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Trim Tab Adjustment - Craftsman GAMEFISHER 225.582590 Owner's Manual

25 horsepower outboard motor with 6 gallon remote tank
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Propeller steering torque may cause your boat to pull
in one direction. This steering torque results from
your outboard not being adjusted so the propeller
shaft is parallel to the water surface. The trim tab can
help compensate for this steering torque and can be
adjusted within limits to reduce any unequal steering
Note: Trim tab adjustment will have little effect reduc-
ing steering torque if the outboard is installed with the
anti-ventilation plate approximately 2 inches (50mm)
or more above the boat transom.
Operate your boat at normal cruising speed, with the
outboard set at the desired transom angle adjust-
ment. Tum your boat left and rightand note the direc-
tion the boat tums more easily.
If adjustment is necessary, loosen trim tab bolt and
make small adjustments at a time. If the boat turns
more easily to the left, move the trailing edge of trim
tab to the left. If the boat turns more easily to the right
move the trailing edge of trim tab to the right. Retigh-
ten bolt and re-test.
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Table of Contents

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