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Epson ActionNote 4000 Product Information

Epson flat panel tv specification sheet
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Computer Specifications

Main Unit
486SLC microprocessor; 33 MHz (and
simulated 8 MHz) clock speed; 1 MHz in
Suspend mode
1KB internal two-way set associative cache
System memory 4MB standard, 2MB soldered on main
system board and one 2MB memory
module; expandable to 8MB by replacing
the 2MB memory module with a 6MB
memory module; the first 640KB is
conventional memory and 128KB is used
for shadow RAM; the rest can be used as
extended or expanded memory
128KB on a single one-time programmable
ROM (includes system BIOS, VGA BIOS,
and the SETUP program)
Video RAM
256KB, 80ns video memory on main
system board; 256KB x 4 frame buffer
Shadow RAM
Diskette drive
Hard disk
External VGA
Pointing device
or external
AC adapter
Input Devices
EPSON ActionNote 4000
System shadowed at F0000 to FFFF, 64KB;
VGA BIOS shadowed at E0000 to E8000,
Real-time clock, calendar, and CMOS
RAM for configuration backed up by
built-in Dallas® DS 1287 or compatible
clock chip
Socket for optional Cyrix® Cx 83S87
Built-in controller for one external 3.5-inch
1.44MB diskette drive; supports 1.44MB
and 720KB diskette formats
Built-in controller for removable internal
hard disk drive
Cirrus® GD6410B 16-bit VGA controller
fully backward compatible with CGA and
EGA; supports a standard monochrome
LCD with a maximum resolution of
640x480x64 shades of gray and an
external monitor with resolutions up to
800 x 600 x 16 colors; simultaneous LCD
and CRT operation
Databook® DB86082 PCMCIA version 2.0
controller; Type II connector; supports
Type I and Type II memory and I/O cards
Built-in ISA compatible speaker controller;
15-pin, D-sub, female connector for
external analog VGA or SVGA monitor
Centronics® compatible, 25-pin, D-sub,
female connector; standard 8-bit parallel
RS-232C, programmable, asynchronous,
9-pin, D-sub, male connector
6-pin, mini-DIN connector for a PS/2®
compatible pointing device or keyboard;
keyboard supported directly, pointing
device requires adapter
DC input port for external AC adapter;
4-pin, mini-DIN connector
79/80 (US) keys; embedded numeric
keypad and F11 and F12 keys; inverted T
cursor control key layout
Built-in, two-button trackball
ActionNote 4000-1


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  • Page 1: Computer Specifications

    DC input port for external AC adapter; 4-pin, mini-DIN connector Input Devices Keyboard 79/80 (US) keys; embedded numeric keypad and F11 and F12 keys; inverted T cursor control key layout Trackball Built-in, two-button trackball 7/27/93 EPSON ActionNote 4000 ActionNote 4000-1...
  • Page 2 AE-size NiCad battery pack; 9-cell, 9.6 volt, 1.7AH, 16.3 W; typical 2% hour battery life with SETUP Power Management enabled Caution Use only the ActionNote 4000 AC adapter and battery with the computer. Physical Dimensions Height 38 mm (1.5 in.) Width 252 mm (10.0 in.)
  • Page 3 EPSON ActionNote 4000 Main System Board Diagrams System Board, Top Components and Connectors System Board, Bottom Components ActionNote 4000-3 7/27/93...
  • Page 4: External Connector Pin Assignments

    EPSON ActionNote 4000 System Board Components Component Description CPU (U1) 486SLC/33 microprocessor: 1KB internal, two-way set associative cache BTC-5001 (U2) BTC keyboard encoder&coder (70C40/77C82) 80C42/8742 (U4) integrated, 8042 compatible, keyboard controller DS 1287 or compatible Dallas DS 1287 or compatible RTC; includes...
  • Page 5 IDE Hard Disk Drive Connector Pin Assignments PCMCIA Card Connector (J4) pin 1 pin 6 pin 11 pin 2 pin 4 Memory Module Connector (J5) pin 50 Memory Module Connector Pin Assignments pin 49 7/27/93 EPSON ActionNote 4000 pin 1 / ActionNote 4000-5 \ pin 43...
  • Page 6: Internal Connector Pin Assignments

    EPSON ActionNote 4000 Internal Connector Pin Assignments Trackball Connector (J15) This connector supports the built-in trackball pointing device. Trackball Connector Pin Assignments Signal +5V (Vcc) /RTSB Internal Keyboard Connectors (J7 and J9) Internal Keyboard Connector Pin Assignments DC-DC Power Connector (J16)
  • Page 7: Dma Assignments

    Hard Disk Drive Types Actual size when formatted may be slightly different than the size listed on the drive label. ** Epson hard disk drive Programmable Timer/Counters Power-On Diagnostics and Boot Errors The computer’s ROM BIOS contains a series of diagnostic programs, called the Power-On Diagnostics (POD) or Power-On Self Test (POST).
  • Page 8: Special Key Combinations

    DOS keyboard interrupts may interfere with the operation of these key combinations. special Key Combinations Key Combination 1 Function PCMCIA Installation/Setup See the PCREADME.TXT file on the ActionNote 4000 Reference disk for information. 7/27/93...
  • Page 9 None. Product Support Bulletins None. Related Documentation TM-AN4000 Epson ActionNote 4000 Service Manual PL-AN4000 Epson ActionNote 4000 Parts Price List SPKAN4000 Epson ActionNote 4000 Self Paced Kit 400221000 Epson ActionNote (4000) User’s Guide 400223600 Epson ActionNote (4000) Quick Reference EPSON...

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