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To restore the color in an old film strip photo or slide and copy or scan
them, see the on-screen Reference Guide.
Canceling Copies
To cancel a job in progress, press the y
appears on the LCD screen and your page is
Restoring Default Settings
If you want to reset copy and print settings to their original
default settings, follow these steps:
1. Press the
2. Use the u and d buttons to choose
3. Press
, then press
4. You see a confirmation message that settings have been
restored. Press

Viewing Photos from a Memory Card

After you've inserted your memory card, you can view your
photos on the RX620 screen.
You can also print an index sheet containing small thumbnail images
of the pictures on your memory card. See "Printing an Index Sheet"
below for instructions.
1. Press the
Memory Card
2. Use the u and d buttons to highlight
3. Use the l and r buttons to choose
4. Press the
button. The RX620 screen displays the first
photo on the card.
5. Use the l and r buttons to move through the photos.
To select photos for printing, follow the instructions in the
next section.
Restore to Factory
again to restore your settings.
Custom Print
Select Print

Printing From a Memory Card

You can print photos directly from your digital camera's
memory card, without connecting the RX620 to a computer.
1. Make sure the RX620 is not connected to your computer
(or your computer is turned off) and the RX620 is turned
2. Open the memory card cover, and make sure the memory
card light is off and that no cards are in any of the slots.
Then insert your card into the correct slot (see page 4).
Once the card is inserted, the RX620 reads and displays the
number of printable images on the card. Then you can print
an index sheet of all the photos or choose specific photos to
Printing an Index Sheet
An index sheet lets you see small thumbnail images of the
pictures on your card and select the ones you want to print.
1. Press the
2. Use the u and d buttons to highlight
press the
3. Use the u and d buttons to highlight
4. Load several sheets of plain, letter-size paper. (If there are
more than 36 images on the card, you will need multiple
sheets of paper to print the index sheets.)
5. Press the x
To cancel a print job while printing, press the y Stop button. It
may take a little time to process and print the index sheet,
depending on the number of photos on your card. Also, the
RX620 may print several sheets to include all your photos.
Selecting Photos to Print From the Index
Select the photos you want to print by filling in the ovals on
the index sheet, then scan the sheet.
1. Load the type of paper you want to print on. You can
choose from the paper types listed in the table below.
2. Once you have printed the index sheet, fill in the oval
beneath each photo you want to print with a dark pen or
No good:
Epson Stylus Photo RX620
Memory Card
button to print the index sheet.
Epson Stylus Photo RX620
, then
Index Sheet
Print Index Sheet
- 9


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents