Page 46

    FUNC. MENU ([]) Exposure Compensation (p.78) (m) PhotoEffect ( p.84) (1) Long Shutter Mode (p. 79) (P"I) Compression(p. 55) (D) White Balance(p. 81) (Itll) Resolution (p. 55) (r_l) Resolution (Movie)* (p. 55) ([])lSO Speed (p. 85) ( ) Items in parenthesesshow default settings. *The PowerShot $410 DIGITAL ELPH/DIGITALIXUS430 menu is different because it does not feature the _ option.

  • Page 47: Pressing The Shutter Button 4

    Press the MENU button. MENU © In Shootingmode,the [] (Rec.)menu appears In Playback mode the [] (Play)menu appears, Use the (_ or C) button to select a menu. • Selectthemenuwiththe []/[], [] or icon inthe upperleft cornerof the LCDmonitorselected. • Thezoomleverletsyou selectthe menu evenifthe []/[], [] or [] iconis...

  • Page 48

    MENU MENU "0 Rec_. Menu PlayMenu (Themenuwillappear slightlydifferent d epending on theShooting mode) [] Set up Menu []My Camera Menu Whenthe My camera menu is displayed, pressingthe © button returns to the Rec./Playmenu. Whenthe Rec./Playmenu is displayed, pressingthe D button displaysthe My camera menu.

  • Page 49: Quick Shots 5

    This chart shows the options and default settings for each menu. * Defaultsetting I;{_p I L_A i_ITrrl Reference Menu Item Options Page Sets the Quick Shotoption to on or off. [] QuickShot • On p. 57 • Off* Sets whether or not the cameraautomatically selectsthe AF frame or a fixed centerAF [] AiAF frame,...

  • Page 50

    Li]_ i_BTI!l Reference Menu Item Options Page [] Protect Protectsimagesfrom accidentalerasure. ). 104 [] Rotate Rotatesimagesclockwise 90° or 270° in the ). 97 display. [] Sound Memo Adds sound memosto images. ). 98 [] Eraseall Deletesall imagesfrom a CFcard ). 106 (exceptfor protected images).

  • Page 51

    R_letenca Meeu Item Options Page Ad(usts the vo(unle of the start-up sound, operation sound, self4imer sound shutter sound and playback sound, The volume Volume cannot be adiusted if [Mute] is set to [On]. ==DE]E] Off I 2* 3 ' _-i -.-- ._. -- &_]Ss;s-th-e :_o_u-m;...

  • Page 52

    Menu Item Reference Options Page [] Date/Time Setsthe date andtime and the dateformat. ). 26 [] Format ). 107 Formats(initializes)CFcards. Setsbow file numbers are assignedto images when new CFcards are inserted. [] File No. Reset ). 87 • On • Off* Setswhether or not images shot with the cameraheld vertically are automatically [] AutoRotate...

  • Page 53

    You can select the theme, start-up image and sound, shutter sound, operation sound and selftimer sound used on this camera. These are called the My Camera settings. You can also customize the [] and [] options for each item with images recorded on the CFcard and newly recorded sounds or by using the supplied software.

  • Page 54

    You can reset the menu and button settings to the default settings in one operation. Power Lamp Pressthe ON/OFFbuttonuntilthe powerlamp lightsgreen. Set the mode switch to any position, MENU Pressand holdthe MENUbutton for morethan 5 seconds..Usethe D or CO button to select [OK]and pressthe SETbutton.

  • Page 55

    is pressthe shutterbuttonand letthe In this mode, all you have to do camera do everything else, Slide the mode switch to a turn the mode dial to a. Aimthe cameraat the subject. Usethe zoomleverto achievethe desiredcomposition (relative subjectsize in the viewfinder)(p. 40).

  • Page 56

    Right after a shot is taken, the image appears in the LCD monitor for 2 seconds. In addition, the images will keep on displaying regardless of the review duration setting if one of the following operations is performed. • Keepingthe shutterbuttonpressed after a shot. •...

  • Page 57

    You c an c hange the resolution and c ompression (excluding movies) settings tosuit the purpose ofthe image you a re about toshoot. PowerShot $500 DIGITAL ELPH/DIGITAL IXUS 500 Resolution Purpose , Print largerthan A4 size* 210 x Large 297 mm (8.3x 11.7 in.) prints 2592 x 1944 pixels (Large) , PrintlargerthanLettersize* 216x...

  • Page 58

    Compression Purpose High Superfine Quality • Shoot higher quality images Fine • Shoot normal quality images Normal Normal ° Shootmoreimages Movies can be shot with the following resolution. Resolution (Not featuredon the PowerShot $410 640 x 480 pixels DIGITALELPH/DIGITAL IXUS430) [-"_i-_i-_i-_i-_i-_ 320 x 240 pixels 160 x 120 pixels...

  • Page 59

    Press the FUNC.button. EUNC, The display will return to the Shooting screen, • See CF Cards and Estirrla ted Capacities (p. 148). You can reduce shutter lagtime to capture those fleeting "photo opportunities". €) (LCD monitor must be on). • The LCD monitor display freezes while the camera is autofocusing. DISP.

  • Page 60

    Use the flash according to the guidelines below. _,uto The flash fires automaticallyas requiredbythe light level. B, u towith The flash fires automatically as required bythe lighting Red-eye level,and the red-eye reduction lamp fires each time Reduction the main flash fires. Flash On The flash fires with every shot.

  • Page 61: Using The Flash 5

    _W_h_e_n_y_u_u_s_e_s_h_p_h_g_a_p_h_y_a_h_g_h_e_H_s_p_e_e_d_s_h_e_c_h_a_n_ of white streaks appearing in the image increase the closer you approach to the subject. • Since a slow shutter speed is selected in dark places when the flash is set to Off or Slow Synchro, take care to avoid blurring the image. - Shooting in 0 Mode Be careful to hold the camera stiN to avoid camera shake.

  • Page 62

    Usethis modeto record subjects in the range of 5 to 46 cm (2,0 in. to 1,5 ft.) from the lens tip when at wide- Macro angle end and in the range of 30 to 46 cm (1.0 ft. to 1.5 ft.) when at the telephoto end setting.

  • Page 63

    ImageAreain MacroMode When the zoom is set between the telephoto end and the wide-angle end, the distance from lens to subject is the same as when the zoom is set to the telephoto end. Distance f rom Lensto Subject ImageArea TelephotoEnd 30 cm (1.0 ft.) 107x 80 mm (4.2 x 3.1 in.)

  • Page 64

    When the LCD monitor is on, images can be zoomed to the following powers with the combined optical and digital zoom functions. PewerShot $500DiGiTAL E LPH/DIGITAL IXUS 500:Approx. 3.8x,4.9x,6.1x,7.6x,9.3x,12.0x PowerShot $410DiGiTAL E LPH/DIGITAL IXUS 430:Approx.4.3x,5.3x,6.7x,8.2x,11.0x Pressthe DISP.button to turnthe DISR ©...

  • Page 65

    In this mode, the camera shoots continuously while the shutter button is held down. Recording ceases when the shutter button is released. Usethis mode to view images on the LCD StandardContinuous monitor as you shoot continuously, The Shooting shutter interval is longer in this mode than in [] mode, Use this mode to shoot continuously with a...

  • Page 66

    To changethe continuousshootingspeed :_j_HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH_HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH_IH_I_IHHHHHHH_j_jIHHHHHHHHHHH_ _J_HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH_ • The interval between shots may lengthen slightly when the camera's built-in roemory fills. • If the flash is firing, the interval between shots will lengthen to accomroodate the flash's charging requirements. With this function, imagesare shot 10 or 2 secondsafter the shutter button is pressed.This is useful whenyou want to take a memorablephoto with everyone including yourself in the picture.

  • Page 67

    Changingthe Self-timer CountdownTime In the [] (Rec.) menu,select L!_]. See Selecting Menus and Settings (p. 43) D or (_ Use the button to select and press the MENU button. • Thedisplaywill return to the Shootingscreen. • When [] is selected, the self-timer MENU sounds and the blinking gets faster 2 ©...

  • Page 68

    In this mode, you can change various settings and shoot as you wish. Slide themodeswitch to a (Rec.) andturnthe modedialtoaM. Changethe settings. SeeFunctions Available in Each Shooting Mode (p. 160). Shoot(p. 53). If the subject is difficult to focus on when the shutter button is pressed halfway, the beepwill sound one time and the lower indicator beside the viewfinder will blink...

  • Page 69

    Stitch Assist can be used to shoot overlapping images that can later be merged (stitched) to create one panoramic image on a computer, The overlappingseams of several adjacentimages can bejoined into a single panoramic image......................_HHHH_[_IHIHH_[¢_;jI_I_IHHHHHHHHHHH_[¢_;jI_IHI_I_IHHHHHHHHH[_H To merge the images on a computer, use PhotoStitch, one of the supplied programs.

  • Page 70

    • To shoot close-ups, slide the camera over the subject, keeping it parallel to the subject as you move it. Shooting Images can be shot in two sequences in Stitch Assist. Leftto right horizontally Rghtto eft hor zonta y Slide themodeswitch to I_ (Rec.) •o andturnthe modedial to _.

  • Page 71

    Compose the secondimagesothat it overlapsa portion of thefirst and shoot. • Use the _ or G button to check or retake the recorded images, • Minor discrepancies in the overlapping portions can be corrected when the images are stitched together, Repeatthe procedure for additional images.

  • Page 72

    15 frames/sec,at _, I_1) is approximately30 _, min. at _, 3 rain. at _ (accordingto Canon'sstandardizedtests). Recordingtime vary by the CFcard. SeeCF Cardsand Estimated Capacities(p. 148). The maximum length of movies may vary with the subject and shooting conditions.

  • Page 73

    3.0 or later is required to play back movie files (AVI/ Motion JPEG) on a computer. QuickTime (for Windows) is included on the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk. On the Macintosh platform, this program is generally bundled with Mac OS 8.5 or later operating systems.

  • Page 74

    It may be difficult to focus on the following types of subjects. Use the focus lock or AF lock in these situations. • Subjects with extremely low contrast to the surroundings • Subjects with extremely bright objects atthe center of the composition •...

  • Page 75

    Press theshutterbuttonhalfway (two beeps will sound)andpress the ,_,/ _, button. • The focal distance to the object is locked. • The _ icon will display and the lower indicator beside the viewfinder will light yellow, Re-aim the camerato compose the shotas desiredandshoot.

  • Page 76

    You can set the exposure and focus separately, This is effective when the contrast is too strong betweenthe subject and background or when a subject is backlit, You must set the flash to _-_. The fires. Pressthe DISP.button to turnthe DISP, ©...

  • Page 77

    You can lock the flash exposure so that the exposure settings are correctly set for a particular portion of your subject. DISP. Press the DISP.button to turnthe LCDmonitoron. Pressthe _ button to setthe flash to IPJJ. Focuson the partof thesubjecton whichyouwishto locktheflash exposure setting.

  • Page 78

    The FE lock may be released by pressing the zoom lever, MENU button or _, button, or by changing the whke balance, ISO speed, photo effect or the shooting mode, or by turning the LCD monitor off. Although the autofocus function is preset to the AiAF setting (9 AF frames), you can set it to the center AF frame.

  • Page 79

    You can switch between metering modes to shoot. Appropriate for standard shooting conditions, including backlit scenes. The cameradivides images into several zones for light metering, It evaluates Evaluative complex lighting conditions, such as the position of the subject the brightness, the direct light, and the backlighting and adjusts the settings to the correct exposure for the main subject.

  • Page 80

    Adjust the exposurecompensationsetting to avoid makingthe subject too dark when it is backlit or shot againsta bright backgroundor to avoid makinglights appeartoo bright in night shots. In the,select [] *. SeeSelecting Menus and Settings (p. 43). * The current setting is displayed. Usethe D or _) button to adjustthe exposure compensation.

  • Page 81

    You can set the shutter speed to a slow setting to make dark subjects appear brighter, In the [] (Rec.) menu, select _J. SeeSelecting MenusandSettings (p. 43) Usethe (_ or G button toselect [ On] andpress theMENUbutton. The display will return to the Shooting screen.

  • Page 82

    To cancel the long shutter mode While [Long Shutter] is displayed in the, press the SET button, image increases at long shutter speeds. This camera, however, applies special processing to images shot at shutter speeds slower than 1.3 seconds to eliminate the noise, thereby producing high-quality images.

  • Page 83

    When the white balance mode is set to match the light source, the camera reproduces colors more accurately. ]he camerasetsthe white balanceautomaticallyaccording Auto Loshooting conditions. Daylight Forrecording outdoors on a bright day. Cloudy --orrecordingunderovercast, s hadyor twilight skies. Forrecording undertungsten and bulb-type 3-wavelength Tungsten fluorescentlighting.

  • Page 84

    This setting cannot be adjusted when the [] (Sepia) or [] (B/W) photo effects are selected. [] Setting a CustomWhite Balance You can set a custom white balanceto obtain the optimal setting for the shooting conditions by having the camera evaluate an object, such as a piece of white paper or cloth, or a photo-quality gray card that you wish to establish as the standard white color.

  • Page 85

    Aimthe cameraat thewhite paper, © clothor graycardandpresstheSET button. • Aim the camera so that the white paper, cloth or gray card completely fills the frame on the LCD monitor or the entire viewfinder before pressing the SET button. The camera reads the white balance data when you press the SET button.

  • Page 86

    By setting a photo effect before you shoot, you can change the look and feel of the pictures you take. PhotoEffect Off Recordswith no effect. Emphasizes the contrast and color saturationto Vivid record bold colors. ]onesdownthe contrastandcolor saturation to record Neutral neutralhues.

  • Page 87

    Raise the ISO speed when you wish to reduce camera shake or turn the flash off when shooting in a dark area, or use a fast shutter speed, In,select[] *. See Selecting Menus and Settings (p. 43) The current setting is displayed• Usethe C)or G button to selecta speed.

  • Page 88

    Your camera is equipped with an Intelligent Orientation sensor that detects the orientation of an image shot with the camera held vertically and automatically rotates it to the correct viewing orientation in the display. You can set this function on/off, In the [] (Set up) menu, select _.

  • Page 89

    The images you shoot are automatically assigned a file number, You can set whether or not the file numbers of a new CFcard consecutively follow the file numbers on the previous CFcard. Thefile number is resetto the start (100-0001) eachtime a newCF card is inserted.New imagesrecordedon CFcards with existingfiles are assignedthe next availablenumber.

  • Page 90

    About File Numbers and Folder Numbers Images are assigned file numbers from 0001 to 9900, and folders are assigned folder numbers from 100 to 998 (Folder numbers cannot contain 99 in the last two digks). DCIM tOOCANON Folder numbers cannotcontain 99In the lasttwo d_g_ts Capacity Folder File Each folder usually contains up to 100 knages.

  • Page 91

    Slidethe modeswitchto [] r_'" _ (Playback). The last recorded image will appear in the display (single image playback). Usethe (_ or Q button to move betweenthe images. Use the _ button to move to the previous image and the _ button to move the next image, Holding the button down advances the images more rapidly, but the imageswill not...

  • Page 92

    Pressthe zoomlevertowardo.. • Images can be magnified up to approximately 10 times in single image playback. • Hold the SETbutton down and press the zoom lever toward O. to cycle through each setting, from approximately 2.5 times, to approximately 5 and 10 times. •...

  • Page 93

    Press the zoomlevertoward[]. Up to nine images can be viewed at once in index playback. Selected Image Movie Usethe @, G, @or Q button to changethe image selection. To return to single image playback Press the zoom lever toward 0..

  • Page 94

    Switching between Sets ofNine Images Pressthe zoomlevertoward[] while in indexplayback. The jump bar will display Jump Bar Usethe (_ or G button to moveto the previous set orthe nextset. Hold the SET button down and press the (_ or Q button to jump to the first or last set. Toreturn to index playback Press the zoom lever toward 0,.

  • Page 95

    You can playback movie clips shot in tm mode... Use the @ or Q button to select a movie. Imageswitha _,m iconare movies. Press the SET button. • Themoviecontrol panel w ill display • Usethe _ or 0 buttonto adjustthe soundvolume.

  • Page 96

    Pausingand ResumingPlay Pressthe SETbutton during playback. The movie playback pauses. Press it again to resume. Operatingthe movie control panel Selecta movieand pressthe SET button (p. 93). The movie control panel will display Usethe (_ or (Dbutton to selectone ofthefollowingandpressthe SET button.

  • Page 97

    Selecting [] (Edit) in the movie control panel enablesyou to cut unwanted portions at the start or end of a movie clip. Usethe _ or _ button to selecta movieand pressthe SETbutton. editing Switch to the movie mode. Movie Editing P anel •...

  • Page 98: Editing Movies

    Usethe 9 or _ button toselectI_ (Play)and press theSETbutton. A preview of the temporarily edited movie clip plays. © To stop it, press the SET button again. Usethe _ or o button toselect[] (Save) andpresstheSETbutton. Selecting [] (Exit) cancels the edits and returns to the movie control panel display.

  • Page 99

    Images can be rotated clockwise 90° or 270° in the display. O ° (Original) 90° 270° In the [] (Play) menu,select [] and pressthe SETbutton. See Selecting Menus and Settings (p. 43). © Usethe D or Q button to selectthe imageto berotatedand pressthe SETbutton.

  • Page 100

    In playback mode (including single image playback, index playback, and magnifying playback), you can attach sound memos (up to 60 seconds) to an image. The sound data is saved in WAVEformat. In the [] (Play) menu,select[] andpressthe SETbutton. SeeSelecting Menus and Settings (p. 43). Usethe @or _) button to selectan imageand press the SETbutton.

  • Page 101

    Playing/ErasingSoundMemos Displayan imagewith a sound memoattached(p. 98) and press theSEThutton. • Images with sound memos attached have the [] [] symbols displayed on them. • The sound memo control panel will display. © 0® Use the 0or Q h.,,o, to se,ec,'= (Play)or_ (Erase) a ndpress the SEThutton.

  • Page 102

    Starting a Slide Show A selection of images or all the images on a CFcard can be displayed one- by-one in an automated slide show. Slide show image settings are based on DPOFstandards (p. 110). All Images Plays all imageson the CFcard in order. Playsthe imagesselectedfor each slideshow in Slide Show1-3 order p.

  • Page 103

    Press the MENU button. MENU Thedisplaywill returnto thePlaymenu Pressing the MENUbuttonagainreturnsto the Playback screen set in the slide show settings• • The power-saving function does not activate during a slide show (p. 31). Pausing/Resuming a Slide Show Press the SET button. Theslideshowpauses PresstheSET buttonagainto restartit.

  • Page 104

    Display the Slide Show menu. SeeStartinga SlideShow(p 100). Usethe _ or o button to select [Program]andthe D or Q bullonto select [Show1], [Show2] or [Show3]. A whitecheckmark will appearbesidea showalreadycontainingimages. Usethe o or o buttonandthe (_ or G button to choose[Select]and Jressthe SETbutton.

  • Page 105

    Adjustingthe Play Time and Repeat Settings You can change the play time for all the images in a show and have the show repeat continuously, ISetsthe durationthat eachimagedisplays Choosebetween PlayTime 3-10 seconds,15seconds,30 secondsand Manual. ISetswhetherthe slide showstopswhen all the slideshave Repeat Ibeendisplayedor continues until stopped.

  • Page 106

    You can protect important images and movies from accidental erasure, the [] (Play)menu,select [] and pressthe SETbutton. See Selecting Menus and Settings (p. 43). © (_ or G button to selectan imageto protectandpressthe SET tutton. The [] icon appears on protected images, You can make the selection of images easier by toggling betweensingle image playback and index playback by pressing...

  • Page 107

    You can erase images you do not need or are not satisfied with one by one, Usethe D or Q button to selectan imagefor deletionand press the /_ button. Use the (_ or G button to select [Erase] and press the SET button. Toexitinstead of erasingselect[Cancel].

  • Page 108

    You can erase all the images saved on the OFcard. In the [] (Play) menu,select [] andpressthe SETbutton. SeeSehcting Menus arid Settings (p. 43). Usethe D or G button to select [OK] and pressthe SETbutton. To exit instead of erasing select [Cancel].

  • Page 109

    CF card. This is not a malfunction of the CF card or camera. © the cause. Reformatting the CF card may solve the problem. • When a non-Canon brand CF card is malfunctioning, reformatting may solve the problem. • CF cards formatted in other cameras,...

  • Page 110

    *_ Thiscamera complies w iththePictBridge s tandard, whichallows youto printwithnon- printers aswell. Canon PictBridge compliant *2 Digital P rintOrder F ormat This guide explains DPOFprint settings. For information on how to print images, refer to the Direct Print User Guide supplied with the camera.

  • Page 111

    Pleaserefer to the System Map supplied with your camera for direct print compatible printer (CP series or Bubble Jet printers) information. • Connect the camera to the printer • Set various print settings (except DPOFprint settings) • Print For details, see the Direct Print User Guide (separate from this guide), See Selecting Images for Printing (p.

  • Page 112

    You can select images on a CFcard for printing and specify the number of print copies in advance using the camera, This is extremely convenient for sending the images to a photo developing service, or for printing on a direct print function compatible printer.

  • Page 113

    Single Images Selectimagesfor printing. As shown below, selection methods differ according to the options chosen _or the Number ofPrint Copies (Print Type) settings (p, 113). [] (Standard)/[] (Beth) Use the D or _ button to select an image and the Q or G button to select the number of print copies (up to maximum of 99).

  • Page 114

    Use the 9 or _ button to select [Mark all] and press the SET button. One copy is set to print for each image. When the print type is setto [] (Standard) or [] _J_ (Both), the number of print copies can be set indMdually for each image.

  • Page 115

    Settingthe Print Style Set the print style after selecting the image to print. The following print settings can be selected. Standard Prints one image per page. Prints the selectedimagestogether at a Print Type _ Index reduced sizein an indexformat, index formats. Both Prints the imagesin both the standard and [O]Date...

  • Page 116

    Use the 9 or _ button to select or [] and the (_ or _) buttonto select an option. (PrintType) Select[Standard],[index]or [Both] (Date) Select[On]or [Off], [] (File No.) Select [On]or [Off]. Pressthe MENUbutton. MENU © The Print Order menu will reappear, Pressing the MENU button again returns to the Play menu.

  • Page 117

    Resetting the Print Settings Theprintsettingscanall be removed at once Theprinttype resets to Standard andthe DateandFileNo.optionsto Off. Inthe [] (Play) menu, select[] and pressthe SETbutton. See Selecting Menus _ed Settinfls (p. 43) © Usethe _ or _ button to select [Reset] and pressthe SETbutton. ©...

  • Page 118

    You can use the camera to specify settings for images before downloading to a computer. Refer to the Software Starter Guidefor instructions on how to transfer images to your computer. You cannot use this function to transfer several images at once on Mac OS X computers. The settings used on the camera comply with the Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) standards.

  • Page 119

    D or 0 button to move betweenimagesandthe @ or o button to select anddeselectthem. A checkmark displays on selected images. You can press the zoom lever toward ;-; to switch to the index mode (3 images[ and use the same procedures 10 select images, While in index playback, pressing the SET button displays the menu for selecting or...

