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Epson ActionNote 4SLC-25 Specification Sheet

Epson laptop pc specification sheet
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Computer Specifications

Main Unit

486SLC microprocessor
8 MHz speed; speed selection through
2MB RAM standard on a system board;
128KB system BIOS, video BIOS, and
256KB DRAM on main system board
25 MHz model) or an Intel 387SX (for the
25 MHz model) multifrequency numeric
720KB formats
25-pin, D-sub, female connector; standard
RS-232C, programmable, asynchronous,
9-pin, D-sub male connector
VGA monochrome LCD; external 15-pin,
6-pin, mini-DIN connector for a PS/2-type
external keyboard and/or a pointing
85 (International) or 84 (US) keys;
Mass Storage
F12 keys



Summary of Contents for Epson ActionNote 4SLC-25

  • Page 1: Computer Specifications

    Keyboard embedded numeric keypad and F11 and F12 keys Mass Storage Diskette drive One internal, 3tl-inch diskette drive; supports 1.44MB and 720KB formats Hard disk drive One internal 80MB, 120MB, or 180MB IDE hard disk drive 7/27/93 EPSON ActionNote ActionNote-1...
  • Page 2 EPSON ActionNote Monochrome: 640 x 480 x 32 shades of LCD Display gray, 0.3 mm, high-contrast 2-film; paper-white, backlit by one CCFT (cooled cathode fluorescent tube); continuous brightness and contrast controls; power-saving feature Stored in ROM; accessible by pressing the...
  • Page 3 EPSON ActionNote Main System Board Diagram ActionNote- 7 / 2 7 l 9 3...
  • Page 4: Major Subassemblies

    EPSON ActionNote Major Subassemblies fax/modem (optional) CPU chip numeric coprocessor 3 l&inch, 1.44MB diskette drive Connector Pin Assignments Parallel Port Connector (J2) pin 13 l oooooooooo~ pin 25 Parallel Port Connector Pin Assignments ActionNote- Serial Port Connectors (J1 and J6)
  • Page 5 LED Connector Pin Assignments Suspend/Resume Connector (J4) pin 22 pin 21 Suspend/Resume Signal VCCSUS CHARGE CONTR VR+ FULLPON CONTR VR- 7/27/93 EPSON ActionNote pin 4 pin 3 pin 2 pin 1 Signal Signal Ground Charging Hard disk drive LED /LOSPD caps Lock...
  • Page 6 EPSON ActionNote Diskette Drive Cable Connector (J18) pin 26 1111111111111111111111111 Diskette Drive Connector Pin Assignments Signal /INDEX /DRV0 DSKCHG Reserved 8,13 1 RPM/LC 1 /MTR0 1-11 1 DIR (odd) 1 /STEP 15-25 1 16 1 /WDATA I (odd) IDE Hard Disk Drive Connector (J13)
  • Page 7: Dma Assignments

    None. Product Support Bulletins None. Related Documentation Epson ActionNote Service Manual TM-ACTNOTE ActionNote Service Manual Addendum ADDACTNOT33 Epson ActionNote Parts Price List PL-ACTNOTE SPKACTNOT33 Epson ActionNote Self Paced Kit Epson ActionNote User’s Guide 400210900 400211000 Epson ActionNote Quick Reference 7/27/93...

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