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Operating Instructions - GE 898679 Manual

Single serve blender
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Before first use
remove all packaging materials, labels and/or stickers from your blender.
Check that all parts are enclosed and that the unit is not damaged. Clean the
appliance and all accessories ( Cleaning).
Warning: Do not immerse the power base (4) in water or any other liquids. This may
result in electrical shock or damage to the appliance (ill.

Operating instructions

Before starting any operation, always make sure the power cord (5) is unplugged.
Place the power base (4) on a flat surface. Make sure that the power cord (5) is
disconnected from power.
Peel or core any fruits/vegetables and cut them into small chunks. Do not overfill
the cups to avoid spillage:
Tall cup
Small cup
Choose the desired cup (1 or 6), and fill with prepared food (ill. a / b ).
Warning: The blades (2, 7) are very sharp. Always handle blade assemblies with care.
Do not touch the blades, this may cause injuries (ill. c ).
Warning: Do not fill cups (1, 6) with hot liquids or run appliance empty.
Hint: For best results, cut solid food into approximately 0.5 inch to 1 inch cubes. Cut
cheese into pieces no larger than 0.5 inch.
111349-GE-10 (EN+ES).indb 6
6 6
Maximum capacity
2oz. (solid food)
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