  • Page 120

    The following methods can be used to download images recorded by the camera to a computer. Some methods are not applicable to all operating systems. • Downloadingvia a Camera to Computer Connection With this method, you download images using computer commands after you have installed the appropriate software.

  • Page 121: Computersystemrequirements

    - ZoomBrowser EX:200 MB or more (Including the PhotoRecord printing program) - PhotoStitch: 40 MB or more Canon Camera TWAIN Driver: 25 MB or more Canon Camera WIA Driver: 25 MB or more Display 800 x 600 pixels/High Color (16 bit) or better is required...

  • Page 122

    USB 2.0 compliant board are not guaranteed. Install the driver and the software applications bundled on the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk. Pleaseseethe SoftwareStarterGuide for the installationprocedures. Usethesupplied interface cabletoconnect t hecomputer's USBportto thecamera's DIGITAL t erminal.

  • Page 123

    Proceed to steps 5 and 6 below, • Macintosh: Refer to the Software Starter Guideand download images, Select [Canon CameraWindow] i nthe eventdialogthat appearson the computer andclick [OK](firsttime only). [Programs] or [All Programs], [Canon Utilities], [CameraWindow], and [CameraWindow Set Auto-Launch]• iiii...

  • Page 124

    • Using thesoftware andcomputer t odownload images: Seethe SoftwareStarterGuide. • Using theCamera to Download I mages(DirectTransfer F unction) SeeDownloading Images by DirectTransfernextpage,...

  • Page 125

    Use this method to download images using camera operations. Install the supplied software and adjust the computer settings before using this method for the first time (p. 120). All Images Transfers and saves all images to the computer. .,.,,_New Images Transfers and saves to the computer only the images that have not been previously transferred.

  • Page 126

    Select & Transfer/Wallpaper Usethe Q or G buttontoselect iE or _, andpressthe _,_._ button (or SETbutton). Usethe @) o r @button to select imagesto download and press the @_ button(or SETbutton). The images will download The _,=_ button will blink blue while downloading in progress.

  • Page 127

    If you are using Windows XP or Mac OS X (v10.1/v10.2), you can use the software distributed with these operating systems to download images (JPEGformat only) without installing the software bundled on the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk. This is useful for downloading images to a computer in which the software is not installed.

  • Page 128

    Ejectthe CF cardfrom the cameraand insertit intoa CF cardreaderconnected tothe computer. PCCard Adapter If you are using a PCcard reader or a PCcard slot, first place the CF card into a PCcard adapter (sold separately) and then insert the loaded adapter into the slot. Refer to your card adapter's or card reader's manual for information regarding the connection betweenthe computer and card adapter or card reader.

  • Page 129

    You can use a video-compatible television as a monitor to shoot or play back images when it is connected to the camera with the supplied AV Cable AVC-DC300. Press the ON/OFF button toturnthe Power Lamp cameraoff. Alsoturn the television o ff. Connectthe AVcabletothe camera'sA/V Outterminal.

  • Page 130

    Power Lamp Press the ON/OFF button. • The image will appear on the TV. Shoot or play back images as usual. • If the images are not appearing on the TV when shooting, press the glSR button. • A TV set cannot be used in _ (stitch assist).

  • Page 131

    My Camera allows you to customize the start-up image and start-up, shutter, operation and self-timer sounds. Each menu item has three choices. Example: Start-up Image The [] option features science fiction related images and sounds. The [] option features animals. Select the [] (IVly Camera) menu.

  • Page 132

    theme for each of the My Camera settings. • If the [Mute] option in the [] (Set up) menu is set to [On], the beep will not sound even if each sound item is individuaNy set to H, or [] (On) in the My Camera menu (p.

  • Page 133

    Images recorded onto the CFcard and newly recorded sounds can be added as My Camera settings to the [] and [] menu items. You can also use the supplied software to upload your computer's images and sounds to the camera. RegisteringCF Card Images and Sounds Slidethe modeswitchto [] r_"...

  • Page 134

    Select an image or recorda sound. Start-up Image Usethe D or _) button to select the image © you wish to register and press the SET button. Start-up, Operation, Self-timer and Shutter Sounds Use the _) or _ button to select D (Record) and press the SETbutton.

  • Page 135

    File Formatof My Camera Settings My Camera settings should conform to the below file formats However,CF card images shot with this camera can be registered as My Camera settings regardless of the below formats. Start-up Image • Recording Format JPEG (Baseline JPEG) •...

  • Page 136: List Of Messages

    List of Messages duringShooting/Playback The following messages may appear on the LCD monitor during shooting or playback. Pleaserefer to the Direct Print User Guide for the messages that display during a printer connection. Busy.., Imageis being recordedto, or readfrom, CF card.

  • Page 137

    Unidentified Image Youattempted to play backan image thatwas recordedina specialformat (proprietaryformat usedby the cameraof another manufacturer, etc.) or a movieclip recordedby anothercamera. Cannotmagnify! Youattempted to magnifya movieclip or an imagewhich was photographedwith another camera, recordedin a different format, or edited on a computer.

  • Page 138

    Problem Solution Cause Camerawill not Power is not turned • Pressthe ON/OFF button for a moment. operate Battery cover or CF • Confirmthatthe batterycoverand card slot cover is CFcardslot coverare securely closed. open Insufficientbattery • Inserta fully charged batteryinto the camera. voltage •...

  • Page 139

    Problem Cause Solution Lens will not retract Battery cover or C F • Firstclosethe batterycover or CF card slot cover cardslot coverandthenturn the opened with power poweroff. Battery cover or CF • Firstclosethe batterycover or CF card slot cover was card slot cover andthen turn the opened while...

  • Page 140

    Problem Cause Solution Imageis blurred or The subject is hard • Usethe focus lock or AF lock to out of focus to focus on shoot. @SeeShooting Hard-to-Focus Subjects (Focus Lock. AFLoek) ( p. 72). • Setthe flash to on. Subjectin recorded Insufficientlight for image is too dark shooting...

  • Page 141

    Problem Cause Solution White dots appear Light from the flash • This is a phenomenon that occurs has reflectedoff on the image with digital camerasand does not constitute a malfunction. dust particles or insects in the air. (This is especially noticeablewhen shootingat wide angle)

  • Page 142

    Itisbest topower the camera with A C Adapter Kit A CK500 (sold separately) when you a re using itfor l ong p eriods of t ime o r connecting ittoa computer. Turn the camera power off before connecting or disconnecting the AC _pjIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH_[_I_I_IHHHHHHH[_[_HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH adapter.

  • Page 143

    Car Battery Charger CBC-NB1(sold separately) can be used to charge battery packs from an automobile's cigarette lighter socket. the car battery charger. Use of it with the engine off may deplete battery in some automobiles. Always unplug the car battery charger before turning off the engine.

  • Page 144

    First use a lens blower brush to remove dust and dirt then remove any remaining dirt by wiping the lens lightly with a soft cloth. remains, contact the closest Canon Customer Support Help Desk as listed on the separate Canon Customer Support leaflet.

  • Page 145

    All data is based on Canon's standard testing methods, Subject to change without notice. PowerShot$500 DIGITAL ELPH/DIGITAL I XUS500 PowerShot$410 DIGITAL ELPH/DIGITAL I XUS430 (W): wide angle (T): telephoto CameraEffectivePixels PowerShot $ 500DIGITAL E LPH/DIGITAL I XUS500: Approx. 5.0 million PowerShot $ 410DIGITAL E LPH/DIGITAL I XUS430: Approx.

  • Page 146

    Shutter Speeds 15- 1/2000sec. 15- 1 sec. possiblein long shutter mode. Slow shutter speedsof 1.3 sec.or slower operatewith noisereduction. Light Metering System Evaluative,Center-weighted averageor Spot (Center) Exposure ControlSystem ProgramAE Exposure Compensation _+ 2.0 stops in 1/3-stop increments Sensitivity Auto, ISO 50/100/200/400equivalent White Balance TTLauto, pro-set(availablesettings: Daylight,Cloudy, Tungsten,Fluorescentor Fluorescent H ) or custom...

  • Page 147

    Numberof Recording Still images: PowerShot S5OO D IGITALELPH/DiGITALiXUSSO0 Pixels Large: 2592 x 1944pixels Medium 1: 2048 x 1536pixels Medium 2: 1600 x 1200pixels Small: 640 x 480 pixels PowerShot $410 DIGITAL ELPH/DiGITAL iXUS 430 Large: 2272 x 1704pixels Medium 1: 1600 x 1200pixels Medium 2: 1024 x 768 pixels...

  • Page 148

    PowerSource Rechargeable l ithium-ionbattery(type:NB-1LH/NB-1 L ) ACAdapterKit ACK5OO Car BatteryChargerCBC-NB1 OperatingTemperature O- 40 °C (32 - 104 °F) Operating Humidity 10- 90% Dimensions 87.0 x 57.0 x 27.8 mm (3.4 x 2.2 x 1.1 in.) (excludingprotrusions) Weight Approx. 185g (6.5 oz.) (camerabody only) "1 This digital camera supportsExif2.2 (alsocalled"Exif Print").ExifPrintis a standard for enhancing thecommunication between digital cameras andprinters.

  • Page 149

    Battery Capacity Battery Pack NB-1LH (fully charged) Number of recordableimages LCDmonitor on LCDmonitor off Approx. 190 images Approx. 440 images PlaybackTime Approx. 140 minutes * Excludes movie data. * At low operating temperatures, battery pack performance may be reduced and the low battery icon may appear earlier than usual. Under these conditions, resuscitate the battery pack by warming it in a pocket immediately before use.

