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CRAFTSMAN 536.884791 Owner's Manual

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5.0 Horsepower
22 Inch Dual Stage
120V, Electric Start
Read and follow all Safety
Rules and Operating
before first use
of this product,
AND CO., Hoffman
IL 60179
F-O01070J 07/27/99

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    5.0 Horsepower 22 Inch Dual Stage 120V, Electric Start SNOW THROWER MODEL NO, 536,884791 Caution: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before first use of this product, SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. F-O01070J 07/27/99...

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    WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN SNOW THROWER For two years from the date of purchase, when this Craftsman Snow Thrower is main- tained, lubricated, and tuned up according to the operating and maintenance instructions the owner's manual, Craftsman will repair, free of charge, any defect in material or work- manship.

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    PREPARATION discharge opening at all times, Exercise extreme caution when operet- 1. Thoroughly inspect thearea where t he snow thrower istobeused and ing on or crossing gravel drives, walks, remove a lldoormats, sleds, boards, or roads. Stay alert for hidden hazards or traffic.

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    16. Never direct d ischarge at bystanders or Maintain or replace safety and instruc- allow anyone in front of the snow tion labels, as necessary. thrower. Run the snow thrower a few minutes 17. Disengage power to the auger/impeller after throwing snow to prevent freeze- when snow thrower is transported or up of the auger/impeller.

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    Parts packed separately in carton (not shown full size) 2 - Ignition Keys (Attached to engine in plastic bag) 1 - Crank Assembly 1 - Snow Chute Assembly Reference to the right or left hand side CAUTION: Always wear safety of the snow thrower is from the operator's glasses or eye shields while assembling position behind the unit.

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    • Remove and discard the packing material /Upper Handle from around the snowthrower. • Cut all four corners of the carton from top Loosen, but to bottom and lay the panels flat. • Cut ties securing the clutch control cable do not remove Protective,.

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    Flatwasher • Carefully remove cotter pin, clevis pin and Snow drilled pin from yoke end of crank rod Chute assembly (see figure below). • Place universal joint into end of worm gear lining up large holes. Insert drilled pin (ensure opening in pin is in line with Hex Nylon small openings in universal joint) (see figure below).

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    Eo to] KNOW YOUR SNOW THROWER READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR SNOW THROWER. Compare the illustrations with your SNOW THROWER to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments. Save this manual for future reference.

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    Always wear safety glasses or eye Knob shields while operating the snow thrower. We recommend standard safety glasses or a wide vision safety mask for over your glasses, available at Craftsman Retail Stores or Service Centers. HOW TO USE YOUR SNOW TO MOVE FORWARD THROWER •...

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    WARNING: Experience indicates that alco- BEFORE STARTING THE ENGINE hol blended fuels (called gasohol or those • If the snow thrower must be moved with- using ethanol or methanol) can attract mois- out the aid of the engine, it is easier to pull ture which leads to separation and the snow thrower by the handles rather formation of acids during storage.

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    Electric Starter COLD START (See figureonthispage) Primer • Be sure the auger ddve lever is in the Button disengaged (Released) position, • Move the throttle control to '_ (Fast) position. • Remove the keys from the plastic bag. Insert one key into the ignition slot. Be sure it snaps into place.

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    • Push the primer button, see figure on To help prevent possible freeze-up of recoil page 8, while covering the vent hole as starter and engine controls, proceed as fol- lows after each snow removal job. follows: (remove finger from primer but- ton between primes).

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    CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES SERVICE SCHEDULE SERVICE DATES RECORDS Fill in dates as Each Before After Before Every Ever_ Every first 2 Each Needed! Seaso¢ Storage you complete Hours Houri Hours Hours regular service _" v" Check Engine Oil Level Change Engine Oil Tighten All Screws &...

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    OIL RECOMMENDATION Oil Fill Cap/Dipstick Only use high quality detergent oil rated with API service classification SG. Select the oil's viscosity grade according to your expected operating temperature. NOTE: For extreme cold operating condi- tions of 0 ° and below, use a partial synthetic OW30 motor oil for easier starting.

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    (see second figure on this page). from your nearest Craftsman Store or Serv- ice Center. • Engage the auger drive clutch lever. • Measure the distance between the belt...

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    TO ADJUST CARBURETOR • Tighten the plug firmly into the engine. If a torque wrench is available, torque the If you think your carburetor needs adjusting, " plug to 18 to 23 ft. - Ibs. see your nearest Authorized Craftsman Ser-...

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    NOTE: A yearly checkup or tune-up by a OTHER Craftsman Service Center is a good way to insure that your snow thrower will provide • If possible, store your snow thrower in- maximum performance for the next season.

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    Excessive connect spark plug wire. Tighten vibration all bolts and make all necessary repairs. If vibration continues, have the unit serviced by a Craftsman service repairman. Side plates touching ground Adjust side plates. See to Adjust Units fails to Side Plates in the Adjustment sec- propel itself tion.

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