Epson Stylus CX9475Fax Start Here Manual
Epson Stylus CX9475Fax Start Here Manual

Epson Stylus CX9475Fax Start Here Manual

Epson printer/fax/scanner/copier start guide
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Epson Stylus CX9475Fax
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  • Page 1 ® Epson Stylus CX9475Fax Start Here...
  • Page 2 Unpack Caution: Do not open ink cartridge packages until you are ready to install the ink. Cartridges are vacuum packed to maintain reliability. ® If anything is missing, contact Epson as described on page 20. Remove the tape. Unpack...
  • Page 3 Turn On 1. Connect the power cable. Caution: Do not connect to your computer yet. 2. Press the P button. Turn On...
  • Page 4: Make Settings

    Make Settings 1. Select your language and country. Press u or d to select the desired option: Press when done. 2. For the Daylight Time setting, select Saving Time and it’s currently in effect. (DST is effective from March through November.) Otherwise, select 3.
  • Page 5 4. Use the numeric keypad to set the date. 5. Press u or d to select the time format, then press r. 6. Use the numeric keypad to set the time. 7. Press when done. Make Settings...
  • Page 6: Install Ink Cartridges

    Install Ink Cartridges Note: Don’t load paper before installing the ink cartridges. 1. Lift up the scanner. 2. Open the cartridge cover. 3. Shake the ink cartridges, then unpack them. 4. Remove only the yellow tape from each cartridge. Caution: Don’t remove any other seals from the cartridges.
  • Page 7 5. Insert the cartridges in the holder for each color. 6. Press the cartridges down until they click. 7. Close the ink cartridge cover and press it down until it clicks. 8. Close the scanner. Install Ink Cartridges...
  • Page 8: Load Paper

    9. Press the button to charge ink. Charging takes about 2 minutes. Caution: Don’t turn off the CX9475Fax while the On light is flashing or you’ll waste ink. Load Paper 1. Open the paper support and pull up its extension. 2.
  • Page 9 4. Load paper against the right edge guide and behind the tab, with the printable side face up. Note: Don’t load the paper sideways; always load it short edge first. 5. Slide the edge guide over. Load Paper...
  • Page 10 Connect Phone Cord To use the CX9475Fax for faxing, connect the included phone cord from a telephone wall jack to the LINE port on the CX9475Fax. To connect a telephone or answering machine, see the Quick Guide for instructions. Note: If you’re connecting to a DSL phone line, you must use a DSL filter or you won’t be able to fax.
  • Page 11 2. Secure the print server to the back of the all-in-one using the included hook- and-loop self stick tape. The antenna should be on left as shown below: Install Software and Set Up the Print Server ® Your software works with Windows XP, XP Professional x64 Edition, and ®...
  • Page 12 Follow the on-screen instructions to connect and power on the print server. Note: ® ABBY Fine Reader Sprint is not included with the Epson Stylus CX9475Fax. 1. Insert the CX9475Fax software installation CD. With Windows Vista, if you see the AutoPlay window, click Run Epsetup.exe...
  • Page 13 Configuring the Print Server with Easy Installation Follow these steps to configure the print server and connect to your wireless network using standard settings: 1. When you see this window, select You see a list of the wireless networks that the print server finds: 2.
  • Page 14 Configuring the Print Server with Advanced Installation Follow these steps to configure the print server using custom settings: Note: If you’re installing the all-in-one in an Ad Hoc environment, see “Configuring the Print Server and Installing Software for Ad Hoc Mode” on page 15. 1.
  • Page 15 Configuring the Print Server and Installing Software for Ad Hoc Mode Follow the instructions in this section to set up the CX9475Fax for Ad Hoc mode. 1. Plug the included USB cable into the print server and your all-in-one. 2. Plug one end of the included Ethernet cable into your computer. Then plug the other end into the Ethernet port on the print server.
  • Page 16 9. Select Wireless Setting 10. Enter a unique name for the print server in the 11. Click Next 12. Select Save Setting 13. Connect to the Ad Hoc network you created in step 10. 14. Insert the CX9475Fax software installation CD. With Windows Vista, if you see the AutoPlay window, click Run Epsetup.exe click...
  • Page 17 Using the Scanner and Card Reader Before you can use your all-in-one’s scanner and card reader, you need to connect to it using MFP Manager. When you’re done, disconnect from the all-in-one to allow other network users to access these functions. Follow the steps below to connect and disconnect your all-in-one using the MFP Manager software: 1.
  • Page 18: Solving Problems

    Solving Problems Check the solutions below if you’re having trouble installing your all-in-one. The print server can’t be found ■ Make sure that the print server is turned on and connected correctly. ■ Make sure the antenna is connected to the print server and that it is upright. ■...
  • Page 19 ■ If your wireless access point has MAC address filtering enabled, make sure you added the print server’s MAC address to the list of allowed devices to connect to the access point. The computer can see the print server, but can’t connect to it ■...
  • Page 20: Where To Get Help

    You can download drivers and documentation, get FAQs and troubleshooting advice, or e-mail Epson with your questions. Speak to a Support Representative Before you call Epson for support, please have the following information ready: ■ Product name (Epson Stylus CX9475Fax all-in-one) ■...
  • Page 21 Seiko Epson Corporation. General Notice: Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners. Epson disclaims any and all rights in those marks. The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice.
  • Page 24 CPD-25134 Printed in USA...

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