  • Page 150

    CF Cardsand EstimatedCapacities PowerShot $500 DIGITALELPH/DIGITAL IXUS 500 f_l: With card included with the camera FC-32MH FC-64M FC-128M FC-256MH FC-512MSH (2_592 x 1944pixels) _48 x 1536pixels)_] 1095 _00 x 1200pixels) 1734 1891 1563 3122 (C_40 x 480pixels) 337196 676393 1355 2720 5203 46 sec.

  • Page 151

    PowerShot $410 DIGITAL ELPH/DIGITAL IXUS 430 I'_1: With card included with the camera FC-32MH FC-64M FC-128M FO-256MH FC-512MSH (_272 1704 pixels) _OOx1200pixeis) _ll_ 1734 (1_024 1522 768 pixels) 1390 2714 1891 ((_40x480pixels)_]196 78815633122 1355 2720 5203 M , _Ox240pixels) 91 sec. 183sec.

  • Page 152

    Image File Sizes (Estimated) PowerShot$500 DIGITALELPH/DIGITAL IXUS 500 Compression Resolution (2592 x 1944) 2053 KB 1395 KB 695 KB (2048 x 1536) 1602 KB 893 KB 445 KB (1600 x 1200) 1002 KB 558 KB 278 KB (640 x 480) 249 KB 150 KB 84 KB...

  • Page 153

    CompactFlash Card CardSlotType TypeI Dimensions 36.4 x 42.8 x 3.3 mm (1.4 x 1.7 x 0.1 in.) Weight Approx. 10 g (0.4 oz.) Battery Pack NB-1LH Type Rechargeable Lithium Ion Cell Nominal Voltage 3.7 V Typical Capacity 840 mAh Cycle Life Approx.

  • Page 154

    Car Battery ChargerCBC-NB1 (Optional) Rated Input DC 12 - 24 V,4.3 W Rated Output 4.2 V DC/0.55A Charging Time Approx. 130 minutes* Operating Temperatures 0 - 40 °C (32 - 104 °F) Dimensions 90.4 x 56.0 x 28.0 mm (3.6 x 2.2 x 1.1 in.) Weight Approx.

  • Page 155

    Normally the camera shakes a little when you press the shutter button. Setting the self-timer to [] delays the shutter release for 2 seconds and allows the camera to stop shaking, thus preventing a blurred image. Even better results can be obtained by placing the camera on a stable surface or by using a tripod to shoot.

  • Page 156

    The I SO speed isthe numeric representation ofthe camera's sensitivity light, The h igher the ISO speed, the higher the s ensitivity, Ahigh I SO speed allows you t oshoot images indark indoor oroutdoor conditions without a flash and a lso h elps prevent blurred images due t ocamera shake,...

  • Page 157

    Selecting Images ....110 DPOFTransfer Order ....116 AC Adaptor Kit ACK500 ... 140 AE Lock ........74 AF Frame ........41 Erasing ........105 AF Lock ........72 All Images ......106 AF-assist Beam......42 Single Images ....105 AiAF ...........

  • Page 158

    Play Menu ......Resolution ......... 55 Rec. Menu ......Review Duration ......54 Selecting Menus and S ettings Rotate........97 ..........Set up Menu ......Self-Timer ........64 Messages Set up Menu ......48 List ofMessages during Shooting Mode Shooting/Playback .....

  • Page 159

    MEMO iiiii...

  • Page 160

    TrademarkAcknowledgements • Canon and PowerShot are trademarks of Canon. • CompactFrash is a trademark of SanDisk Corporation. • iBook and iMac are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. • Macintosh, PowerBook, Power Macintosh and QuickTime are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.

  • Page 161

    FCCNotice (Digital Camera, Model PC1084/1086) Tested To Comply With FCC Standards FORHOME On O_ICE USE This devicecomplieswith Part15 of the FCCRules.Operationis subjectto the following two conditions; (1) this devicemay not causeharmfulinterference, a nd (2) this devicemust acceptany interferencereceived, i ncludinginterferencethat maycauseundesiredoperation.

  • Page 162

    The c hart below isareference for t he settings available for v arious shooting conditions, The s ettings selected ineach shooting mode are s aved after you finish shooting. II_M Reference Function Auto Manual Stitch Assist Page Large Medium1 Resolution Medium2 SmallMovie (1)[]...

  • Page 163: Isospeed 1

    Reference Stitch Function Auto Manual Assist Movie Page Digital Zoom p. 62 ExposureCompensation p. 78 Evaluative Light ....Metering Center-Weighted p. 77 Average Method Spot Long Shutter p. 79 White Balance p. 81 Photo Effect p. 84 ISOSpeed _(2) _(2) _(2) p.

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