Aligning The Print Head - Epson Stylus Photo RX620 Product Information Manual

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Epson Stylus Photo RX620
3. Open the ink cartridge holder's cover.
Never attempt to open the cartridge holder's cover while the
print head is moving. Wait until the cartridges have moved to the
replacement position.
4. Remove the cartridge you need to replace. Press in the tab at
the back of the cartridge to release it, then lift the cartridge
straight out. Dispose of it carefully.
The illustration above shows the black cartridge being removed.
Only remove the cartridge(s) you need to replace.
5. Unwrap the new cartridge.
6. Insert the new cartridge into the holder. Press down firmly
until it clicks into place.
If you need to replace other ink cartridges, repeat steps 4
through 6 before continuing with the next step.
Epson Stylus Photo RX620
16 -
7. Close the ink cartridge holder's cover, then close the scanner
If you find it difficult to close the cover, make sure all the
cartridges are firmly seated. Press down on each newly installed
cartridge until you hear it click into place. Do not attempt to force
the cover closed.
The RX620 begins charging the ink delivery system and the
Ink Charging
you see the message
, press
Never turn off the RX620 during ink charging, unless the RX620
hasn't moved or made noise for more than 5 minutes. This may
cause incomplete charging of ink.

Aligning the Print Head

If your printouts look grainy or vertical lines appear jagged,
you may need to align the print head.
1. Make sure the RX620 is turned on and not printing.
2. Load several sheets of plain letter-size paper.
3. Press the
u and d buttons to select
4. Press the
button, then press
alignment pattern.
appears on the LCD screen. When
Ink cartridge replacement
button to enter setup mode, then press the
Head Alignment
again to print an


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents