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8. Click OK. Epson Scan scans your document or photo to the
location you specified.

Placing Film or Slides on the Scanner

You can copy, scan, and print from 35 mm film strips and
slides. Follow the instructions below to:
❏ Remove the film holder and document mat
❏ Load 35 mm film strips in the film holder
❏ Place 35 mm slides on the film holder
Removing the Film Holder and Document
1. Open the scanner lid and slide out the document mat. Set
the mat aside so you can reinstall it for scanning reflective
documents later.
You can't scan film or slides unless the white document mat is
removed from the scanner lid.
2. Remove the film holder from its storage place. (Remember
to replace the film holder when you're done using it.)
3. Continue with one of these sections:
❏ "Loading 35 mm Film Strips in the Film Holder" below
(for film)
❏ "Placing 35 mm Slides on the Film Holder" on page 14
(for slides)
Loading 35 mm Film Strips in the Film
1. Remove the cover for the film strip holder.
2. Slide your film strip into the holder with the duller
(emulsion) side facing up. The top of the images should be
facing the outside edge of the film holder and the images
should be reversed.
3. Replace the film cover. (It should snap into place.)
4. Position the film holder so that the 35 mm film strip faces
the center of the scanner glass. The positioning posts on the
film holder fit in two small holes near the scanner lid, as
5. Close the scanner lid.
Now you are ready copy, print, or scan. See the User's Guide
for instructions.
Epson Stylus Photo RX620
Film strip is
in middle
of glass
Epson Stylus Photo RX620
- 13


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents