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Blending Base; Grinding Base - GE 898679 Manual

Single serve blender
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Assemble the appliance according to the food type you would like to process:
Cup & base
Tall cup

Blending base

Small cup

Grinding base

Warning: Always ensure the blending base (3) or the grinding base (8) is securely
screwed on and tightened onto the cup (1) or (6) before activating the appliance.
Connect the power plug (5) to a wall outlet.
Position the cup (1 or 6) with base (3 or 8) on the drive shaft (ill. d ). To activate the
blender, align the tabs on the cup with the blending base or grinding base (3 or 8)
and twist clockwise until it locks in place (ill.
To switch off the blender, turn it counterclockwise until it stops. Disconnect the plug (5)
from the wall outlet before removing the cup (1 or 6) from the power base (4).
Hint: Operate the blender for only as long as needed to reach the right consistency.
Never use the blender for more than 3 minutes at a time. After use, let it cool for at least
3 minutes before you start using it again.
Turn the cup (1 or 6) around, so that the blending base (3) or grinding base (8) faces
upwards. Unscrew the blending base (3) or grinding base (8) of the cup.
To ensure that the content stays fresh, screw supplied resealable lid (13) on the cup
(1 or 6) (ill.
Hint: Store any unused portions using the resealable lid (13) in the refrigerator.
To remove pulp or larger food particles from your drink, screw either shaker lid with
small holes (10) or shaker lid with large holes (12) onto the cup (1 or 6) (ill. g ).
Cover cups (1 or 6) with the lip rings (9) to enjoy the freshly made drink directly out
of the cup (ill. h ).
111349-GE-10 (EN+ES).indb 7
Suitable for
(1) with
Blending juices and shakes.
(6) with
Grinding coffee beans.
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Table of Contents

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